Island Falls Winter Scenery
Children playing outdoors below West street. The frozen swimming pool is in the background.
Sharon Brown and Bob Bowman playing in the snow near the old staff house.
The open area of the ball diamond, showing the backstop and the old staff house. 
The ball field with the old staff house in the distance. Behind the tower is one of the old houses occupied by the Olsons and then the Rutherfords. 
Howard McIntosh at the west end of A-dam.
The Camp Christmas Tree, 1955.
The slope off West street was a favourite tobogganing site.
This is looking at the south end of the Hall. You can see the windows of the two school rooms on the ground floor, with the emergency exit stairs from the theatre on the second floor.
 Looking south up East street.
 Looking north up West street from the front of Broster's house.
Mrs. Jan, wife of the storekeeper with two children.
The Power Plant at night, 1956.
Winter, 1930, showing many of the Fraser-Brace construction bunkhouses, etc.
This is the view in 1930 across the fireguard showing the east side of Camp. Notice the Fordson pulling a couple of sleighs, as well as the long stack of firewood.
The Store