Island Falls Summer Scenery
East Street before the sidewalks and lawns were in place.
Looking north up West Street.
Looking over the playground.
Looking south, with Davis's and the old Staff house on the left.
Joan Broster, with the golf course in the background.
The Store.
 The merry-go-round in the playground.
 The swimming pool.
The transmission line road.
Siren tower, taken in 1977.
Community Hall construction, 1934/35. Notes by Vic Rogers: "Oct 10, 1934. Cece Cameron on truss, Vic Rogers & Pelle Hagberg, 'The New Hall, Island Falls'"
Fraser-Brace bunkhouses in 1929/30.
Playing field south of the ball diamond.
The lawn beside the old Huffaker/McIntosh house.
 Looking across East street towards Huffaker's house in the 1940's.
The Hall.
The Ton Truck heading up towards the airstrip.
East Street, 1977.

This early photo shows a view of the Camp in a location we have not been able to place.
Looking north across the ball field at the old commissary, with the old staff house on the right,
View of Camp in the early 1930's looking east across the fireguard.
The New Staff House
Divers Inlet