Northern Lights

Volume 25

Number 1 » Spring 1965

Our minor hockey team bound for Snow Lake.


EACH year just before Christmas we look forward to the school concert. Year after year we have enjoyed these delightful evenings, each concert entirely different and jam packed with new and highly entertaining features. Thank you again kids and, of course, we are not unmindful of the part played by our teachers, Mrs. Foden and Miss Cochrane.

For over 30 years it has been our custom to hold a banquet and dance on New Year's Eve. This year we enjoyed our 35th consecutive celebration. Like the school concern no two are alike yet in spirit they have all ushered in the New Year in the same joyful festive mood. Many of our friends from Flin Flon join us on this happy occasion in a spirit of good fellowship. We were most fortunate to have with us this year, as company guests, two families of very old friends, Mr. and Mrs. Mac McGilvray and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Goodman and children.

Winter set in early and hit hard this year resulting in the best ice conditions we've ever had and an early start on winter road travel by car to Flin Flon and points south.

Early in the New Year our young hockey players made their much cherished trip to Snow Lake—picture enclosed. They were accompanied by Coaches, Ernie Westbury, Fred Bowman, Walter Leslie and Jack McMurdo. This year all the Coaches took their wives along. Seems like an excellent idea but we are not sure whose idea it was.

Const. Bill Stephens is in charge of our R.C.M.P. detachment.

Mrs. Foden's senior class pupils.

In December Constable Bruce Roberts was transferred from here to Ottawa and Constable Bill Stephens took over command of the local detachment. Bill comes to us all the way from Prince Edward Island. While here Constable Roberts was successful in re-organizing the Boy Scout movement at Sandy Bay. Through his devoted efforts a full scale Scouting movement was established and a large troop fully equipped, was placed on an excellent operational basis. Last summer twelve of these boys attended Camp Whitney for a two week period.

In January we were pleased to have a visit from Mrs. Jack Thompson, Girl Guide Commissioner for this area. While here Mrs. Thompson officiated at the enrollment of four new Guide Leaders at Sandy Bay as well as the registration of 33 new guides. Ruth Bunn, our local Guide leader, assisted at this large function.

For many years our old friend John Merasty has been fishing the local lakes with the aid of a few dog teams. This year John bought a couple of mechanized toboggans, a much better arrangement says Johnny — should have changed over years ago.

Miss Joyce and her junior class.

Mr. and Mrs. Rodger Hagberg were married
in Kamsack last October.


Number 2 » Summer 1965

Stan Ferg and Sid Foden.
Sid retired on May 1st.
Chuck Hill, Slim Lindsay, Al McMillan and Ernie Westbury.

FRANK BRAZIER retired on May 1st. Frank is a well known old timer in the north. He came to The Pas in 1927. He started with the H.B.M. & S. Co. Ltd. in 1941 in Flin Flon and moved to Island Falls in 1958. We haven't been able to find out where the Braziers plan to retire, in fact Frank says he hasn't made up his mind on this point yet. The Braziers have two boys. Wayne is working here this year and planning to go to technical school this fall; Greg attends Luther College in Regina. We wish this fine family the best of good fortune wherever they settle.

Dave Loucks and Jack McMurdo.

Kjell Hvidsten, Jim Wandrasek and Ted Berge.

Frank Brazier, Ches Henry and Gordon Dash.

A joint "going away" party was held on April 10th in honor of Frank Brazier and Dave Loucks. Dave has been on our operating staff for four years. He has been transferred to the Electrical staff at Snow Lake. During his stay here Dave was quite active in the local Scout movement and also took a keen interest in the operation of our hobby shop and community garage. Hope you like it at Snow Lake, Dave. Our best wishes for your future success!

Bart Longmore, a well known young man around Flin Flon, arrived here in April to take over a job on our operating staff.

We lost our junior room teacher. Miss Joyce Cochrane at Easter. She took off on an extended trip to the British Isles and Europe. Miss Lillian Olson, one of our stenographers, joined Miss Cochrane on this trip. We will be looking forward to a few pictures for our next issue from around the capitals of Europe, Lillian.

Miss Jean Lake of our dining room staff was transferred to Flin Flon May 1st. Jean had been with us for 8 years. Best of luck in your new job Jean. Keep that "Chevy" of yours under control around town—they go in for more traffic regulations than we do—we'll watch the court news!

Miss Arlea Warnock arrived in Island Falls during Easter holidays to take over the teaching position in our junior room. Miss Warnock is from Luseland, Sask. and has just completed first year Arts and Science at the University of Saskatchewan.

Late in April the Ches. Henry family took off for Toronto by car to attend the wedding of their son Robert to Miss Lynne Swayze of Weston, Ontario. Bob is an Island Falls product, having been born and raised here. The wedding date was May 1st. We hope to have a picture of this happy event for the next issue. Best wishes from us all for your future happiness Bob and Lynne.

We had six teams in our spring bowling tournament. The hobby shop was a busy spot again this spring with several boats in for repair while Paul Dubeski and Chas. Salt each turned out smart looking 19 ft canoes.

Most of our pictures in this issue were taken at the farewell party for Frank Brazier and Dave Loucks.

For some years interested citizens of Island Falls have contributed to the support of a Korean orphan, Cho Eui Bong. Collecting funds and keeping books has been done by various teams of our young folks. Letters are exchanged and birthday and Christmas gifts sent. A recent picture of Cho appears herewith.

Wally Ariko and Bill Hessing.

Garnet Cluff and Club President
Jack Barkwell.

Les Saville and Gerry Thomas.

Tom Willey and Jerry Stringer.

Cho Eui Bong, our Korean friend.

These fine lads are sons of Garnet and Evelyne Cluff. L. to R. Garry, Clark, Bruce and Bobby.

Number 3 » Autumn 1965

Linda Bowman's Red Cross Swimming Class.


OBVIOUSLY there isn't much we can do about the weather but each year as Dominion Day draws near, we just can't help but wonder what the weather man will dish up that day. Considering the kind of summer we had, the weather for our big birthday celebration wasn't .too bad up here, much better than away down south in Flin Flon.

It was an interesting day with something for everyone from the flag raising ceremony in the morning through to the bang up dance in the evening. Between these two events, we had races for all ages, bingo, ball throwing, ring toss and dart throwing, hole in one golf contest and of course the hamburger stand. Another highlight of the day was the presentations made to the two school teachers and the grade 8 pupils going away to high school this fall.

Mrs. Doug Russell leaving on extended trip to Eastern Canada. Carol, Hank and Michael Marcuk holidayed here this summer.
Mrs. Ellen Wyatt, matron, Sandy Bay Hospital. Miss Lillian Olson taking off for Europe.

Early in May, Lillian Olson took off from the local air strip on a sight seeing visit to the British Isles and western Europe. The enclosed picture was taken just before she stepped into H.B.A.T. aircraft MIQ to begin her safe swift flight overseas. Lillian's account of her grand trip would make the most staid "stay-at-homer" restless for a bit of a foreign fling.

Late in June we had an electrical apprentice switch when Bart Longmore returned to Flin Flon and Keith Hill came up to take his place. In June also, Lawrence McGinnis and family left Whitesand and moved to Esterhazy, where Lawrence will be working for a potash company. He has been our dam attendant at Whitesand for several years. His job was taken over by Mr. Frede Ulriksen, formerly of Lac la Ronge.

This summer our Red Cross and Royal Life Saving swimming activities were supervised by Miss Linda Bowman. Despite uncooperative weather at times, the program was maintained either at the pool or in the Community Hall and many new swimming awards were earned.

Last May 22nd, our congenial R.C.M.P. Constable Bill Stephens was married to Miss Mary-Lynn Bell in Colgate, Saskatchewan. After an extended motor trip to Eastern Canada and the States, this happy young couple returned to make their first home in the friendly north.

The north lost another real old timer when Alex Smith passed away in Flin Flon May 24th. Alex was our commissary manager for 8 years, from 1937 to 1945, then left us to start a trading post of his own at Sandy Bay. He carried on this business until the spring of 1962 when he retired to make his home in Rotary Court, Flin Flon.


Const. and Mrs. Wm. Stephens were
married last May.
Sidewalk construction crew -- Gab Charlette, Phillip Bear, Sr. and Frank Ray.

A cool wet summer isn't the kind we look forward to but, nevertheless, it is a variation. Our gardens were backward and a bit under par and walleye fishing wasn't quite as good as usual. However, the wild fruit crop was the best in many years; especially the wild strawberries which were large and plentiful. As usual, it was a busy time; what with summer visitors, fishing and camping trips and holidays, summer went by like a flash.

Our folks enjoyed their holidays in a variety of ways. The Hvidsten and Cluff families enjoyed their holidays at their camps up the river a few miles. Eugene Kostichuk and Bill Jonasson spent three weeks working on their mining claims on Mari Lake. The Hammond family motored to Lethbridge to attend the wedding of nephew Lawrence Bailey. The Hagbergs motored to B.C. The Payne family took in the Calgary Stampede and the Olsons enjoyed a motor trip to Calgary.

Sawmill operator Roy Bunn running himself some fine logs. Some are 2 feet at butt.
Ripley's new store at Sandy Bay.

Number 4 » Christmas 1965

Mrs. Garnet Cluff and her junior room pupils.

Charming couple. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Henry were
 married in Toronto last May.

Canoe builder Chuck Hill and daughter Colleen.

Mrs. Sid Foden and her senior room pupils.

Interior decorating crew (domestic), Ralph McDonald, Philip Morin,
Louis Bear. In front, foreman Bill Caribou.

Carpenter foreman and accomplished musician, Alf. Broster.

Isaac Bear busily dispensing
petroleum products.


OUR population dropped almost 15 percent overnight when 21 high school and University students left in September. This large exodus was partially offset by our new arrivals of late. David Micheal arrived at the Eugene Kostuchuk home on September 6th. Also on this date little Phillip Kenneth Sheldon arrived at the Paul Dubeski home.

Jim Haire of Flin Flon heard the call to "Go North young man, There's gold in them there cliffs"! So Jim joined our operating staff in September. Linda Bowman spent the summer instructing our swimming classes then journeyed to Winnipeg where she is training at the Winnipeg General Hospital.

Classes in our two school rooms were convened in early September under the capable tutelage of Mrs. Sid Foden and Mrs. Garnet Cluff. Sandy Bay school started the second week in September with seven teachers this term. A few years ago we had one classroom and Sandy Bay had none. Looks like our sister community is rapidly outstripping us in the field of education.

On August 26th we were officially advised that the hydro electric plant here would be automated. This conversion job is expected to take a year or more to complete and will bring about quite a change in the two communities of Island Falls and Sandy Bay. In recent months several employees have purchased homes in Flin Flon in expectation that they will be transferred there as a result of automation.

Our annual civic election for local council was held October 19th. Two candidates contested the lone vacancy. Garnet Cluff and Stan Ferg. The final count indicated Stan Ferg will be our new councillor. The other two members are Mrs. Fred Bowman and Des Pyne. They each serve a three year term.

A most enjoyable evening was held in the Community Hall on October 16th. The happy occasion being the 25th wedding anniversary of Fred and Irene Bowman. Square dancing and cards were enjoyed with the evening being brought to a close with a delicious lunch and a presentation by master of ceremonies Ernie Westbury.

We had a General Electric Crew of five with us for a month early in the Fall rewiring No. 5 unit. This machine went into service in June 1939. It is the practise of our Company to have generators rewound, approximately every 25 years. Obviously one doesn't expect to see a particular generator wound more than once.

This summer the Saskatchewan Government had a crew building a road from the Village of Sandy Bay around the south end of the bay to join up with the power line trail five miles south of Island Falls. This road is now passable for trucks and should be O.K. for general use by freeze up. It will be about ten miles by this new road here to the Village of Sandy Bay.

The early moose hunting season turned out to be quite a successful one for our hunters. After the Thanksgiving turkeys were cleaned up the "moose mulligans mit dumplings" took over at frequent intervals.

We are planning to make this New Year's eve party the final "big do". Invitations have been sent out to many former employees and we hope this year's party will be bigger and better in every way, a fitting climax to the many happy gatherings we have had over the years. This will mark the 36th year in succession we have had a New Year's Eve Frolic.

This past summer Miss Nora Ballantyne of Sandy Bay was chosen "Miss Indian Princess" for all of Manitoba and finished in second place in a nation wide contest for Miss Indian Princess of Canada. Nice work Nora, we are proud of your accomplishments.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All.

Miss Indian Princess for Manitoba, Nora Ballantyne, with her mother, Mrs. Peter Ballantyne.