Northern Lights

Volume 23

Number 1 » March 1963

Gordon Dash and Rees Davis  measure river flow.


SOMETHING has gone wrong away up north. This is the first winter within memory of the oldest old timers, without ptarmigan in this area. They just haven't appeared this year. Anyone come up with an explanation?

Just before Christmas our school children treated us to some fine entertainment, their annual Christmas concert. The concert hall was packed, the performance excellent. Congratulations kids and teachers.

The Community Club Santa Claus visit was on Christmas eve and was a happy occasion for all. Our annual New Year banquet and dance was the social highlight of the season. We were very pleased to have with us as company representatives Mr. and Mrs. Ben Grimmelt of Flin Flon and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Warick, Jane and Robert of Snow Lake.

On January 17th a number of friends gathered at the Bill Jonasson home to honor Pelle and Gwen Hagberg on the occasion of their silver wedding anniversary. This charming couple were married in Flin Flon January 17th, 1938 and have lived in Island Falls since that time. Congratulations Pelle and Gwen and we hope your happiness grows with the years.

Pelle and Gwen Hagberg.

After the winter road was opened up between here and Flin Flon over the frozen lakes we noticed a few brand new automobiles about town. Alf Broster is sporting a smart Fairlane 500. Jerry Thomas has a fine big Meteor Station Wagon and Constable Don Leslie a fine looking Ford Galaxy. Otto Christensen leans towards Volkswagens so got himself a new 1500 model while Harry Olson decided on a smart model, a '63 Rambler and Charlie Salt found a new '62 International ˝ ton more to his liking. Several jalopies also moved here this winter.


The Frank Brazier family. Louis Bear and Louis Ray leave
for the hunt.

About mid January the company lost their road grader through the ice on Barrier Lake, This mishap occurred while the crew was widening our winter road. Without warning, on the third trip across, the ice gave way and the grader headed for the bottom of the lake 51 feet down. It took a minute to disappear. This was just long enough for driver Bob McLaughlin to pop up through the escape hatch and step out onto the ice which was by this time at the same elevation as the hatch. The ice was 20 inches thick and it is thought the grader got onto a piece that was badly cracked on all sides. The local "Year Round Road to Island Falls Association" motored to Prince Albert in January to interview provincial government officials.

The Company has 60 new stop logs to haul to Whitesand this winter. Each log weighs about 2500 lbs..

Curling, bowling, badminton, skating and hockey all have their enthusiastic supporters in our little community. It's fun in games as usual, despite T.V.


Oldtimer Mrs. Bud Ray and young friend
Mrs. Louis McDonald.


A happy pair -- Gilbert and Harry Morin.

Number 2 » June 1963

Gerry Thomas, accountant.


Fred Bowman with his Island Falls cubs.

Scoutmaster Pelle Hagberg and his troop.


ALWAYS pleased to have some new arrivals to introduce to our readers. We broke even this issue, one boy and one girl. David George arrived at the Gerry Thomas home January 30th and stepped onto the scales at 8 lbs. 14 oz. — now there's a real northerner for you! Of course our young ladies are not so big and tough as our new boys. We think such words as petite and chic more aptly apply. Such a young lady is Lori Lee Henry who arrived to bless the Ches. Henry home on March 25.

Over the weekend of March 23 and 24 we were honored by a visit from a group of scouting officials from Flin Flon and Winnipeg. Included in the group were Bob Dadson, John Hattie, Don Johnson and Norm Murphy from Flin Flon and Dick Yates, field commissioner from Winnipeg. The weekend activities with this group proved most interesting and informative. We hope it develops into an annual event. Our scouts and cubs were thrilled that we were able to collect over 900 lbs... of books to contribute to the Flin Flon Scout book sale. I hope we haven't left you with the impression that our boys are the only go-getters we have around here. Oh no! Not by any means. Towards the end of March our guide leaders, Ruth Bunn, Wilda Boyes, Isabel Hill and Charlotte Willey along with half a dozen or so guides journeyed to Flin Flon to join in the festivities honoring Miss Henrietta Osier, Chief Guide Commissioner for Canada. One of our girls, Lynn McMurdo, had the honor of receiving her all round cord from Miss Osier. The group brought back many happy memories of this occasion.

Pleasant get-together for Harry and Lou Bailey.

The Paul Dubeski family.


Community Club president Gordon Dash is a keen gardener.
The winter freight brought in a couple of snappy aluminum boats for Sandy Bay. Ovide Bear and Philip Moran, Jr., are the proud owners of these handsome hulks. A number of our boys built some smart crafts in the hobby shop during the winter. Gordon Dash, Charlie Salt and Wally Ariko each built a canoe. Bill Hammond and Fred Bowman put together a couple of fishing dinghies and Roger Hagberg came up with a real smart 14 ft. run-about with speedy lines. Otto Christensen has something under construction. We're not sure what it is. It has large floats and an airplane motor and propeller and is beginning to look quite imposing — wonder if it's a hover craft? We'll just have to wait and see and let you know later.

During Lent fish prices were quite good. Fresh pickerel were bringing 40c per lb.. F.O.B. —The Pas. During a three week period one of our local fishermen was able to ship out 6,000 pounds of fresh pickerel at 40c a lb. Too bad we don't have more true fish stories like this one.

Looks like a great year for the golfers. The course came through the winter in excellent shape — no mouse damage at all this past winter. If the black flies and mosquitoes aren't too hungry we should have a good go.

Jeanine Pelletier, stenographer


Flora Noteweyes, stenographer.


Number 3 » Autumn 1963

Lynne McDougall and her swimming class.

HERE we are with our summer activities all packed up, kids away off to school again, duck shooting out of the way and almost looking forward to Christmas. However, it was a fine summer. Miss Lynne McDougall of St. Boniface arrived late in June to supervise our swimming pool program. Also back in June Miss Jeanine Pelletier left our stenographic staff for greener fields down south. Her position here was taken over by Miss Lillian Olson of Winnipeg. A couple of our local boys, Dean Barkwell and Pat Leslie, decided to take a year off from school and will be on our plant operating force. Our former superintendent, Mr. Rees Davis and his good wife paid us a short visit in July. Nice to see them both looking so well and enjoying their retirement years in Sunny Utah. A couple of our families report excellent vacations spent in British Columbia. The Slim Woods Family motored to Vernon to visit relatives and Ken and Doris Bracken motored out to Kelowna—I think Ken was doing a little scouting around for a nice spot to settle down when the time comes to hang up his mechanic's overalls.

We're happy to announce the arrival of Michele Denise at the Walter Ariko home. She was born in Flin Flon on July 7th.

Marcel Daniels and Angus Ballantyne of Sandy Bay. Sandy Bay oldtimer Mrs. Louisa McCallum.
Alf Broster and his carpenter crew.

A wedding of much interest in Island Falls and Flin Flon was that of Mr. Victor Rabby and Maureen Hill. They were married in Biggar, Saskatchewan on May 25th. Maureen is the eldest daughter of our Chuck and Isobel Hill. She was born in Swan River but grew up in Flin Flon and two years ago graduated from Victoria Hospital Nursing School in Winnipeg. This fine young couple will be living in Biggar.

Girl Guide troop with leaders Ruth Bunn and Isobel Hunt.

Congratulations to Lynn McMurdo on receiving her silver cord for a fine achievement in guiding.

Dick Southworth graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in May.

Guide leaders, Charlotte Willey and Isobel Hill, along with guides Brenda Willey, Colleen Hill and Donna Dash spent a couple of weeks at Guide camp early in July, came home all tanned up and report a wonderful time was had by all. A couple of our local scouts, Gordon Ferg and Frank Hvidsten, thoroughly enjoyed their two-weeks at Camp Whitney Scout Camp.

We usually make a big day of Dominion Day and this year was no exception. We staged our celebration on Saturday, June 29th, and had very good co-operation from the weather man. Our new Community Club president, Ernie Westbury, got the day officially off to a good start with a few words about the significance of our country's birthday. Then followed the flag raising ceremony, races for all ages, hot dogs, hamburgers, ice cream, bingo and other games of chance, climaxed with a bang-up dance in the evening.

It was a good summer for outside work as well as play. The Company managed to get a new concrete deck placed on A Dam and Alf Broster and his merry carpenter crew put a shining new aluminum sheet roof on our community hall; really brightens it up. During his spare time this past summer, Garnet Cluff built a most attractive summer home at Eddies Beach. Harry Olson, Gordon Dash, Charlie Salt, pilot Bob Ferguson and engineer Ron Dodds in aircraft MIQ were away for a week in mid-June on the annual hydrographic survey of the up section of the Churchill River.

Maureen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Hill, was married
to Victor Rabby late in May.

Number 4 » Christmas 1963

Bill and Phyllis Jonasson.
Walter and Myrtle Leslie.
Doug and Ada Russell, Richard and June.
Les and Velma Saville.
Margaret Jeffrey.

WISH we could start off each issue with a couple of wedding announcements but that would be a bit over par for our little town. However, during the past summer two of our young ladies were married. On August 3rd Ann Southworth and Derwyn Frederickson were married at St. John's College Chapel, Winnipeg. Ann was born and raised in Island Falls but of course had to go elsewhere for her higher education. After graduating from Luther College in Regina it was while attending University of Manitoba that she met her "ideal". This happy young couple are residing in Winnipeg where Derwyn is a third year law student. Carol Leslie and Hank Marcuk were married in Flin Flon on September 14th. Carol was born and raised in Island Falls. She attended high school in Saskatoon and then on to Medicine Hat where she graduated in Nursing this year. Hank is a Flin Flon boy and a graduate of University of Saskatchewan. He is well known in athletic circles. This fine couple are living in Saskatoon.

On August 7, the Paul Dubeski home was blessed with the arrival of a fine new daughter, Cara Valerie. In late summer Judy Russell left our fair isle for the nation's capital to further her education. Her position here on the dining hall staff was taken over by Mrs. Edna Einarson of Flin Flon.

Doug and Ada Russell marked their 25th wedding anniversary on October 4th. A number of friends gathered at the Russell home to share this happy occasion with this popular couple. A group gift and a beautifully decorated wedding cake were presented by the "surprise" guests.

During the past summer our golf course was extended to nine holes. We felt such a major accomplishment called for a special celebration so accordingly an official opening day was planned for September 7th. The highlight of the day was a visit by eight golfers from Flin Flon. The following Flin Flon golfers flew in for the day: Eric Austin, Sid Brown, Mac Collison, Jim Cook, Pinkie Davie, Slim Holdaway, Clark Hume and Lawrence Ogryzio.

The rewind job on our No. 4 generator is well underway and it will likely be back on the line sending power to Flin Flon by the time this appears. The practise is to rewind these generators about every twenty-five years. Local operators Jack Barkwell and Bill Southworth worked on the original construction of this generator in the Spring of 1937. Somehow or other they don't think they'll be around to help on the next "face lifting" of this unit around 1988. In September our popular R.C.M.P. officer Don Leslie was transferred to Melfort. His place on our local detachment was taken by Bruce Roberts. We are pleased to see that one of Bruce's first acts was to get the Sandy Bay Boy Scouts reorganized and off on a vigorous scouting program. Bruce is being ably assisted in this project by Roland Bremner of the Sandy Bay teaching staff.

Early in August Lois Christensen succumbed to the far off call of a foreign land. She took off from Vancouver by high flying jet for Japan where she plans to teach school for the next three years.

Jim Ripley, veteran flier and northern trader opened his new store at Sandy Bay late in October. This is a fine big modern building in every respect and adds considerably to the business amenities of our sister Community across the bay.

Season's Greetings to All.

Pelle and Gwen Hagberg.