Island Falls, Saskatchewan: 1929 - 1967

Flora Morin Smigel's Photos of Sandy Bay People

The photo above and the one below are of Lena Morin with her moose hide tanning taken at Britton Lake by Keith Spencer in July 2002. The close up picture of Lena and her ex-son-in-law Keith was taken in Keith's home in Quesnel, BC.
Lena Morin Bear, daughter of Alex and Nancy Morin and older sister of Flora. Lena is smoking a moose hide.

Jean Bear Spencer is Lena's daughter. Taken in Sandy Bay, 2002.

Martin Custer, Jean's common law husband.

Alex and Nancy Morin of Sandy Bay, taken in the early 1940's.
Click on the picture to see the whole family, including Lena, Flora, Maggie and Bernice.

Penny Stewart, Maggie and Alfred Stewart's daughter. She is frying pickerel at Keith Spencer's camp at Britton Lake, MB.

This is young Bobby Morin, the son of Flora's brother Robert Morin and Sophie Colomb. Taken in Sandy Bay at Robert's home in the 80's. Sophie is from Pukatawagan, MB.

Marsha Spencer, Keith Spencer and Jean's daughter.

Shaina Custer, Martin Custer and Jean's daughter.

Ryley Spencer and Mike Bear (?) at Britton Lake camp, 2002.

This picture of Flora and Dale Smigel's wedding was taken in Sidney, BC in 1984. Rev. Raymond Horsefield (seated) was the best man and the bridesmaid was Kathy Morgan and her daughter, Lait.

Jean-Marie Bear, Lena's husband. His nickname was "Sam", from the Cree "Samathiy". Taken near Britton Lake at Sam's camp the 70's.

Flora's brother, Paul Morin, outside the power plant at Island Falls.

This is well known Anglican minister, Rev. Ray Horsefield, taken in the early 1980's. Flora and her husband Dale looked after Ray near the end of his life, when he was living in Sydney, BC.

Terry Bear, Sam and Lena's son.

This is Flora's cousin, Kevin Morin, Joe and Mary Morin's son.
Taken in Sandy Bay in 2002.

Flora's sister Clara Carrière from Cumberland House, SK. Taken in the 80's.

Flora's son Glen and Cheryl Young wedding, 1992 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Flora's sister, Suzette Morin Goulet of Cumberland House, with Flora. Taken in 2003 at Duke Point Ferries near Nanaimo, BC.

Claudia McDonald-Lamontagne, Flora and Claudia's mother, Sarah McDonald. Sarah and Flora have been good friends since they moved away from their homeland in the North. They traveled and worked together in various places in Canada. This picture was taken in Quebec City in 1978 by Sarah's husband. A photo of Sarah can be seen in the Northern Lights article on Sandy Bay. She is the granddaughter of elder Eli McDonald.

This is Rita Bear Gray taken in the 80's in Victoria, BC by Dale Smigel. Rita is the daughter of Angus Bear Sr. and Antoinette Morin. Flora's first cousin, Yvonne Morin Fehr of Sandy Bay. Taken at Victoria BC in 1981 by Dale Smigel.

Flora's comments: "This picture was taken in 1979 at Robert Morin's cabin in Loon Lake, SK, north of Sandy Bay near Pukatawagan. Robert built it in the 70's. He is my young brother. My dad had a trapline in the area in the early years when the furs prices were booming. I remember in the early 1940's my family lived in Loon Lake to fish and to trap furs.

"The people in the picture are as follows: The fellow halfway inside kneeling at the door is my brother Robert Morin. He is wearing sunglasses and has a mustache. Beside Robert is Costie Stewart, Alfred and Maggie Stewart's son. Next from the right is Maggie Stewart holding her grand child (I don't the name). The next boy I have no name for. All I know is they are Stewart's grand-boys. Then Alfred Stewart holding Robert's boy Bobby Jr. Lastly, Gerald Morin, who we call by his nick name, Chapoo. He is my sister Bernice Morin Ribaric's son."

Jackson Airways DeHaviland Beaver taken at the dock on the Churchill River at Sandy Bay, 1987.
Photo by Dale Smigel.
Jackson Airways was later purchased by Dale Ross, husband of Lena's daughter Gloria.

Gerald Morin and family, 2003.

Names: starting from the back row: Luke McCallum. Second row from the left: Katelynn, Gerald,and wife Sheila. At her upper left is Chelsea and then beside her is Hallie. In front of Gerald are Shania and Levi. Logan is in front of Sheila.

Flora in 1964, somewhere near Kenora, ON.

Hand crafted Moccasins

These moccasins were crafted Flora. They are made from white, brain-tanned deer hide. Some of the moccasins are in the Woodland Cree style (the wraparound and the slippers). The baby pair are in Cree beadwork design. She also makes small slipper ornaments, loonie key chains and book markers. She will be making more and selling them.