Magazine Articles about Island Falls

The Northern Lights was published by the Hudson Bay Mining & Smelting Company in Flin Flon, Manitoba.

We are indebted to Bill Southworth, long-time Island Falls correspondent, for having written these articles documenting "the lives, happiness and sorrows of its people," and to his son, Dick Southworth, for generously providing us the opportunity to complete our collection of articles. Incidentally, Dick pointed out that the December 1960 issue was inadvertently numbered Volume 20, which resulted in the numbering error.

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The following articles were published after the Community of Island Falls was closed. We include them here because we happened to have these issues in our collection, and they mention former Island Falls people.

For those who are interested in Island Falls' sister community, Sandy Bay, here is the only article, written in 1946:

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NOTE: The Flin Flon Heritage Project is making the full set of Northern Lights available for viewing and downloading, so they will have the above Island Falls articles in original format, plus a lot more.