Northern Lights

Volume 18

Number 1 March 1959

29th Annual New Year's Eve Banquet.

Island Falls
Bill Southworth

WE had good ice this winter, not much snow and lots of cold weather so our annual winter freight haul started early in January. The ice on our winter road aver aged from 24 to 36 inches thick. With such a good road our citizens were able to travel back and forth across the lakes to Flin Flon and points south quite freely during the months of January, February and March.

We have a few staff changes since the last issue. Miss Doreen Brooks of Flin Flon came to Island Falls in December to work in the commissary. Tom Howat of Flin Flon joined our operating staff in November. Miss Jean Houston is the newly appointed matron at the Sandy Bay outpost hospital. Constable Mel Hart was appointed officer in charge of our R.C.M.P. detachment late in November.

Linemen Dubeski, Jonasson
and Kostachuk.
Sid Foden and his air-conditioned convertible.
Staff House residents of last summer.

On December 12 Jill Broster of Island Falls and Vince Rowe of Flin Flon were married in Winnipeg. Jill is the daughter of Alf and Doris Broster and was born and raised here on Davis Island. Vince is a Flin Flon product but has been employed here the past two summers. We wish these young folks many years of wedded bliss.

The school children treated us to a delightful evening of entertainment at their Christmas concert on December 18. Our teachers, Miss Sander and Miss Delong, are to be congratulated for their fine work in this respect. The Community Club Christmas tree and Santa party for the youngsters on Christmas Eve was the usual howling success.

Our 29th Annual New Year's Eve banquet was held as usual with 225 people seated at this happy gathering. A large number were visitors from Flin Flon. Bob Tanner was an able toastmaster.

School Teachers Miss Sander and Miss Delong.

Elaine McIntosh and Kay Morrice, tourists. Happy Easter.

The piece de resistance this year was filet mignon. Chef Hessing had this gourmet's delight done to a turn so needless to say it was well received. This delicious dinner was followed by a midnight frolic, then dancing held sway until some had to leave for breakfast. Guests of honor representing our parent company, H.B.M.&S., were Mr. and Mrs. Jake Adams and Mr. and Mrs. Larry Ogryzlo.

The boat building section of our hobby shop is a busy spot this winter. As soon as the gardening season could be safely written off Bill Hammond switched right over to boat building. Come spring he had a fine 17-foot Cabin Cruiser all set for a 35 h.p. outboard. Kjell Hvidsten spent much of his spare time during the winter building a sister ship to Hammond's Cruiser. Ches Henry and Ernie Westbury made major renovations to their crafts, such as fibre glassing the underwater parts, etc.

That veteran old "sea dog" Pelle Hagberg purchased a fine 16-foot aluminum cruiser with a 35 h.p. outboard power unit. This should get the Hagberg's up to their cabin in record time.

We haven't been spending all our money on boats. Roy Bunn and Ray Power each bought a smart 1959 Plymouth station wagon.

It was our turn to be hosts for the group 46 British Consols curling play off this year. This curling highlight was held here over the weekend of January 10th and 11th. Five rinks motored up from Flin Flon for this round robin series. Top honors went to the Ray Quinn rink of the Flin Flon Uptown club. This rink went on to win the Zone play-offs, then went to the Winnipeg bonspiel and the Provincial Consols play offs.

Construction of our new 7th generator continued at top speed all winter. Mr. Hans Jensen of Dominion Engineering Co. Ltd., had the turbine installation underway by mid-January. The General Electric crew arrived a little later to start building the generator.

Island Falls and Frobisher are probably the two busiest places in the north this winter.

Number 2 June 1959

A pleasant afternoon at the swimming pool.

Island Falls
W. Southworth

PERHAPS it was the aftermath of a long cold winter, but come spring we seemed to have quite a number of people on the move.

In February the Des Pyne family joined our community. Until his transfer here Des had worked underground for 11 years. Besides Mom and Dad there are two little Pynes, Donna Lynn aged two, and Caron age three. Des is well known among the hunting fraternity for his skill with a scatter gun. In April Mr. and Mrs. Ted Berge and son Grant heeded the call of the north. Ted left the watchmen's Department in Flin Flon to take over the gardeners work here. Just throw your seeds in Ted and stand well back, we have long growing days here.

On towards spring we could see we weren't going to be able to get our new generator on the line as scheduled unless we could get a couple more electricians from Flin Flon. We were fortunate enough to get Art Lyons and Ralph Banting. We have had Eugene Kitchen and Doug Sorenson of Flin Flon on our electrical crew since last summer. By mid April we were able to move the proposed start-up date ahead by two months.

Bill Grayson retired on pension April 30th. Bill and Leone moved to Island Falls in April 1935. For some years Bill was in charge of our transportation between here and Flin Flon. In recent years Bill has been kept busy in our boat shop, turning out canoes, and what canoes! They are in a class by themselves, a northern product we have always been proud of, hand made from keel to gunwale, hard wearing yet smartly styled, by a master craftsman. They don't come any better. When you start to talk about old timers in the north, Bill's your man. He first came to The Pas in 1910 hauling in freight by four horse team and hauling out fish. In those days a dog team was the standard mode of transportation in the north so Bill switched from horses to dogs with considerable success. In 1917 he took second prize in the Winnipeg to St. Paul dog team race and won the 200 mile non-stop dog race in The Pas in 1923 and 1924. Incidentally, his first visit to Flin Flon was in 1915. He travelled from The Pas to Flin Flon via Beaver Lake with a team of horses and a sawing outfit. In 1927 Bill operated the first snowmobile service between The Pas and Flin Flon.

The Bob Tanner family were transferred
to Flin Flon in May.

Oldtimer Bill Grayson
retired April 30th.

 Fred Bowman receives 10-year service medal.

Joe Hetherington, head gardener, retired April 30th.

In the fall of 1930 Mrs. Grayson caught a 62 pound trout in Lake Athapapuskow. She was using a regulation troll and stout line at the time. This fish held a world record for many years. It was mounted and presented to Hon. John Bracken, premier of Manitoba and rested in the Legislative Buildings for many years. Mrs. Grayson has been in the north since 1912. The Graysons plan to make their home in Flin Flon.

Joe Hetherington also retired on April 30th. Joe came to Island Falls first in October 1937, was away in the armed forces during World War II and returned here in 1945. Joe holds a first class instructor's certificate in First Aid and instructed classes here for many years. In addition to his skills as a first aider Joe is a skilled and experienced horticulturalist and has been in charge of the company garden here in recent years. Stamp collecting is one of Joe's several hobbies. His collection is regarded as one of the best west of the Great Lakes. Joe served as president of our local Red Cross branch for many years. He is going to visit in England for a few months, then make his home in Flin Flon.

Our good friends, the Tanner family, left our fair isle for Flin Flon the middle of May. Bob and Eleanor came to Island Falls from Winnipeg in September 1952. In addition to his work as office manager for the CRP Bob served as Sec.-Treas. of our community club. He was a tireless worker for our club, no effort seemed too great and no suggestion ever seemed too trivial for his full consideration. Bob and Eleanor could be relied upon to more than carry their share of any community projects. A community misses folks like this. Eleanor was active in girls' work and headed our Girl Guide organization. To relax Bill fancied fast boats, badminton and curling. The Tanners have two small daughters, Bobby and Joy. We wish this fine family success and happiness in Flin Flon. We are fortunate to have as our new accountant Kjell Hvidsten. Kjell left his native Norway six years ago and has been here most of that time.

The Fred Bowman family was blessed with the arrival of a fine daughter, Nancy Marion, on February 2nd.

Early in June Les and Velma Saville left to visit relatives in England for a couple of months.

For the past ten years Fred Bowman has given a good deal of his off duty time to the leadership of Cub work amongst our boys. Last April he was honored by being presented with a ten year service medal. A distinguished delegation of Scout and Cub officials came up from Flin Flon for this occasion. Congratulations Fred, we hope you will keep up your good work.

Just before break up the Girl Guides held an important enrollment ceremony. On this occasion we were honored by a visit from the division commissioner, Mrs. Wayne Shomperlen of Flin Flon.

Number 3 September 1959

Rees W. Davis receives gift from General Manager Austin at Flin Flon party.

Island Falls
W. Southworth

Alf Broster's concrete crew.

Alex Strindlund's pipefitting crew.

Diamond Drillers Gordon MacLellan and George Hill.

 Miss Jean Tully and one of her swimming classes.

Gunite concrete crew at "A" Dam.

DESPITE the fact we had a very dry summer, we had high water in the lakes and rivers of our area. The annual watershed survey party left here July 20th and returned July 24th. This survey covers the whole of our watershed and stretches almost to Edmonton, Alberta. During this survey the Churchill River flow is metered at a number of points. One of the company planes carried the party, which this year was made up of R.W. Davis, Otto Christensen, Gordon Dash, Pelle Hagberg, pilot Bob Ferguson, and mechanic Pete Loiselle. Approximately 1,500 miles were covered.

Due to the very dry weather we had more bush fires than usual, but these were promptly taken care of by the Department of Natural Resources fire-fighting branch, operating out of Lac La Ronge and Sandy Bay.

The General Electric construction crew left early in July, having completed our new generator No. 7. We had a crew of four men here all summer making extensive repairs to our main control dam. Alf Broster and his concrete crew put a new foundation under our Community Hall.

Saturday, July 18th, a camp picnic was staged at Eddie's Beach in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Rees Davis. Everyone who could get away was there. The weather was perfect and there wasn't an ant in sight. A grand time was had by all. The highlight of the day was the presentation to Mr. and Mrs. Davis of two paintings of their summer home on the Churchill River. One was in oils and the other a water color. They were the work of a Winnipeg artist.

On July 14th, the Des Pyne home was blessed with the arrival of a fine new daughter, Julie Leann.

As usual, all through the summer months our swimming pool was quite the busy spot. Our recreation supervisor was Miss Jean Tully, of Essex, Ontario. She had large classes during July and August at her Red Cross swimming courses.

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Thomas, of Brandon, became members of our little community early in the summer. Jerry is an accountant in our general office. Welcome to the north, folks!

We sent a strong foursome to the Hotel keepers' annual golf tournament, held at Phantom Lake, the last week in July. Art Wenman, Ken Bracken, Stan Ferg and Jack Barkwell represented our club.

Mr. Walter Hlady, an anthropologist with the Saskatchewan Department of Natural Resources, spent the summer at Sandy Bay making a study of our native people.

In June Mr. and Mrs. Bud Davis, of Salt Lake City, came North for the summer. This happy young couple were married just a few days before taking off for the North. Our best wishes for a happy marriage, Bud and Barb. Don't know of any better place for a young couple to get started than North of 55.

Otto Christensen, Supt. Churchill River
Power Company Limited.

Chief Operator Ernie Westbury - vacationing!

Bob Bowman, Bob Henry and Brian Olson -
junior labour force.


Number 4 Christmas 1959

7th Unit addition is now complete.

Island Falls
W. Southworth

Jack McInnes, Control room operator.
Ted Berge in charge of agriculture.

MID October is usually a busy time for all northern air transport people, trying to get all the isolated camps and communications in shape for freeze-up. This fall was no exception for our Air Transport service. Then on top of the usual heavy flying schedule we had 24,000 pounds of repairs for No. 1 generator arrive in Flin Flon October 19. That's quite a weight to move by airplanes 60 miles as quickly as possible. However, within a few days the boys of H.B.A.T. had it safely landed here at Island Falls — a very fine flying job and our hats are raised to these capable, hard working airmen.

We slipped up on a birth announcement; should have had it the last issue. The young fellow in question is Cameron Scott Simpson who was born May 29. He is the son of Ron and Iris Simpson.

We have a complete new teaching staff this year. Miss Annemarie Schmid is our senior room teacher and Miss Doreen Rudy is in charge of our junior classroom. Both these young ladies come from Winnipeg. Early in September one of our stenographers, Miss Doris Hopkins left us for an extended tour of the British Isles and Europe. She expects to be away for a year. Good luck, Doris! Elizabeth Dmytriw of Flin Flon joined our office staff in September. Hank Marcuk, also of Flin Flon joined our operating staff in September. Hank is taking a year off from studies at the University of Saskatchewan. Needless to say, all those who know Hank will not be surprised to hear that basketball is going big guns here now.

After 29 years residence here as superintendent Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Davis left in late August to make their home in Salt Lake City, Utah. We understand Mr. Davis will be making the odd trip back here from time to time, in a consulting capacity. We hope he will bring his charming wife on some of these trips.

Marion Strindlund, stenographer. Doris Hopkins is making a tour of Europe.
 Boating enthusiasts Gordon Dash
and Pelle Hagberg.
Bud Davis, third operator.

R.C.M.P. Constable Mel Hart was transferred from here to Tisdale, Saskatchewan in September. Constable Paul Hendricks is the new officer in charge.

Carol Leslie is taking a year off from studies and has joined our commissary staff.

Our sister community of Sandy Bay continues its progressive march. This month a local telephone system was installed and a contract has been let for the construction of a new cross town highway. Work continues on their new community hall, and a dozen new homes have been built this past summer. Like other communities they are building improved homes each year.

As usual our curling, badminton and bowling clubs got going with a bang right after freeze-up.

We are looking forward to having our winter road to Flin Flon on the go again soon. The road over the lakes provides many pleasant trips to and from Flin Flon for the residents here and friends in Flin Flon.

May your Christmas be Merry and may 1960 bring you Peace and Prosperity.

There's lots of fun for kids up north. Jerry Stringer, cook and radio technician.