Northern Lights

Volume 19

Number 1 Spring 1960


WE got 1960 off to a fine start with our Happy New Year's Eve party. This year, instead of the usual banquet we had a smorgasbord style supper, an innovation which proved quite popular. Just over 200 carefree people, including quite a number of visitors from Flin Flon, attended this pleasant affair. The official guests of honor were Mr. and Mrs. H. A. McKenzie and children Robbie and Janet, and Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Stickney and children Jack and Jill. Mr. Jack McInnis was master of ceremonies for this our 30th consecutive New Year's Eve gathering.

Early in the new year our work force was augmented by a couple of good curling electrical men, Larry Kirby and Orral Gilmore of Flin Flon.

On January 16th the Paul Dubeski home was blessed with the arrival of Gloria Anne, weighing in at 6 lbs. 1 oz. Up north at our Whitesand Dam, Rickey Charles was a new addition to the Charlie Salt family on August 29th last.

In keeping with its progressive policy, the C.R.P. has a few major jobs on the go. Shortly after our new seventh generator went on the line, No. 1 generator was dismantled and rewound and No. 2 and No. 3 units will be rewound this winter. It takes about a month for each unit. Our line crew plans to spend a couple of months this winter on the Snow Lake power line rebuilding cribs and squaring up the pole structures.

January was an unusually mild, pleasant month with very little snow and wind, consequently our winter road stayed in fine shape and traffic to and fro between Flin Flon and here was quite heavy. Perhaps this spurred so many of our residents to purchase new cars. Jack Barkwell, Gord Dash, Ron Simpson, and Harry Olson all bought Vauxhall estate wagons, Walter Leslie is sporting a new Dodge station wagon, Alex Strindlund went for a '60 Plymouth four door hardtop and Chuck Hill chose a smart Ford product.

We feel quite sure there will be an all-weather road from Island Falls to Flin Flon in the near future.

Walter Hlady, anthropologist, covered this area last year. Happy-go-lucky Roy Thompson, transportation department.
Commissary No. 1 staff Chuck Hill, Paul Morin, Carol Leslie, Garnet Cluff. Paint crewBill Bear, Louis McDonald, Angus Bear, Sr. Seated is Moise Bear, Jr., a 25-year employee.
Liz Dimytriw has two strings to her bowGerry Thomas and Hank Marcuk.

With an eye to next summer, Al McMillan imported a smart new 16-ft. aluminum cruiser and Jack McMurdo built a sleek looking 16-ft. plywood cabin cruiser.

Our bowling alley has been completely rebuilt and smartly decorated so our bowling fraternity expect to get going again toward the end of January.

Asst. Supt. Harry Olson and his new Vauxhall. Stockroom manager Les Saville.
Control-room operator, Fred Bowman. Operator Jack McMurdo.

Number 2 Summer 1960

Senior classroom students at Island Falls.

Island Falls school teacher Anna-Marie Schmidt with Ann Leslie.



EARLY in March while our winter road was still good, Mr. and Mrs. Bud Davis and baby decided to leave this northern oasis by car for the warmer climate of Salt Lake City, Utah. Good luck kids!

Electrician Neil Adam Joined our force the middle of April. Allan Lueck, the Department of Natural Resources' agent at Sandy Bay decided his life work was on the farm, so just before breakup he packed up and returned to farming at Indian Head, Sask. along with wife Nola and two children.

The blackbirds and the kids from the University of Sask., Ed Hagberg, Dale Russell, Bruce Christensen and Dick Southworth arrived back the same date this year April 25th to be exact.

The home of school principal, Nick Stasiuk of Sandy Bay, was blessed with the arrival of a daughter on March 15th.

Head gardener, Ted Berge, had quite a family handed to him one day this spring when 200 week-old chicks arrived.

During the spring break-up period our hobby shop was quite the busy spot. Jerry Thomas could be found there every evening working faithfully on his 16 ft. cabin cruiser a beautiful craft by the way. Alf Broster turned out a neat little 14 ft. run-about job last winter and got such a kick out of it, he turned around and built another one just like it.

Francis Waldbillig and Eugene Kostuchuk were a busy pair at the hobby shop for a few months. They built an ultra-modern super-duper stereophonic hi-fidelity record player Wow! What reproduction.

The General Electric crew have completed re-winding generators No. 1, 2 and 3. These are the three original generators and have been in continuous service here for 30 years.

At our annual club meeting in April, Jack Barkwell was honored by being the unanimous choice for president to guide our club's destiny for the coming year. Congratulations Jack, we are all behind you.

The spring catch of muskrat pelts in this area was large. These hardy fur bearers were very abundant and prices were quite good. The local trappers harvested a profitable cash crop.

They tell me thousands of beaver pelts have been shipped out of this area over the last three hundred years and there are more beaver here now than at any other time in history.

A salute to the first golfer of the season, Wally Ariko, April 25th. 

Junior classroom at Island Falls.
Miss Willett's class at Sandy Bay.
Mr. Tom Heicht's class at Sandy Bay.
Miss McDougall's class at Sandy Bay.
Mr. Nick Stasiuk's class at Sandy Bay.
Sandy Bay teaching staff: Miss Willets, Miss McDougall, Mr. Tom Heicht, Mr. Nick Stasiuk.

Number 3 Autumn

Swim instructor Sheila Wainwright and junior swimmers.

Golfers Jack McInnes, Glenn Grigg and Jack Barkwell.

Moose hunter Des Pyne makes kill at Barrier Lake.

Sheila Wainwright and her senior swimming class.


WATER, water, everywhere and not a drop for forest fire suppression seemed to be an appropriate theme for our area this summer. The Churchill River reached the highest flow recorded here for many years, over 54,000 cubic feet per second, yet on the whole we had quite a dry summer, resulting in a large number of bush fires. However, there were no restrictions on using water for gardens and lawns. In this respect we had it all over the unfortunate residents of Winnipeg.

We were delighted to have Mrs. Neil Adam and new baby son Duncan join our thriving community last June.

The warm bright weather was a great boon to activities at the swimming pool. Miss Sheila Wainwright of London, Ontario, was in charge of children's recreation and sports. She had large classes in swimming and Royal Life Saving instruction. Early in the summer Jim Wandrasek of Winnipeg joined our work force. Jim is a specialist in gunite concrete work and has a big repair project on the go at A dam.

Generally speaking, on account of the high water, fishing wasn't as good as usual this summer but just to disprove this, Bill Hammond landed the biggest trout taken in local waters in recent years. Bill caught his big one in Flanagan Lake, a short distance from here. It weighed 37 lbs. 10 ozs. and was big enough to win him the first prize of a brand new automobile in the Flin Flon Trout Festival Fishing Contest. Speaking of the Trout Festival, we are proud of the showing made by our two stalwarts, Wally Ariko and Tom Merasty in the Gold Rush Canoe Derby they won fourth prize and a great many new friends and admirers. They are currently training for the big canoe race at Shawinigan, Quebec.

Fighting bush fires and guiding for fishing parties on Reindeer Lake provided considerable employment for the men of our sister community, Sandy Bay.

Gardeners -- Pat Leslie, Dean Barkwell, Angus Bear Sr. and Herb Peterson.


Neil Morrison with carpenter crew.

Alf Broster's concrete gang.


Harry Olson, Gordon Dash and Rees Davis at Stanley to check Churchill River water level.

Number 4 Christmas 1960

Ex-patriate Howard McIntosh paid us a visit recently.

Assistant gardener Herb Peterson.

Linemen Bill Jonasson and Paul Dubeski.



AFTER one of the finest summers on n record and beautiful fall weather until the end of October we find ourselves in a good frame of mind to meet the rigors of winter.

Our enthusiastic hunters were kept busy this year. Moose were plentiful in these parts with eleven being sighted in three days by one party of hunters. Caribou and mink are also more plentiful than for some years.

Winter activities are well underway with badminton, bowling and curling going at a fast clip. The skating rink is a busy spot, especially for the "young fry."

In the vital statistics department we are pleased to report there has been a desertion from the dwindling ranks of eligible bachelors. On October 8th Eugene Kostuchuk was married to Geraldine Hody in Dauphin, Man. We wish this young couple many years of happiness and extend a warm welcome as they make their home in our community.

Francis Waldbillig and Hank Marcuk who were employed here for the past year left in September to resume their studies at the University of Saskatchewan. Larry Kirby moved back to Flin Flon after being employed with the electricians. Bob Henry, taking a year off from. school has joined the operating staff as has Bruce Christensen.

Marian Strindlund of the office staff left the company's employ at the end of September and from rumors we hear is contemplating a change of occupation. Rose-Marie Doll has taken over Marian's job at the office.

With the opening of school in September we welcomed two new teachers, Miss Lisa Dafoe in charge of the senior room and Miss Donna Shore in the junior department.

September also meant the usual exodus of students going to school in many different places. Bill Jeffrey is attending school in Jamestown, North Dakota.

The school at Sandy Bay opened the Fall term with Mr. and Mrs. Stasiuk again in charge with Miss Cunningham and Miss Karnation taking care of the other two rooms.

The Stan Ferg home was blessed with the arrival of a daughter Anita Margaret, on October 6th.

Bill Hessing is vitally interested in ice conditions this winter hoping the winter road will be ready early and in good shape for his new 1961 Chevrolet.

We extend to all our sincere wishes for a Merry Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

Back from a trip down river -- Francis Waldbillig, Orval Gilmore, Jim Wandrasek and Paul Hendricks.

The "happy gang" from Sandy Bay.

Plaque in Davis Park
honoring Rees Davis,
former superintendent.