Northern Lights

Volume 22

Number 1 » Spring 1962

Counting the UNICEF funds which the children
collected on Hallowe'en.


Miss Piloski's junior classroom.


OH yes, that was the year of the big snow! Well it certainly could be if the rate of snowfall is maintained until spring. At present we are about on a par with the snowiest year on our records. That was the winter of 33-34 when we had 114 inches of recorded snowfall.

Mink rancher Bill Hammond has a couple of foxes and a coyote making regular visits to his ranch near A Dam. He thinks the deep snow is causing these animals to look with more favor on urban life. While on this subject it is interesting to note that local trapper, Magloire Noteweyes trapped two Arctic White foxes just below the power plant this winter. The authorities say it is most unusual for these Arctic dwellers to be found so far south. Check your fishing gear boys, we may be catching white whales here this summer.

Our New Year's Eve banquet and dance were the usual very happy affairs. Due to not having the winter road open we didn't have as many visitors as we usually do. Guests of honor from our parent H.B.M. & S. Co. were Mr. and Mrs. W. Burrows and Mr. and Mrs. Earl McDonald and Patricia. Club President Alf Broster did a fine job at the M.C. rostrum. The local rhythm boys — Sid Foden, Alf Broster, Roy Bunn and Jack Barkwell provided excellent dance music.

Sturgeon Creek bridge on the summer road paralleling the transmission line.
Some day, we hope, this road will reach Flin Flon.

We think the nicest part of doing this little write-up is announcing the new arrivals to our plant. Too bad there aren't more than we average. However, be that as it may, we are happy to announce the arrival of Barry Dean at the home of Jim and Emily Wondrasek on January 13th.

Just before Xmas, Constable Bill McLellan was transferred from here to Big River and Constable Len Leavens of Big River arrived to take charge of the local detachment, R.C.M.P.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ariko were married
in Flin Flon, Aug. 26, 1961

Mrs. Foden's senior classroom.

Curling is our most popular sport in Winter. In our British Consols Playoff the strong men were Stan Ferg, Ernie Westbury, Glenn Grigg and Gordon Dash. This rink journeyed to Flin Flon for the group 45 play-off the weekend of January 21-22 and report a most enjoyable time.

The following weekend a group of mixed curlers from here were the guests of the Flin Flon Community Club in a short spiel for the "8th Generator Trophy." Our party was made up of Mr. and Mrs. Neil Adam, Walter Ariko, Mr. and Mrs. Garnet Cluff, Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Hill, Margaret Jeffrey, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Leslie, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Alf Broster, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Barkwell. From all accounts it must have been a very enjoyable weekend.

According to one of our reliable Indian weathermen, Chief Rising Pemmican, the unusually late Easter this year is an ill omen weatherwise — says it has been revealed to him that we are in for a very cool wet summer. However, he has been known to be wrong.

During the past six months three local couples have celebrated their silver wedding anniversaries. They were Mr. and Mrs. Ken Bracken, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Willey and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Southworth. How time flies! Happy Easter!

Gladys Birston hard at work. Doug Russell and Jack McMurdo ready to leave on the 75-mile winter trail to Flin Flon.

Harry Bighetty, Chuck Hill and Paul Morin of No. 2 commissary.

Number 2 » Summer 1962

Stockroom crew, Les Saville and Jim Wondrasek.
Asst. Supt. Harry Olson.
Welcome to Sylvia Lengyel, our new steno.
One-man duet, Sid Foden playing piano and organ simultaneously.

GORDON DASH is our new Community Club President and Tom Willey is Vice President. Mrs. Wally Ariko left the Company employment on April 1st to devote her entire time to keeping house for Wally. Miss Sylvia Lengyel, of Flin Flon, took over this stenographic post in our general office.

After fifteen years here on our operating staff, Glenn Grigg left the C.R.P. Co. in March to try his hand with the Investors Syndicate in Flin Flon. During his stay here Glenn married Marie Willis. They have two sons, Gerry, age seven and Michael, age one. This young couple were active in Community affairs and all branches of sport. Naturally their departures will leave quite a void. However, our loss will be Flin Flon's gain and we wish them well in their new venture.

A wedding of much interest took place in Saskatoon on April 21st when Ed Hagberg was married to Janice Aunet. Ed was born and raised here and Jan has visited here several times. Mr. and Mrs. Pelle Hagberg attended the wedding. We all wish this young couple a very happy marriage.

The home of Gordon, Helen, Sandra and Donna Dash was blessed with the arrival of another daughter, Beverley Ann, on March 18th. Obviously Gordon has a weakness for girls.

Not for many years have we seen as many new boats as appeared this spring. Ernie Westbury and Ron Simpson each built himself a snappy catamaran 17' cruiser. Otto Christensen, Des Pyne and Paul Dubeski each built a smart houseboat; Bob Bowman built a snappy little runabout and Wally Ariko, Roy Thompson and E. Kostuchuk imported sleek 16' aluminum cruisers.

Early in March an old northerner, who has spent all his adult life in the north, decided to call it quits. I refer to Alex Smith, free trader in our sister community of Sandy Bay. Just over 50 years ago Alex came from his native Scotland to join the Hudson's Bay Co. in the McKenzie River district. In subsequent years he traded in Brochet, Pelican Narrows, Cumberland House, The Pas, throughout the Barren lands and finally south to Island Falls and Sandy Bay. Alex was manager of our commissary from 1937 to 1945 when he went into business for himself across at Sandy Bay. For the last fifteen years Alex operated from a wheelchair, due to paralysis in his legs. During most of his years at Sandy Bay he was very ably assisted and cared for by his housekeeper and life long friend Mrs. Doris Cucksey. Numerous social functions and presentations were held at Sandy Bay and Island Falls for this popular couple before they left for a holiday with friends and relatives in Winnipeg. Mr. Andrew McKinley, of Pelican Narrows, purchased the Smith Trading Corporation at Sandy Bay.

Ernie Westbury and Fred Bowman coached the boys hockey teams from here and Sandy Bay through another interesting season, topped off by a big wind up party. Wow! You wouldn't believe how those T.V. dinners and pies disappeared. No overweight problems in the group.

Irene Bowman had another successful season with her figure skating group and put on a delightful public exhibition in late March. Nice to see the youngsters doing so well in this artistic sport.

As usual our two sheets of curling ice were kept busy from freeze-up until spring. The men's Club Championship was won by Jack Barkwell, Ches. Henry, Tom Willey and Eugene Kastuchuk.

The ladies' Club Championship was won by Ruth Bunn, Gwen Hagberg, Gerri Kostuchuk and Carol Anderson. Audrey Ferg, Ruth Bunn, Melva Adam and Tillie Wenman report an excellent time at the Flin Flon Bonspiel in February. They went through the Bonspiel with only one loss and won the Burketts and Ostry trophies.

Winners of A and B squaresIsobel Hill, Melva Adam, Myrtle Leslie (skip), Sharon Lealos.
Curling champsGerri Kostachuk, Ruth Bunn (skip), Gwen Hagberg, Carol Anderson.

Carol Leslie is in 2nd year training at Medicine Hat General Hospital.

Number 3 » Autumn 1962

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Bracken on the way
to their daughter's wedding.

Magloire Noteweyes, expert canoe man,
hunter and guide.

Cornelius Bear and David Merasty, utility truck crew.


THIS could almost be called our "Wedding issue" in that we have no fewer than three weddings of local interest to report. On June 30th Bruce Christensen and Shirley Penner were married in Saskatoon and took in the World Fair at Seattle as part of their honeymoon trip. Jim Hume and Sharon Brown were married in Flin Flon on July 14 and after a short honeymoon trip, returned to Island Falls until September at which time they intend to take up residence in Brandon where Jim will attend Teachers College. On July 21st Joan Bracken became the bride of Joe Kulbida in Saskatoon. Joan grew up here and is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ken Bracken. Joan and Joe will make their home in Saskatoon.

We report also in the vital statistics department, a daughter, Melani Christine, born to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ariko on May 4th last. Wally's golfing time has been cut considerably.

We celebrated our country's 95th birthday in much the usual manner. Community Club president Gordon Dash got the day officially underway with an impressive flag raising ceremony, then we had races for all ages, numerous games of skill and chance, and an excellent bingo game. As usual though the hamburger stand was the busiest spot. A ball game after supper, followed by a bang-up dance concluded a very happy Dominion Day.

Early in July Miss Cheryl Cassidy left our office staff to return to the brighter lights of Flin Flon. Her steno job here was taken over by Miss Jeannine Pelletier, late of R.C.A.F. radar station, Cranberry Portage. Toward the end of July, the Charlie Young family is approaching school age and there is no school at Whitesand. The dam attendant's job there was taken by Mr. Lawrence McGinnis, formerly with Lamb Airways, The Pas. Lawrence is married and has one youngster just under a year old.

Our swimming pool was again a busy spot during July and August. Under the able direction of Miss Marian Shepley of Chatham, Ontario. Marian instructed classes in the Red Cross swimming program as well a.s teaching Royal Life Saving Classes.

Mr. Scotty Boyes spent three happy weeks helping out at cub camp at Camp Whitney. While he was there four local lads attended the camp, Robert Thompson, Douglas Boyes, Bob Cluff and Frank Hvidsten.

Despite the fact that black flies and mosquitoes were the worst ever (hush! not a word of this to our tourists) outdoor activities proceeded as usual. The fire guard around camp was extended and improved, apropos golf course, soon to be nine holes. The major summer job was repairing the main piers at "A" Dam. A large crew worked long hours on this job all summer.

Gordon Dash, Stan Ferg, Jack McMurdo and Ron Simpson all have new summer cottages nearing completion up river, while Chuck Hill, Garnet Cluff and Bill Hammond are at the brush clearing and tenting stage.

We were pleased to have our high school and University students back working with us for the summer. Their learning and earning has far-reaching effects.

We enjoyed a brief visit from former Supt. Mr. Rees Davis and his good wife early in the summer, both looking well.

TV aerials are sprouting rapidly throughout our small town. Reception from Flin Flon has been good enough to bring on quite a brisk buying spree in TV sets. Winter freight will likely be bogged down with further supplies of TV chairs, etc.

Alex More's H.B.A.T. played a dramatic role in the arrival of a new citizen on July 6th when Ronald Alexander Emil Morin arrived into the world in the cabin of company aircraft JOR while enroute from Sandy Bay to Flin Flon. Nurse Wyatt was ably assisted by pilot Ron Allan.

The Ernie Westbury family are proud of their new cabin cruiser.

"A" Dam construction crew.

With Slim Woods it's jeeps in the summer, Bombardiers in the winter.

Marion Shepley and one of her winning classes.

Number 4 » Christmas 1962

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Olson, a few minutes after the knot was tied.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hume. July 14th was their day of days.

The frost was on this 45-lb. pumpkin when Richard Russell
and Randy Bowman picked it for Hallowe'en.

Senior classroom pupils.


ON OCTOBER 6th our little settlement was the scene of a wedding of much interest. At that time we had the pleasure of helping Keith Olson and Barbara Westbury with their wedding. Both these young people were born and raised here. Keith is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Olson and Barbara is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Westbury, both families of long standing in our community. Several plane loads Of guests flew up from Flin Flon adding greatly to the happy occasion. Over one hundred guests signed the register at the delightful reception. Late in the afternoon the happy young couple flew in their own plane to The Pas from where they left by car for a honeymoon at the Pacific Coast. They will reside in The Pas where Keith flies for Lamb Airways, Happy landing kids!

On. September 9th, the Kjell Hvidsten home was blessed with the arrival of Hans Erling, a fine new brother for Frank, Sissel and Shelly.

As summer came to a close Sylvia Lengyel followed the birds south to a job with the company in Flin Flon. Miss Flora Noteweyes of Sandy Bay took over the steno job vacated by Sylvia.

Constable Don Leslie arrived late in July to take charge of the local R.C.M.P. detachment covering Island Falls and Sandy Bay.

About mid-September Miss Deanna Doll left our fair community for the brighter lights of Flin Flon. (We may have to lower their voltage.)

Judy Russell, Brian Olson and Rodger Hagberg, all students, have decided to take a year out of school and spend it working here—nice to have these young people with us.

As Fall approached we lost two good men. Bob Bowman pulled out for technical school in Winnipeg and Bruce Christensen went west to further his education. Good luck boys!

Miss Marie Levchenko of Cando, Saskatchewan is in charge of our junior schoolroom and Mrs. Sid Foden is teaching the senior room.

Our sister community of Sandy Bay is experiencing quite a building boom. Their new four-room school opened in September and they also use two rooms in the old school. Twenty-five years ago there were no school facilities in Sandy Bay. This looks like progress. A number of new homes went up this past summer along with many modernizations to the older homes.

Roy Bunn Enterprises Ltd. has branched out into a new field. Last winter Roy had a portable saw mill shipped in and during the summer set it up on the far side of A Dam. Before the snow arrived he was able to process several booms of excellent logs and has quite a pile of fine looking lumber drying out for the spring trade. Anyone for a load of sawdust?

Everyone enjoys fish stories and here's one with a different angle. Last spring Walter Leslie decided there might be possibilities for a floating cold storage plant on the commercial fishing grounds up river so he built one and stationed it up river all summer, much to the delight and profit of all concerned. The trapping season opened October 15th at which time beaver were prime and ready to be harvested. They are very plentiful locally and should provide a nice cash crop for our local trappers between now and Christmas— which reminds me—


Des Pyne does it again. Happy group at Sandy Bay.
Teachers Mrs. Sid Foden and Miss Marie Levchenko. Junior classroom pupils.

New 4-room school at Sandy Bay.

Sandy Bay Happy Gang.