The Flora Smigel Family Page

The following photos were generously contributed by Flora Morin Smigel of Comox, BC.

Lena Morin Bear with her grandson Ryley Spencer tanning hides at a camp on Britton Lake, halfway between Sandy Bay and Pukatawagan. Photo by Keith Spencer, July 2002.

(Right) From left to right (standing): Carleen & Ryan Spencer and Paul Bear (red jacket). Middle row: Robert Bear (white sweats), Joel Bear, Marsha Spencer (with multi-coloured dress). Front:  Ryley Spencer holding hands with Kristen Bear. They are all Lena's grand-kids. Taken at her place in Sandy Bay, Christmas 1990.

This shows Flora's mother, Nancy Morin (nee Bighetty), in the middle. Flora's sister Maggie Stewart is on the right, and on the left, her sister Lena Bear.

Nancy was born in 1901 at Pukatawagan, MB, where she married Flora's dad, Alex Morin. The photo is not dated, but it looks like Nancy was in her late 50's.

This photo of Alphonse Bear and Flora was taken in  the early '50s at Einerson's fish camp at Duck Lake, Saskatchewan. Flora was about 12 years old at the time. The baby she is holding could be the first-born child of the late Alfred and Maggie Stewart.

The child, George Stewart, died in a drowning accident when he was about eight.

These are Flora's three great-grandchildren, Evan, Kayden and Tristen.

Back row: Colleen Rivard and her mother, Flora Smigel. Front row: Flora's granddaughters Kandyce Rivard and Tannis Young, with Tannis's three sons, Kayden (held by Kandyce), Evan, and Tristen. Taken in Winnipeg, September, 2004.

This is the house in Sandy Bay where Flora was born and grew up. It was built by her father, Alex Morin.

This picture was taken in the 1950's.

(Above) Flora's sister Maggie and Alfred Stewart at their 50th wedding anniversary. This was taken in Sandy Bay, summer 1994.

Bernice Morin and Tony Ribaric wedding photo. This was taken in Thompson, Manitoba, in the year 1958.

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