Northern Lights

Volume 20

Number 1 » Spring 1960

Charming picture of Duncan Adam at Christmas time. Duncan's Dad is electrician -- his mother is Melva, recently a publications department photographer.

Eugene and Geraldine Kostachuk were married
in Dauphin in September.

Jim and Emily Wandrasek were married
in Russell, Man., in November.

Island Falls

W. Southworth

LET'S start at the northern edge of our watershed and work south. Our observer at Brochet, Mrs. W. Garbutt, advises us that for the week ending January 18th they received 24 inches of snow. That represents a lot of water for the C.R.P. next spring. It seems travel was quite difficult on Reindeer Lake the early part of the winter due to the light fluffy snow with not enough wind to pack it down. Now we jump from Brochet to the village of Southend at the extreme southern tip of Reindeer Lake, a distance of 150 miles. In places Reindeer Lake is 30 miles wide, has many beautiful white sand beaches, crystal clear water and is dotted with many beautiful islands. At the south end of Reindeer Lake is Reindeer River which drains into Churchill River and through the C.R.P. power house at Island Falls. We have a concrete storage and regulating dam at the head of the Reindeer River—twelve miles from Southend at a spot called Whitesand. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Salt and children live at Whitesand, and look after C.R.P. interests at that point. Charlie advises us that the federal government has just completed a $200,000.00 school at Southend for the native children. It will accommodate 100 pupils, has three classrooms plus manual training and domestic science rooms. It is fully modern and oil heated. There is a fine separate residence for teachers.

Our New Year's banquet and dance was, as usual, a very happy occasion for all. Over 200 attended the banquet. The Company guests from Flin Flon were Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Mcintosh and sons Sandy and Jim and Mr. and Mrs. Norman Cyr and sons Lawrence, Richard and Gordon. We hope these people enjoyed themselves as much as we enjoyed having them.

Our next news item centres around Snow Lake. Early in January our line crew took off from here in two muskeg tractors working along the power line to Snow Lake rebuilding cribs around power poles. Slim Woods is on this job too with his bulldozer and bombardier. This hardy crew is made up of Paul Dubeski, Eugene Kostuchuk, Slim Woods, Les Garay, Alf Stewart, Louis Morin Sr. and Angus Ballantyne.

In the vital statistics department we report the arrival of Garnet and Ev Cluffs' fourth son, Clark lrwin, who arrived December 21st. The Jerry Thomas household is under new management with the arrival of Murray Gilbert, who took over on December 21st. Congratulations to these proud parents!

We report also a further desertion from our bachelor ranks when Jim Wandrasek was married to Emily McKinnon at Russell, Manitoba in November. We extend a warm welcome to this popular young couple.

Number 2 » Summer 1960

Bill Hammond, who won the Trout Festival Award last summer (37½ lbs.), will be trying again this year.

Eugene Kostachuk, Const. Davidson and Wally Ariko.

Mrs. O. Christensen and her girl's choir.

School concert massed choir.

Alf and Doris Broster -- silver wedding anniversary.
Bud Jobin attended from Flin Flon.

Island Falls

W. Southworth

AFTER fourteen years in Island Falls the Jack Mcinnis family decided it was time to push on farther north. They left here the end of March to make their new home at Thompson, Manitoba where Jack will be employed by the Manitoba Hydro Board. Jack and Margaret were live wire members of all our sporting and social activities. A few years ago Jack won the Northern Manitoba singles badminton title and was a top notch curler, golfer and bowler — he was pretty good at pool too. Margaret was an ardent curler and skipped a rink here for years. The four other members of this popular family are Jackie, Cindy, Suzanne and Mona. We hope this fine family will be happy in their new life at Thompson. Our little community will miss them but we take some consolation in knowing that the new town of Thompson is getting a family of true northerners who can be counted on to do more than its share of promoting community activities.

Just before breakup Liz Dmytriw decided she should fly away south and east. It seems she has important matters to attend to down east. Liz has been one of our stenographers for the past couple of years. Shortly before she left a number of delightful functions were held in her honor. Best of luck Liz!

Ken Myrvold arrived from Flin Flon the early part of April to lend a hand in the electrical department.

Miss Lynda Benson came north to us in April to take over one of the stenographic positions in our general office. Alex and Sadie Strindlund left our fair isle on June 1 for the Pacific coast and retirement. Alex has been head plumber here for the past 25 years. Alex and Sadie will be greatly missed by their many friends and their departure is going to take a bit of getting used to. We all wish them the best of everything in their new life out west.

The Glenn Grigg home was blessed with the arrival of another fine son, Michael Norman, on April 4th.

On March 13, a happy social function was held at the Broster home when a large number of friends dropped in on them by surprise and presented them with a tray suitably inscribed for the occasion. This was the 25th anniversary of their wedding. They were among the first couples to be married in Island Falls.

Our curling season was officially brought to a close with a pleasant social evening on April 29th. Supt. Otto Christensen presented the prizes and trophies. The rest of the evening was enjoyed at games of chance, sing song and amateur dramatics. A smorgasbord topped off a fine evening.

Our community is very grateful to all those individuals and organizations who worked so hard to bring television to the north. We are looking forward to having this cultural medium in our homes. Unfortunately our efforts to secure a road between here and the new Hanson Lake highway haven't brought forth any firm committments yet. However, we do appreciate the good work that is being done in this regard by a number of individuals and organizations. We feel confident the efforts put forth on behalf of this project will bear fruit in the near future. Some of our boys recently purchased new cars. Jack Barkwell bought a new Rambler station wagon, Jack McMurdo a new 1961 Pontiac, Art Wenman, a 1961 Tempest, Bruce Christensen a 1961 Chevrolet, and Bill Hessing a 1961 Chevrolet and Glen Grigg a 1961 Mercedes Benz.

Alf Broster is our new Community Club president. He brings a wealth of gubernatorial knowledge to his new post. We can look forward to an era of progress and reform under his Dynamic leadership. Congratulations Alf!

As we go to press the native trappers of Sandy Bay are streaming out into the hinterland to harvest the spring crop of beaver and muskrats. Some go by dog team or canoe while others are flown out. The current price of $15.00 for a good quality beaver pelt is considered quite fair and has stimulated a lively interest in trapping this season.

Number 3 » Autumn 1960


Number 4 » Christmas 1960