Northern Lights

Volume 16

Number 1 » March 1957

New Year's Eve banquet -- the event of the year.

JUST before Christmas Miss Rose Olson and Miss Arlene Birston left our dining hall staff to take business courses at Saskatoon. Rose is a daughter of Alf Olson of Co-Op Point on Reindeer Lake and Arlene is the daughter of Mrs. Gladys Birston of Island Falls. The two vacancies were filled by Miss Ann Errington and Miss Rose Ostrowski, both from Flin Flon. Wally Ariko of Flin Flon came north last fall to help out in the cooking department. Apart from being a first class cook, Wally is an ardent exponent of the rock an' roll, jive and numerous other dance steps—he's quite a curler too.

Miss Shirley Hughes and her Junior Room students.
Lillian Hunter with Senior Room pupils.
A charming family -- Harry, Irene, Keith
and Brian Olson.
A nice "end" in the novelty bonspiel
Winter evening in the hobby shop.
Ernie Westbury does major body job in Community garage.
Boat-builder Roy Bunn in Community Club
boat repair shop.
Commissary store. Maxine Woods shopping,
Bert Pelletier serving.
Our 27th Annual New Year's Eve banquet was held as usual in the gymnasium of the Community Hall. It is always the outstanding social event of the year. The hall was beautifully decorated with evergreen trees and boughs. Approximately 200 guests sat down to the fine turkey dinner with all the trimmings. We were very pleased to have as our special guests Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Green and Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Roche. The excellent meal was topped off by some enjoyable after dinner speeches and toasts. Our club president, Mr. Stan Ferg, was toast master.

The New Year's celebration and dance was held upstairs in the ball room—there's no doubt a good time was had by all and as always, we were indeed pleased to have so many visitors up from Flin Flon on this occasion. Sid Foden and Jack Barkwell supplied first class dance music, ably assisted by Alf Broster on the vocals.

In the world of sport we have considerable activity. Hockey seems to have taken a back seat to basketball this winter

 amongst the school children. We haven't quite enough boys or girls to make up separate teams of each so coach Bud Rheaume has to mix them up and divide the strength as best he can. Notwithstanding the shortage of players, Bud has done a great job of stimulating interest in basketball here.

Early in December a couple of teams came up from Flin Flon for a series with our teams. It was fun for all. Our hockey boys plan a series with the Sandy Bay boys for later in the season.

Curling is popular as usual. We have 7 men's and 6 ladies' rinks and each rink averages two games a week on our two sheet curling rink. Jack Barkwell, outdoor chairman, is in charge of curling activities. At time of writing our British Consols rink has just suffered a narrow defeat in the district playdowns in Flin Flon. This rink consists of Art Wenman skip, Walter Leslie third, Garnet Cluff second, and Pelle Hagberg lead. In the ladies' section our rink in the Eaton playdowns was Anna Pelletier skip, Marj Henry third, Doris Bracken second, and Olive Barkwell lead. Badminton and bowling came in for a good go on towards spring when curling was finished.

Our school children provided us with some grand entertainment a few days before Christmas when they staged their annual Christmas concert. It was a real highlight—each year these concerts seem to get better. It would seem the children enjoy these affairs every bit as much as the adults. This year's concert was directed by our teachers Miss Lillian Hunter and Miss Shirley Hughes. Well done, girls!

The Community Club Christmas tree for the children was held Christmas Eve. Every child in camp receives a gift from Santa. It was noted that Santa was sporting a beautiful new suit this year—things must be looking up for him!

There's considerable activity this winter at the Community Club garage. It would seem to be one of the club's most utilized projects. The building is equipped with all the necessary tools to perform a major overhaul job on cars or trucks—in solid comfort. The building is large with concrete floor and first class lighting and heating. The community club also operates a boat building and repair shop—pretty busy around there too. Harry Olson and Sid Foden can frequently be found there doing fibre glass jobs on their boats.

It looks like an ideal season for winter freight—lots of ice and not much snow, just the reverse of last year. The Indian boys at Sandy Bay are going in for small trucks. They find them handy for hauling wood. About a dozen vehicles are being operated by the boys across the bay. On a recent trip to Sandy Bay we counted six new log garages.

Time marches on.

Number 2 » June 1957


COME spring and some of our folk seem to get the urge to migrate. Early in April the Neil Rutherford family left the north country to take up residence in Vancouver. Neil joined our staff in the Fall of 1935. He and Beryl were married here in the summer of 1936. When they moved west they had three fine northern-born sons. Neil and Beryl were active members of our community. Neil served several times as Community Club president and headed the square dancing group for the past year. Beryl was an enthusiastic curler and was on the club championship rink this past year. Best of luck in your new venture, folks!

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Dash and daughter, Donna, moved here from Flin Flon last March. Gordon was in the Research Department and came up here to take over Neil Rutherford's job at the plant.

Just about this time, too, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dubeski moved here from Snow Lake. Paul is one of our linemen.

Early in April the Harold Jacobson family decided to move south, so they left their Whitesand home and moved to Flin Flon. Harold was the dam attendant at Whitesand for the past six years. He and Sylvia are well known throughout the Reindeer Lake area. The job at Whitesand was taken over by Alf Olson, of Co-op Point. Alf is a real old-timer up that way, having lived on Reindeer Lake for the past 33 years. He and the late Del Simons were among the first white men in that district.

Audrey Ferg and ??? preparing refreshments.

We have also a change in our dining-hall staff to report. Miss Rose Ostrowski left for Flin Flon and Miss Jean Lake took over her job.

In the vital statistics department we report the wedding of Daireen Grayson, one of our own "youngsters." Daireen, elder daughter of Bill and Leona Grayson, was married to Mr. James Zorn in Regina on February 1st. This happy young couple are making their home at Kitimat, B.C. Daireen was Queen Mermaid at the Flin Flon Trout Festival in 1955. Good luck, kids!

Late winter is usually a busy time in our hobby shop. Seems there's always work to be done on jalopies, some boats to be fibre glassed and motors to be checked over, etc. Stan Ferg built a smart 18-ft. cabin cruiser during the long winter. That's a big job well done, Stan. Bruce Christensen built a sharp racing "sea flea," which should be hard to overtake, and we noticed Sid Foden putting a smart new fibre glass finish on the hull of his Peterborough Playboy.

Just before the ice went out we got another bulldozer and two dump trucks up from Flin Flon to help out with the work to be done on our new seventh generator installation. For a start, the equipment was used to open up a new gravel pit at Tower 20.

Each winter more jalopies find their way up here. This winter R.W. Davis imported a 1947 Mercury. Pelle Hagberg has a 1947 Chev., Bob Tanner a 1949 Pontiac, and Garnet Cluff a 1948 Pontiac, while Bruce Christensen and Bud Davis each acquired a jeep. Not to be outdone in the movement towards mechanization, Slim Woods bought a small diesel bulldozer.

Jack McMurdo used his winter vacation to good advantage by slipping down to Winnipeg and getting his private flying license. Well done, Jackson!

A number of our badminton enthusiasts chartered a plane and took in the annual northern tournament, held at Snow Lake this year. The party, including Joyce Moore, Ann Errington, Bob Tanner, Bud Rheaume, Bruce Christenson, Wally Ariko, and Monty Bloomfield, report a grand time enjoyed by all.

We wish to extend to the 1956-57 Flin Flon Bombers our congratulations on bringing home the Memorial Cup, emblematic of Canadian Junior Hockey Championship. Congratulations, Bombers!

Community Club meeting.
Nurse Bernice McMurdo. R.C.M.P. officer.

Number 3 » September 1957


OUR people seem to be getting the urge to travel to far away places. Early in July our two school teachers, Miss Lillian Hunter and Miss Shirley Hughes with our steno Miss Joyce Moore took off by air for the British Isles and Europe. They plan to tour the continent for two months. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hessing and daughter Marlene left by air for Bill's, home in Dusseldorf, Germany. They plan to visit in Germany and Switzerland for a couple of months. Getting closer to home, the Jonassons and Strindlunds holidayed in British Columbia, the Westburys at Nelson, B.C. summer bonspiel, and Grigg family in Montreal, the Hagbergs motored to Chicago, the Harry Olson family took in the sights around Calgary and the Gordon Dash family spent the month of June at Regina Beach.

We had three Flon Flon boys to help about with the extra work during the summer. Vince Rowe, Danny Hudson and Bob Loeffler spent the summer with us. Miss Joyce Douglas of Flin Flon came in June to direct our summer recreational activities. She carried through a first class program at our pool. In addition to the regular Red Cross swimming classes Joyce also gave instruction in the Royal Life Saving Society's life saving course.

The Old Swimming Hole.
Sunday morning in the
Indian Village.
Construction Crew.

Joyce Douglas and her swimming class.

Waiting for the noon whistle.

Mr. and Mrs. Bert Pelletier and children Lauraine, Janice and Bert Jr. moved from here to Flin Flon in July. Bert had been our commissary manager going on ten years. The entire family were good citizens and will be missed in all departments. Guess it's quite logical that after so long in the store Bert should become such a favorite with the ladies; then again, you know these Frenchmen.

July seems to be moving month here. About the middle of July Ron and Iris Simpson and son Craig came back from Flin Flon. Ron left here just over a year ago to operate a business of his own in Creighton. Welcome back folks! It's nice to have you with us again.

Early in the summer our R.C.M.P. constable, Don Brydon was transferred to Assiniboia, Sask. Constable Jim Hill is now in charge of the Island Falls detachment. Carl Waldherr arrived here just in time to take in our July 1st celebrations. This is Carl's second tour of duty here. He cooked here for a spell several years ago and is well known in these parts.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack McInnis are the proud parents of a new daughter, Mona Helen, born in May. The Stan Ferg home was blessed with the arrival July 4th, of a baby girl, Patricia Gail.

Friend to all -- Carl Waldherr, chef. Teenagers on holiday.
Operator Glenn Grigg -- his best friend [Cleo]
on the running board.


Our community was saddened and deeply shocked by the sudden death of Garnet Jeffrey on July 3. His twenty years of good fellowship in this community had endeared him to the hearts of all who were privileged to know him. His passing was indeed a sad day for us. Our deepest sympathy goes out to his widow Margaret and son Bill.

Number 4 » Christmas 1957


CONSTRUCTION work in connection with our new seventh generator installation got underway early in the summer. As soon as the road could be readied, the gravel to fill the coffer dam was hauled in from tower 20. We had three large dump trucks on this job. Coffer dam construction began in July and was completed early in October. The Tucker Construction Co. Ltd. of Montreal built the dam under contract. Mr. Sean Martyn was the engineer in charge for the Tucker Construction Co. His crew of experienced coffer dam builders were all from Quebec. Mr. Ray Powers was with us for the summer representing the interests of the Montreal Engineering Co. Ltd.

Joyce Moore's dancing class.
Mrs. W. Jonasson and grandson
Kim Beaulieu
Birthday parties are lots of fun.
Highland Fling by Lynn McMurdo, Brenda and Hazel Willey.
Bud Rheaume and Henry Marcuk and their basketball teams.

Bill Jonasson and his linemen had a busy summer on the power line. One of 88 major jobs they completed was the installation of aluminum rods on all line conductors at each insulation string on the towers between here and Flin Flon. They started here on August 21st and worked their way to Flin Flon on No. 2 line, then worked back to Island Falls on No. 1 line. They arrived back here on October 10th. Flin Flon linemen who worked on the job were Howard Beswatherick, Arnold Freed, Gene Dennis, Bill Reeves and George McCotter.

During August, the Sid Brown family left here to reside in Flin Flon. Sid was transferred to the operating staff at the Zinc substation. Sid, Dot and daughter Sharon moved up here from Flin Flon in 1943. Sid is well known in sporting circles throughout the north as one of the Senior Bomber greats of a few years ago. Sid was active in all our recreational activities and won honors on a number of occasions in local curling and golfing events. He was low man of the day in the Hotel Keepers golf tournament here this summer. Dot was active in curling, badminton and golfing circles. It is hard to see these old-timers leave our little community but we can take some consolation in knowing that our loss is Flin Flon's gain.

The home of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dubeski was blessed with the arrival of a fine baby boy, Allen David, on August 4th.

Four young fellows were added to our operating staff recently. Edward Tickles and Bob Loeffler of Flin Flon and two local boys, Ed Hagberg and Dale Russell. Margaret Jeffrey joined the dining hall staff late in August.

Just before freeze-up Jack McMurdo made a trip out and bought himself a Piper Cub airplane.

Among those who took late summer holiday trips were Mr. and Mrs. Rees Davis by car to Salt Lake City, Utah—Augusta, Georgia—and back by Montreal. The Walter Leslie family motored to Atikokan, Ont. and the Cluff family motored to Milwaukee and took in some ball games. Ken and Doris Bracken motored to Rapid City, South Dakota. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Barkwell and Mr. and Mrs. Stan Ferg spent an enjoyable week duck shooting in Hamiota, guests of former residents of Island Falls, Mr. and Mrs. Max McConnell.

On October 3rd a ceremony of interest, in guiding circles, took place when Linda Bowman "flew up" to Guides. Linda took all her Brownie training here and so it was with special interest that we witnessed an event of this kind at Island Falls.

A bunch of the lads from Sandy Bay.
Foreman Pat Duchesne, Supt. Davis, and engineers Sean Martyn and Ray Powers.
Coffer dam crew from Quebec.
Coffer dam midway to completion.
Cribs ready for gravel fill.
Coffer dam in final stage.
Early construction.