Northern Lights

Volume 21

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Number 3 » Autumn 1961

Harry Bighetty, store clerk, and Gabriel Morin of the plumbing crew.
Preparing a beaver skin -- Mrs. Antoine Bear and grandchildren.
Natural Resources agent roughing it in the north. His "guides" are Juanita Cunningham and Beverly Carnation, teachers at Sandy Bay.
R.C.M.P. detachment, Sandy Bay.

LIKE most of western Canada we had very dry weather during May, June and early July, consequently the bush fires around here were the worst in memory. However, as the old dictum goes, it's an ill wind that blows nobody good. For weeks on end there was a great demand for firefighters so the unemployment problem of our sister community of Sandy Bay was quickly solved. At times every available man and some big boys were being rushed from one fire to another by plane and helicopter. Our biggest threat was from a large fire north of here. However, a timely heavy rain took care of it while it was still about five miles away.

Early in the summer we were pleased to have Mr. and Mrs. Dave Loucks and Keith of Winnipeg join our little community. Dave is a live wire member of the line gang. Hope you like it here folks.

On August 1st Mrs. Bill Hessing and daughter Marlene left to make their new home in Saskatoon where Marlene will be attending high school. Hubby Bill plans to carry on here, as head chef but chances are he'll be an authority on road conditions between here and Saskatoon. A number of pleasant social functions were held in Dorothy's honor before she left.

We had a change in the law enforcement branch of our department of justice. Constable Hap Armstrong was transferred to Prince Albert in June. On July 17th Hap and Donna Shore were married in P.A. Donna was our junior teacher last term. Constable Bill McLellan, formerly of Lac La Ronge, is currently in charge of the R.C.M.P. detachment here.

A good time was had by all as we celebrated our country's 94th birthday on July 1st. The weather was a bit cool and rainy—ice cream sales were off but the program in general was the best in years, from the impressive flag raising ceremony through the races for all ages, games of chance and bingo. Bingo seems to be the major attraction. With our highly scientific bingo cards and a fine selection of prizes I'm sure our players had a good go, Our swimming pool has been considerably improved this year. Last winter a great deal of sand was trucked in and the entire pool area was well sanded, the diving platform rebuilt and a few other refinements added. We were most fortunate too in being able to get Miss Sheila Wainwright of London, Ontario to return this year as swimming instructor. It is gratifying to see all our small fry learn to swim and become so at home in the water under such capable and pleasant direction.

Sunday, July 30th, was an ideal day for our major sporting event of the summer, the Hotel Keepers' Golf Tournament, emblematic of the golf championship of the north country. Clubs from The Pas, Flin Flon and Island Falls took part. The visiting teams arrived by plane at 7 a.m. and the tournament was in full swing by 9 a.m. Top honors for the day went to the team from Flin Flon, namely Bill Hamilton, Ray Quinn, Ed Longmore and Duane McNabb.

Our club was well represented by such golfing stalwarts as Wally Ariko, Jack Barkwell, Ken Bracken and Stan Ferg. The Pas foursome was composed of Ed Davidson, Jack Fisher, Art Johnson and Jack Moran.

As usual things are happening in Sandy Bay. Slim Woods is bulldozing a new road from Sandy Bay to Burntwood Lake, making more accessible a large area for fishing, trapping and hunting. The Dept. of Natural Resources surveyors spent several weeks making a complete survey of the townsite, looks like a building boom in the offing. July 1st saw the opening of a fine new Coffee Shop under the ownership of Eugene Kostuchuk and Orral Gilmore. They expect to add a pool table or two next winter.

The snapshots in this issue were all taken at Sandy Bay.

Mr. and Mrs. Magloire Noteweyes.
Mr. and Mrs. Ansel Morin.
Cecelia and Maggie Ann Morin
going home from church.

Number 4 » Christmas 1961

Miss Sheila Wainwright and her swimming class.


MERRY Christmas and Happy New Year!

This will be the first Christmas for Keri Lesia Kostuchuk born in Dauphin September 21st. Eugene and Gerri are her proud parents. Likewise Blake Alfred Salt will be hanging up his stocking for the first time this Christmas. He is the third child of Charlie and Joanne of Whitesand.

On August 26th Wally Ariko Jr. and Rose-Marie Doll were married in Flin Flon. Wally is one of our operators and is world famous as a canoeist. "Frenchy," as she is popularly known, is one of our office belles. Best wishes for a long and happy marriage.

We have a couple of new faces among the operators, namely Bob Bowman and Jim Hume. Both are taking a year out of school—glad to have you with us boys!

We have a complete new slate of teachers in our school this year. Mrs. Sid Foden is teaching the senior room and Miss Sandra Poloski of Indian Head, Sask. is in charge of the junior room. We have 32 children altogether in our private school. There are 4 rooms in the public school across the way at Sandy Bay. Mr. Ron Zollen is the principal. The other three teachers are Mrs. Zollen, Miss C. Anderson and Miss Sharon Lealos.

Our genial Community Club president, Alf Broster.

Curling champions Roy Bunn, Glenn Grigg, Gordon Dash and Stan Ferg (skip).

Early in October Miss Deanna Doll came here to assist in our main dining lounge.

A couple of our boys joined the Quarter Century Club this past year and received the usual fine Omegas from the Company. They are Doug Russell and Alex Strindlund. Doug is widely known all through the north as an exceptionally capable woodsman in all its branches. Alex retired last May and we hear he has gone back to work as maintenance engineer in an apartment block.

Abut 18 months ago Moise Bear Jr. had the misfortune to lose his 25-year watch in the river below the powerhouse when the bracelet broke. Approximately 15 months later it was recovered by a fisherman close to shore and taken in to Oscar Nasselquist for a complete check up. Oscar cleaned it up, made a few adjustments and away it went. However it was thought advisable to send it back to the factory for a thorough going over.

Despite the worst bush fires in history our big game hunters had no trouble getting their bag limits this Fall. In fact moose seemed to be just as plentiful as ever although a number of burned carcasses were discovered. Wild mink are reported to be quite plentiful—a good sign indeed as this little fur bearer is the backbone of our local trapping.

During the late summer our sister community of Sandy Bay was completely re-surveyed and several new residential building zones opened up. Main Street received a face lifting job and a new approach to the Government pier was built.

"Kostis Casino" at Sandy Bay has changed hands and is now being operated by the "Men's Club."

The old timers say it looks like an early hard freeze-up. If that's the case we'll be able to jump in the car and drive to town over the frozen lakes to do our Christmas shopping.

Sandy Bay fur trader Alex Smith and friends at his 70th birthday party.

Our RCMP constable
Bill McLellan
and pal "Jet."

Best wishes to Alex and Sadie Strindlund who went to Vancouver on Alex's retirement.