Northern Lights

Volume 24

Number 1 » Spring 1964

No. 4 Unit turbine propeller
and repair crew.

Machine shop crew on No. 4 Unit head cover.

WE HAVE a new citizen in Island Falls, Kenneth William Kostuchuk, who arrived January 11th and weighed in at 9 lbs. 1 oz.—a chip off the old block for sure!

Our school children under the able guidance of Mrs. Foden and Miss Levehenko treated us to an evening of fine entertainment at their annual school concert just before Christmas. Of course we all enjoyed the Christmas Eve party with Santa in attendance with his gifts.

It has been our custom for many years to hold a banquet and dance on New Year's Eve which has developed into the social highlight of the year. This year was the thirty-fourth such affair we have enjoyed in as many years. We were very pleased to have with us on this occasion Mr. and Mrs. S. Evans, Gail and Pat and Mr. and Mrs. J. Putney and Morley, representing our parent Company, Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Co., Limited.

Our little community lost a dear friend in the sudden death of Mr. Albert White in the early hours of New Years day. Mr. White, more familiarly known as "Bert" or "Grandpa" was the father of Mrs. Roy Bunn and had regularly visited here for a month or two each summer and winter. Bert was the keenest fisherman in this area and during the summer months was practically a part of the rocky shoreline immediately behind the Powerhouse. For many years we enjoyed having him curl with us during his winter visits. He was an honorary life member of our club. Our deepest sympathy goes out to Mr. and Mrs. Bunn and children.

No. 4 Unit revolving field (rotor) and electrical crew.
This is the goodlooking bunch from down east who did the re-wind job.

Last Fall, just as soon as the winter road was passable, Ernie Westbury and Fred Bowman slipped down to Flin Flon and drove back new automobiles. Then a bit later Paul Dubeski got the urge so he popped off to Winnipeg and came back with a spanking new "Wagon". Looks like these fellows are getting all primed up for our new all weather highway now in the making. We understand there are large tractors working 16 hours a day from the Hansen Lake end of our road. This road takes off from the Hansen Lake road 49 miles west of Flin Flon. When completed 115 miles by this all weather road from Flon to Island Falls and Sandy Bay.

Our UNICEF fund team who did so well on Hallowe'en night.


Ladies' quilting club.

Our Club was host to the Group 45 British Consols play off this year over the weekend of January 18th and 19th. Four rinks from Flin Flon motored up on the evening of the 17th and the double knock out competition got underway at 10 a.m., Saturday. The weatherman co-operated 100%. Finally when all the rocks had been thrown our rink of Stan Ferg, Wally Ariko, Ernie Westbury and Garnet Cluff had earned the right to represent this district at the Zone 8 playoffs in The Pas. We thoroughly enjoyed having these fine curlers from Flin Flon and Creighton with us for the weekend. Walter Leslie, Jim Wandrasek, Gordon Dash and Bill Southworth returned from the Snow Lake Bonspiel empty handed but loud in their expressions of the good fellowship and hospitality extended to them by the people of Snow Lake.

Constable Bruce Roberts with his Volkswagen sports car was the first private vehicle over our winter road on December 24th. Our regular winter freight haul by truck got underway early in January with the same crew of tough freighters at the controls in the persons of Frank Blackman and Paul Haugen.

Our No. 4 Generator was back on the line early in December after a generator rewind job. The three pictures here will show some of the major parts of the generator and turbine while the unit was dissembled.

Four local beauties: Brenda Willey, Colleen Hill, Sissel Hvidsten, Marcy McMurdo.


He was our good friend.
The late Bert White.

Number 2 » Summer 1964


LOOKS like the girls will be outvoting us here in a few years unless we can scare up some baby boys in a hurry. We have two young ladies to introduce — Miss Catherine Jane Adam, born Feb. 5, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Neil Adam, and Miss Kristine Cynthia Loucks, born March 8, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dave Loucks. We hope to be able to introduce a couple of boys next issue.

On towards spring, Flora Noteweyes decided to move farther north. She left our stenographic department to take a similar job with International Nickel at Thompson.

When Gladys Birston retired on April 30th, she became the second woman to retire from the Churchill River Power Company. Mrs. Wachowich is the other lady pensioner. Gladys came to Island Falls in the spring of 1934, so she has earned her spurs as a real hardy northerner. We understand she intends to make a "See Canada First" tour, then settle down in Flin Flon. During her years in the North, Gladys made a great many friends here and in Flin Flon. She was a fine citizen, held in the highest regard and will be greatly missed. However, it's nice to know she will be living close by in Flin Flon. Best wishes for every happiness in your new life, Gladys.

Best Wishes to Gladys Birston who retired April 30th.

At our Community Club Annual Meeting in April, Jack Barkwell was elected President for the next year and Stan Ferg was elected Vice-President. Congratulations, fellows! We would also like to thank retiring President, Ernie Westbury and retiring Vice-President, Tom Willey for their untiring devotions to the interests of our Club. They both turned in admirable performances.

During the winter, while our seasonal road link was in operation, we were able to arrange a number of inter-community sporting events. Our boy's hockey team motored to Snow Lake where they were royally entertained and enjoyed a double header hockey series. Then a couple of weekends later, we were pleased to have the Snow Lake boys with us for a weekend visit and a couple of games. Hope we can make this an annual event.

We also enjoyed a short visit with the Flin Flon Road Knights. They motored up one Sunday morning, brought their lunch along and we supplied coffee in the Community Hall. They toured the Plant and Sandy Bay, curled us a couple of games and were on their way home by late afternoon. The four car cavalcade was under the direction of Chief Knight, Pat Donaghy and Johnny Boychuk.

Ken Bracken, the man who keeps our cars and trucks rolling.

Our "8th Generator Trophy" curling turned out to be a very pleasant weekend here. Flin Flon curlers who motored up for this lively affair were Mr. and Mrs. Henry Budlong, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Bray, Mr. and Mrs. Lew Parres, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Henry, Mr. and Mrs. Cy Gilmore, Sid Brown, Johnnie and Jeanine Pelletier, Barbara May and Howie Beswatherick. We had another very enjoyable weekend of curling when some of our Flin Flon friends motored up. The good looking group, pictured herewith, was made up of Mr. and Mrs. Fraser Cowie, Mr. and Mrs. Goldie Goldsmith, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Mcintosh and Mr. and Mrs. Dave Robertson.


Flin Flon curlers paid us a visit which we really enjoyed. Sort of Old Home Week for Mr. and Mrs. Howard McIntosh.

Our lady curlers held their annual Novelty Bonspiel over the weekend of March 6th, 7th and 8th. As usual, it was a very enjoyable affair with ten rinks taking part. Mr. and Mrs. Garnet Cluff and Mr. and Mrs. Ted Smith won the main event.

Our Junior Red Cross Society staged a pleasant afternoon at the local skating rink. They arranged a varied program including Irene Bowman's figure skaters, a hockey game, a broom ball game and last but not least, a great assortment of good things to eat. $22,00 was raised for this worthy cause.

We tried mixed curling for the first time last season. We had 8 rinks. The season's champs were Walter Leslie, Neil Adam, Irene Bowman and Joanne Salt.

The school children held their Cordwood Bonspiel late in March. We understand it was the usual bang-up affair with eight rinks participating. The big winners were Garry Westbury, Douglas Boyes, Frank Hvidsten and Patty Ferg.

Bill Hammond, our expert canoe builder.

Number 3 » Autumn 1964

This trio has 100 years of service with the Company. Otto Christensen, Laurie Johnson, Harry Olson.

Neil Adam with Club President Jack Barkwell.


THE weather man was kind to us on Dominion Day which went a long way towards making it such a success. We had the usual flag raising ceremony, races for young and old, games of chance, and refreshment booth but most interest seemed to center around the bingo game. The Dominion Day dance was enjoyed by an excellent turnout.

On June 17th a large group of friends got together to help the Westburys celebrate their silver wedding anniversary. The gathering was held outdoors under clear skies. The black flies were there too but not in sufficient strength to mar the happy occasion. The grounds were gaily decorated with illuminated Japanese lanterns and streamers of flags. Fred Bowman presented Alice and Ernie with a group gift. A delicious lunch rounded out a most pleasant evening.

While on the subject of weddings we are pleased to report that Dick Southworth was married to Miss Donna Border in Yorkton, Saskatchewan on July 25th. Dick was born and raised here and they plan to make their home even farther north at Uranium City.

Come the end of June and all high school young people were heading for home by plane — not Jim Russell and Brian Olson. No Sir! They decided it was time a couple of the young fellows walked from Flin Flon to Island Falls. So that's just what they did. It took them 2½ days. They spent two nights in cabins along the power line but arrived without mishap in fine fettle.

Later in the summer while canoeing up the river these two adventurers overtook a swimming moose. Yes. You've guessed it. They took turns riding it for a quarter mile. Unfortunately they didn't have a camera along.

In mid July Assistant Scout Master Dave Loucks and a dozen scouts from Sandy Bay attended the two week Scout Camp at Camp Whitney.

Our swimming program this summer was supervised by Mrs. Edna Sigsworth of Calgary.

The Saskatchewan Department of Natural Resources has a Northern Development Housing Construction program underway across the river in our Sister Community of Sandy Bay. Seven new homes are being built this summer.

Our new highway which takes off from the Hansen Lake road 49 miles west of Flin Flon is moving ahead nicely. It is planned to complete as far as Pelican Narrows this Fall.

A barbeque on our pool beach in mid-June in honor of departing teacher Marie Levchenko and grade niners going away this Fall. Nothing quite like a hot smoky marshmallow.

Oops! Another summer has just slipped by. It was one of the driest and warmest on record with many bush fires and oh those black flies! (Ed. note—Are you sure Bill?)

In July the Churchill River temperature reached a new high of 75 degrees F.

Swimming instructor Mrs. Edna Sigworth with her large class of pupils.

Ches. Henry -- raspberry king of Island Falls. Dick Southworth and Donna Border were married in Yorkton, July 25th.
Jim Russell and Brian Olson at the end
of their long walk from Flin Flon
to Island Falls (70 miles).

Number 4 » Christmas 1964

This group of golfers represented our Club in the North of 55 tournament this fall.
Flin Flon golfing team in our N. of 55 Tournament of Champions.

Summer line crew specializing in telephone work.

Sandy Beach Hospital.

New Housing Development home at Sandy Bay.
Seven new houses were built this summer.

Sandy Bay merchant Andy McKinley has
been trading in the North for 45 years.


ABOUT the middle of September we had our usual exodus of high school pupils to half a dozen different schools through Saskatchewan. After working here for a year, Dean Barkwell and Pat Leslie accompanied by Brian Olson, took off for Calgary Tech. The boys report that they like the climate and the courses offered at the school and are getting along first class in the wild west. There are 1,300 students enrolled at the school this term.

Grant Berg and Wayne Brazier are taking a year off from the books and have joined our operating staff. They plan on returning to school next Fall. We have one new teacher this term; Miss Joyce Cochrane is in charge of the junior room. Mrs. Sid Foden, who has taught the senior room for several years, is continuing in that capacity. There are three new teachers at Sandy Bay.

Mr. Becker is the new principal along with Miss Trachuk and Miss Gehlan. Three of last year's teachers resumed their duties at Sandy Bay this year, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Kalk and Mr. John Derkash.

We are pleased to announce a brand new member of our C.R.P. family, Miss Glande Lenore McGinnis of Whitesand, born October 13th at Roblin, Manitoba.

Another of our young men has fallen prey to matrimony. A wedding of much interest in Flin Flon and Island Falls was that of Rodger Hagberg and Miss Lynne McDougall which took place in Kamsack on October 10th. Rodger is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Pelle Hagberg and was born and raised in our community. Following a honeymoon trip to the States, the happy couple have taken up residence in Flin Flon.

Just before freeze-up, Ron Simpson was transferred to Snow Lake. For the past six years Ron has been our popular transportation man, the chap you dealt with when you wanted to "go to town". Ron, his good wife Iris and sons Craig and Scott will be sorely missed in our little community but they aren't going so far away and will be able to drive over and visit us in the winter months. Ron's position here has been filled by Don Dempsey of Flin Flon.

The influence of the automobile on our civilization was further made manifest this Fall by the erection of five snappy new garages down our street. Surprising how these structures change the landscape and several housewives have been heard to remark how difficult it is now to keep track of what is going on in the neighbor's yard a few houses away. Time will no doubt determine the demoralizing effect of this situation.

Early last Fall the Community Club decided to extend the Community Hobby Shop garage to accommodate a new hoist we bought last winter. Before the snow came, by dint of the fine community spirit, the building was all closed in ready for business. The Club members responded to the work demands of this project in true northern style and turned out night after night in full strength until the job was completed. Good show boys.

October seemed to be the popular month for vacations this year. At one time about 10% of our population was away. Most of the trips were just short jaunts before winter set in but Alf and Doris Broster got away and ended up driving to the West Coast and touring one of the Gulf Islands between Vancouver and Victoria. They report very favorably on this locale, fine temperate climate, extensive horticultural possibilities and quiet, restful tempo.

In October, Ernie Westbury completed his one-year term on our local Council. I'm sure Ernie earned the gratitude of our entire community for his untiring efforts on our behalf. Des Pyne was elected by acclamation as new council member for a three-year term.

Hallowe'en was the usual enjoyable occasion for young and old. As soon as the cool weather and short evenings set in the bowling and badminton tournaments got underway and proved very popular.

The local nimrods tell me that never before have they seen the partridge (ruffled grouse) so plentiful in this area.

We extend to all a very Merry Christmas a Happy and Prosperous New Year.