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Number 4 » Christmas, 1971

The funeral of Magloire Noteweyes at Island Falls brought the above group of former Falls residents together: L. to R. they are Ted Berge, Tom Willey, Alfred Montgrand, Slim Lindsay, Gordon Dash, Neil Adam, Les Saville, Walt Leslie, Ernie Westbury and Roy Bunn
And this is a group of the former Island Falls younger generation. L. to R. they are, Janice Pelletier, Randy Bowman, Debbie Bunn, Ronnie Whitely, Marcy McMurdo and Frank Hvidtsen at the 1971 school graduation in Flin Flon.


THE holiday season was nearing an end at this writing so here are a few comments about how we spent them.

The Ariko family went west to B.C. where they had a visit with Bob Loeffler and family. Fred Bowman ventured to Winnipeg, mainly in connection with daughter Nancy's figure skating. Jack and Oliver Barkwell had just started their holidays on October 14. They also were heading for B.C.

Roy Bunn spent his time building a cabin near Bakers Narrows. We understand it is among the best. We hope to have pictures before long.

Stan Ferg travelled east, winding up in Quebec City. He doesn't understand why every car, truck and bus in Eastern Canada had to be on the road at the same time as he was. The Leslie family went to Edmonton. and Saskatoon on their vacation.

Norah and Bill Southworth will be flying to Africa to spend Christmas with son, Dick, who is teaching there. We really will be looking for pictures on their return.

Our steno, Janice Fitzpatrick, and Carry motored to Winnipeg and more southern points One reason for the trip was to test their pride and joy—their new car. However, while there they purchased a new boat and motor so had to return soon to test it.

Fred Ulriksen, our Whitesand Dam attendant, spent his vacation finishing his home at Southend.

After an absence of some years, yours truly returned to his old home district, North Battleford, Meota, etc. in Saskatchewan. It's rather sad to find so many of your old friends in the graveyard.

Our superintendent, Gordon Dash, spent most of his vacation in Regina.

Five of the Indian children of Sandy Bay are seen above.
A stranger will not get a peep out of them, but they will outstare him.

Marcel Morin and Jim Russell, on the Churchill River. Lots of snow but the weather must have been mitts for Jim!
This is the Stan Ferg family. Standing l. to r. are Gordon, Patricia and Stan. Seated, Anita and Audrey Above is the attractive Bonny Lamb, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lamb, on a visit to Island Falls.
Maxine Woods and Paul Morin in front
of the store in Sandy Bay.

We are sorry to report the death of Tim Leslie, as a result of a fall at Anderson Lake Mine in July. Tim, who was 20 years old, and who was an apprentice with the Company, was one of our "Island Falls babies." Our sympathy goes to the Leslie family.

Another death was that of Mrs. Lily Christianson, mother of Mrs. Jack Dosco. Mrs. Christianson was visiting her old home in England at the time. She will be remembered by many Flin Flon people. Our sympathy is extended to the Dosco family.

A wedding of interest to us was performed on July 17, when another Island Falls "baby", Norma Bowman daughter of Fred and Irene Bowman, was married to Drew Moore of Creighton, Sask., where they now reside. We wish them many happy years of married life.

A gathering was held in the Green Room of Community Hall on Saturday, October 9, to celebrate the 25th wedding anniversary of Roy and Ruth Bunn. Ches Henry who had been the best man. at their wedding was emcee. Most of the former Island Falls folks were there as well as a number of local friends. If we don't have pictures for this issue, we will for the next. We wish them many more years of happiness together.

Churchill River Power completed most of the work we had programmed during the past year. However, there probably will be as much next year again. Our next matter of interest will be the winter freighting and it might be the last of this kind of freighting. There are prospects of an all-weather road being completed from Pelican Narrows to Island Falls next summer. This would .mean the end of a very important part of our operations, as the winter road over the lakes and portages was the only means by which we were able to get our heavy equipment to the Falls.

In closing we will repeat the old familiar greeting which never seems to lose its charm: "A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all."

Marvin Huffaker who retired in 1945, Irene Olson, Janice Huffaker, and Harry Olson, former superintendent of CRP who retired in July 1970, l. to r.
In front of Harry Olson's cabin on the Churchill in the earlier days, l. to r. are, Irene Olson, Charlotte Willey, Harry Olson, Bob Boyes and Tom Willey.