Northern Lights

Volume 26

Number 1 Spring 1966

Our special visitors for New Year celebrations were the Davis' and
the Huffakers'. Mr. and Mrs. Rees Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Huffaker, and Dick Davis renewed friendships at
Island Falls over their New Year holiday.

Cranberry Portage rink took part in our 8th Generator Bonspiel.

Snow Lake rink also took part in the 8th Generator Bonspiel.

Flin Flon Community enrty in our Bonspiel.

One of our better looking rinks, Island Falls of course.

Don Dempsey and Jim Haire cycling on new road to Sandy Bay.

Jim Russell and Brian Olson drove the first car over the new road.


OUR NEW Year Eve banquet and dance was everything we hoped it would be. Due to automation, we thought this might be our last year here so we decided to make this year's "do" something a little extra special. Invitations were sent out to former employees and many were able to attend. Just over three hundred were seated at the smorgasbord style banquet held in the gymnasium of our community hall. Of course the highlight of the affair was the presence of so many of our old friends of former years. We were particularly pleased to have with us on this occasion Mr. and Mrs. Rees Davis and son Richard, and Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Huffaker, all of Salt Lake City, Utah, and Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Morrice and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Mcintosh of Flin Flon. Stan Ferg ably MC'd this delightful affair. Walter Leslie, our perennial banquet chairman had everything highly organized right down to the last after dinner mint and Sid Foden, decoration chairman, did a superb job of decorating the hall. During the course of the evening Mr. Davis was presented with the famous Seventh Generator Curling Trophy in recognition of his outstanding contribution to curling and sports in general in our community. Many letters, telegrams and phone calls were received from those unable to attend.

We have just one new baby to introduce, Cheryl Joy, arrived at the Jim Wandrasek home on January 3rd. weighing in at nine pounds.

Jim and Jeff Russell are taking a year out of school and have joined our operating staff. Mrs. Bill Hammond joined the dining room staff September 1st. Early in the new year, Jerry Stringer turned in his cook's apron to join the electricians. Mrs. Margaret Jeffrey took over Jerry's cooking duties, and Mrs. McNeil came up from Flin Flon to take charge of the staff house housekeeping job.

Toward the end of January, Constable and Mrs. Bill Stephens were transferred to Regina. Bill and Lynn were both interested in young people's work. Bill did some good work with the Sandy Bay Scouts and Lynn was assistant Guide leader here. We will miss this peppy young couple. Audrey Ferg will be assisting Isobel Hill with our girl guide work. Having many years association with guiding, Audrey will bring a wealth of knowledge to our eager group. The local detachment R.C.M.P. is now in charge of Constable Jack Fraser. Jack has only been with us for a few weeks but has already made a name for himself as a top notch curler.

Denis Lowing, Department of Natural Resources at Sandy Bay left the end of January to take a position with the Federal Dept. of Indian Affairs in Northern Alberta. We understand his position here won't be filled until spring due to a staff shortage.

Our annual Eighth Generator Curling event took place the weekend of January 15th and 16th. Visiting rinks from Flin Flon, Cranberry Portage and Snow Lake attended. After a fine series of curling and socializing, the score sheet revealed that Flin Flon had won the coveted trophy by nosing the strong Snow Lake crew by one point. Mr. and Mrs. Jim McFarlane and Mr. and Mrs. Earl McDonald were the representatives of the Flin Flon Community Club. Representing Snow Lake were Mr. and Mrs. Doug Sorenson and Mr. and Mrs. Garry Hogan, and from Cranberry Portage, we had Mr. and Mrs. Barney Cox, Mr. Len Law and Pauline Shpiruk.

Stan Ferg's rink of Wally Ariko, Garnet Cluff and Jim Haire ably represented our club in the British Consols held in Flin Flon in late January. They didn't win out but had a 3 and 2 record and report a fine weekend. Now we'll be focusing on the big Flin Flon bonspiel. Curling has long been our most popular sport but for awhile during the early winter was threatened by the current popularity of auto-bogganing. We are seeing more and more of these vehicles around here each winter. Jack McMurdo and Jim Russell each acquired a "snow cruiser" before Christmas and Tom Merasty decided on a "Ski do." We'll soon need auto toboggan traffic laws.

Just before Christmas the school children treated us to a fine concert. Under the direction of Mrs. Cluff and Mrs. Foden the children provided a couple of hours of splendid entertainment well done kids!

The Santa Claus party for the children on Christmas Eve was the usual wing ding affair. Old Santa arrived right on time from Reindeer Lake with a fine collection of gifts. It was rumored he used an autoboggan this year instead of reindeer.

Our annual winter freight haul got underway late in January. With all our cold weather the ice was none too good slush was quite bad. However, we were able to get our six hundred tons in so we are all set for another year.

Number 2 Summer 1966

The final annual New Year's party provided the occasion for the happy reunion of friends in the above picture. Left to right, standing, are Mac McGilvray,
Gertie Costello, Dick Davis, Marvin Huffaker, Otto Bergman, Dodie Bergman,
and Howard McIntosh. Seated are Rees Davis, former superintendent of Churchill River Power, Elaine McIntosh, Janice Huffaker and Chlo Davis.

Slim Lindsay was officially retired May 1st. But come summertime he'll be out prospecting as usual. Slim is shown above with his wife Myra.

Sid Foden retires the end of June. He and Margaret, his wife, shown above, a teacher at the Falls, plan
on residing in Saskatoon.

Twenty-five year watch in May,
for Tom Willey.

Chief Operator Ernie Westbury doing a little paper work.

Roy Bunn tuning up his
high voltage relay.

Electrician Neil Adam rewiring
a lighting panel.

Girl Guide Colleen Hill plans to
attend Heritage Camp at
Doe Lake, Ontario this summer.

Norah Southworth and "who's afraid
of the big bad wolf."


MAY 1st was official retirement date for Slim Lindsay. But it would seem to be just another date on the calendar in his busy schedule. Slim has spent most of his adult life prospecting across Canada. After prospecting in the East for a number of years, he decided to come West in 1939 and joined the Company's exploration arm.

During the many years Slim has been in the field for the Company, he has ranged far and wide, spending some summers in the Arctic, some in the Barren Lands, and others in the Yukon and Rocky Mountain regions.

Island Falls has been Slim's home base during the off season winter months. It was here he met his good wife, Myra. She was Myra Pettapiece at that time, a stenographer in our office. Myra and Slim were married in Flin Flon, March 31st, 1951, and have made their home here. Come June 1st. Slim plans on being on a prospecting venture with H.B.E.D.

Sid and Margaret Foden both retired from C.R.P. the end of June. For many years. Sid has been our congenial Community Hall manager, and Margaret has taught our senior room. Sid worked here for a short time before World War Two, then returned to us in 1947. Margaret came to teach here in 1947. Sid and Margaret were married in Saskatoon, August 20th, 1949. We understand the Fodens are to make their home in Saskatoon. We would like to wish the Lindsays and Fodens many, many years of happiness in retirement.

Our congratulations to Tom Willey on completing twenty-five years of faithful service with our Company. Tom is looking forward to receiving his new watch in May.

Our little community was deeply shocked by the death of Al McMillan on February 9th. Al started with the Company in Flin Flon in 1931, and was transferred to the operating staff here in 1945. Our deepest sympathy goes out to the family.

Wayne Brazier transferred from the apprentice department in Flin Flon to our operating staff on April 1st. He plans to work here for a year, and then return to University.

On checking over the hobby shop. it would seem the accent is on canoes at present. We found Bill Hammond had just completed an eighteen-footer. Wally Ariko was well on the way with his second eighteen-footer of this winter, and Ches Henry was putting the finishing touches on an eighteen-foot beauty , . . a hunter's special. Off in another corner. Herb Peterson and Ernie Ray were busy re-canvassing a couple of canoes.

The Ladies' Curling Club Novelty Bonspiel in mid-March was the usual fun-packed affair. It was to be staged originally on February 12th to 13th, but was postponed one month because of the extremely cold weather, ranging between thirty and forty degrees below, day after day. Fifteen rinks took part this year. Dr. Percy Johnson presented the Doctors Trophy to the winning rink of Lorna Gehlan, Allan McLeod, Gwen Hagberg, and Bill Southworth.

We curled our last game of the season on April 21st, much the latest we've ever curled here on our natural ice.

The young figure skaters treated us to a fine program of this graceful art, at their annual review in March. Irene Bowman directs this enthusiastic group.

The mixed curling wind-up party of April 22nd was a most enjoyable affair. A number of curling prizes were presented, then cards, dancing, and a smorgasbord rounded out a fine evening.

Number 3 Autumn 1966

Ches and Marg Henry at their Silver Wedding surprise garden party.

Constable and Mrs. Jack Fraser on their wedding day

THE weatherman smiled on us for our Dominion Day Celebrations for which a befitting flag-raising ceremony got the day off to a fine start.

Throughout the morning there were all types of races for all age groups. The refreshment booth opened at noon and from then on the place was just jumping. Bingo and other games of chance were featured during the afternoon, topped off in the evening by the main attraction of the day, the ball-game between the visiting Snow Lake team and the Island Falls All-Stars. Our team managed to nose out a close win.

For some, the best was yet to come; a real bang-up modern dance to bring this pleasant day to a close (the next morning).

We are pleased to announce the arrival of George Hugh at the Gordon Dash home on May 2nd, weighing in at 5 lbs. 13 ounces.

On June 15th a large number of friends swooped in on Marg and Ches Henry to help them celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. The Henry's were up river at their camp for the day, so imagine their surprise when they returned to find their lawn decorated with strings of flags etc., and the stage all set for a fine garden party. Tom Willey presented the honored guests with suitable gifts. The evening concluded with a burst of picture-taking and a delicious lunch.

Slim Woods has a good start on his new general store at Sandy Bay. The basement is poured and a start has been made on the main portion of the building. Slim hopes to open for business this Fall.

Councillor Irene Bowman's term of office expired in June. She has served on our Council since its inception three years ago. We wish to congratulate her and thank her for a job well done.

This vacancy has been filled by Ada Russell who was elected by acclamation. Ada is well qualified for this post, having been a member of our community for over 25 years.

It is with deep regret we record the death of Alex Strindlund on July 2nd in Flin Flon. Alex was employed by Frazer Brace Engineering Company on the original construction of our plant back in 1929, then returned to take permanent employment here in 1936. He had been on pension for the past five years. Our deepest sympathy goes out to the family.

Summer "home" of Slim Lindsay and Jeff Russell, somewhere in the barren lands.

Late in June, geology student Jeff Russell took off for the Barren Lands to join up with Slim Lindsay on a prospecting venture. This should be quite an experience for Jeff and we are looking forward to hearing an account of his adventures when he returns this Fall.

A wedding of much local interest took place in Prince Albert, Sask., on April 16th, when our RCMP Constable, Jack Fraser and Miss Donna Cugnet of Vancouver were married in Sacred Heart Cathedral. After honeymooning in Montana they returned to make their first home here. Jack is in charge of the local detachment of the RCMP and Mrs. Fraser plans to teach school at Sandy Bay this autumn.

Miss Linda Bowman is in charge of our swimming program for the second summer. Truck driver Peter Linklater and mechanic
Norman Noteweyes.

The "Happy Gang" from Sandy Bay.

Linda Bowman again had charge of our playground and swimming activities for the summer months.

Eleven local Girl Guides enjoyed the summer camp at Camp Whitney in July. Attending from Island Falls were Norma Bowman, Colleen Hill, Marcy McMurdo, Terry Henry, Marla Hammond, and from Sandy Bay, Victoria Bear, Edith Bear, Leona Morin, Alma Montgrand, Carolina McDonald, and Roberta Ripley.

Jack Barkwell and Stan Ferg putting
together "Barky's" mobile home.

Later in August, six of our Scouts had a very pleasant two weeks at Camp Whitney. Our contingent was made up of Bob and Gary Cluff, Richard Russell, Frank Hvidsten, Larry Sigurdson, Randy Bowman and Robert Thompson.

Automation has brought on a housing problem for most residents of Island Falls. Some have solved the problem by building or renting a house or suite. Not so Jack Barkwell. He decided to have a home he could take with him wherever he went. So with this report you see a picture of his new 60 x 12 mobile home well under way.

Number 4 Christmas 1966

Mrs. Garnet Cluff and Junior Room students.

Miss Jean King with her Senior Room students.

Teachers' residence at Sandy Bay.

Slim Woods new store at Sandy Bay.


AUTOMATION is gradually catching up with us. Present plans call for having everyone moved out in 1967. A few families have already moved to Flin Flon, primarily on account of schooling. First such family to move was the Roy Bunn family in September 1965. During the past Summer, the Hvidstens, Dubeskis and Bowmans all moved to newly acquired homes in Flin Flon, in order to have children start the Fall term on time. A few other local families have purchased homes and are getting set to move this winter.

In September, Kjell Hvidsten was transferred to the accounting office in Flin Flon. Gerry Thomas took over the accounting post here. In September also. Chuck Hill left us to take over a warehouse job in Snow Lake, but Isabel will continue to live here until their new home in Snow Lake is ready for occupancy.

Miss Jean King is our new senior room teacher while Mrs. Garnet Cluff directs the destinies of our junior citizens. Taking a year out of school are Grant Berge, Jim Woods and Jim Russell, who are attached to our operating staff. Mrs. Ted Berge joined our dining room staff in October. We are sorry to have to report that Bill Hessing, our genial Chef, has been off work since last June due to illness. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Bill.

On August 30th Mr. and Mrs. John Merasty of Sandy Bay celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. This fine couple has lived here for thirty years and are well known throughout the North. Consequently, this happy occasion was well and duly celebrated. Their four sons, three daughters and numerous grandchildren were able to attend. Messages of congratulations were received from Premier Ross Thatcher, Lieutenant-Governor Hanbidge and Allan Guy, MLA.

The Company is willing to sell the houses here to employees for $500 each, as is, on the understanding that the houses are moved away by the Winter of 1967-68, A number of employees are seriously considering this offer with a view to moving them over the winter road to Flin Flon.

Slim Woods opened his new trading post at Sandy Bay on October 15th. He has a fine building, modern in every respect. Tt is a com- bination store and warehouse, with spacious, well-appointed living quarters. Slim plans to move over to our sister community when our townsite is closed.

Our golfing fraternity had an enjoyable day on September 9th when the Flin Flon Formidable Eight paid us a visit. Included in the group were Sandy "in-the-rough" Morrice, Jim "short-iron" Cook, Nick "low-drive" lannone, George "punch-shot" Kent, Jim "boomerang" Goodman, John "one-putt" Blake, Perry "long- ball" McPherson, and Eddie "sand-trap" Mar- tin. The weather was perfect and our "Shady Nook" course was in good shape, so I'm sure it proved to be a pleasant outing for all.

Our Scouts and Cubs have become casualties of the general exodus. We didn't have enough boys of the right age group to continue Scout and Cub packs this Fall. Flowever, the Guides and Brownies weathered the moving and have enough girls to carry on.

Mooseburgers are back on the menu as our moose hunters enjoyed a good season. The big fellows were in fairly good supply.

It is with regret we learend of the recent death of CRP pensioner Joe Heatherington, in Vancouver. Joe was employed here for many years prior to his retirement seven years ago.