Northern Lights

Volume 14

Number 1 » March 1955

25th Annual New Year's Banquet.

Island Falls
W. Southworth

Two school rooms on main floor, movie theatre on second.

Mrs. Doris Broster and Mrs. Ann Cameron with
their Sunday School pupils.

WE ARE pleased, in this our first issue of 1955, to extend congratulations to Mr. R. W. Davis and Mr. Pelle Hagberg who received their watches on the completion of 25 years service in the employ of the Company. The presentation took place in Flin Flon December 29th.

We celebrated the 25th anniversary of our community club at our banquet on New Year's Eve. The Company guests were Mr. and Mrs. Dave Robertson and Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Steventon. A sumptuous repast prepared by our Dining Hall staff— followed by a dance proved to be an occasion long to be remembered.

The young folk contributed to the holiday spirit by presenting a very excellent program at their annual Christmas Concert. Our teachers did a magnificent job and seemed to have the full co-operation of the children. The Christmas tree held on Christmas Eve was a great delight to the young fry.

We report two staff changes since our last issue. Mrs. Lowa Jorundson left to reside at Lundar, Manitoba, and Bill Hammond has joined the operating staff.

Our winter sports program is in full swing. Irene Bowman is again conducting figure skating classes. Due to a very mild winter we were a little late in getting our curling schedule underway but have been making up for lost time.

Sid Brown and his foursome of Ernie Westbury, Bill Southworth and Glen Grigg brought home a trophy from the Flin Flon Bonspiel.

Mrs. Katherine Wachowich has been
with us since the early thirties.
Mrs. Alice Westbury and son Garry.

Roy Bunn feeding pet fox "Skipper."

Number 2 » June 1955

W. Southworth

Island Falls staff 1955

IT was quite a loss to our little community when the Cece Cameron family moved to Regina in February. Cece started here in 1934, was with the R.C.A.F. during the war, then came back in August, 1945, to take over the assistant superintendent's job here. Cece has purchased an oil furnace installation business in Regina. Good luck, pardner!

Assistant storekeeper, Fred Scott retired on pension the end of April. Fred had been here ten years. He plans to live at Hudson Bay, Sask. and to spend some time on his farm at Arnit, Sask. Good luck, Fred!

In the early spring Ish Holmes was transferred to Flin Flon and the Garnet Cluff family moved here from Flin Flon. Garnet took over the assistant storekeeper's job.

Mrs. Jack McInnes and Jackie. Bill and Phyllis Jonasson and
daughter Joan.
Mrs. Charlotte Willey and daughter Betty in Saskatoon.

Our camp nurse Barbara McClughan left us in May to take a position in the Flin Flon General Hospital. We welcome back Champ Russenholt who returned in April after putting in another term at M.A.C. studying agriculture.

The Robert Fraser home was blessed with the arrival of a fine baby boy, Kelly Page, on April 6th.

It is with deep regret that we report the death of our good friend Charles Ver Wilghen who passed away in Flin Flon on April 17th. Charlie started with the Company in the summer of 1930 as transmission line foreman. He always took a keen interest in Community Club affairs and had a wide circle of friends in the northland which he loved so dearly. He was more generally known as "Uncle Charlie" to all the youngsters of our community. We wish to extend our deepest sympathy to all members of his family.

Otto Christensen and
son Lowell.
Mr. and Mrs. Kjell Hvidsten
and Frankie.
Prospector Les Saville
and wife Velma.

Our community has now "come of age" as it were. Youngsters born here are commencing to get married. Joan Broster was married to Roy Hammerstad of Flin Flon on February 18th and Joan Jonasson became the bride of Maurice Beaulieu of Flin Flon on April 2nd—our best wishes girls!

The past spring was one of the earliest and best on record. Our "flying M.L.A." Jim Ripley started his summer flying operations off Sandy Bay with his Piper Cub aircraft on April 26th.

Beaver and muskrats were plentiful and the price quite good with the result that the Indians trapped a record num- ber of these animals and ended up with a nice supply of "wampum."

The men's Curling Club wound up the season's activities with a successful smoker at which Supt. R. W. Davis presented the curling prizes. The ladies likewise brought their season to a close with a banquet. Another very pleasant evening was the occasion of the annual wind-up party for the bowlers and badminton players.

The boating enthusiasts got away to a fine start the early part of May. Fred Bowman built a classy cabin, cruiser at the hobby shop during the winter. Alf Broster built several plywood racing skiffs and Bob Tanner imported a smart family cruiser with 25 h.p. motor.

Art and Tilly Wenman and Wanda. Margaret and Garnet Jeffrey
with son Billy and friends.

Here we are in the midst of vacation time again. The long distance prize goes to the Scotty Boyes family. They left here March 19th on a ten weeks' trip to Scotland. Scotty was looking forward to some good old oatmeal porridge, black pudding and haggis. The Walter Leslie family, Garnet Jeffrey family and Halmer Larson family all motored to the Pacific coast. Our young friend Fred Mcintosh reports an excellent motor trip through the U.S.A., as far south as Tennessee.

Major repair work is taking place on generators Nos. 1, 2 and 3 this summer. They will be completely dismantled, repaired and re-assembled. It is estimated the job will take three months. A concrete replacement job on our main dam and on the main storage dam. "A" dam is also planned for this summer. It is also planned to erect a large emergency evacuation shelter down the transmission line about seven miles from camp. It looks like a busy summer here by the time we get all this work done and find a little time for boating, camping up river, golf, fishing, swimming, gardening and picking berries.

Number 3 » Autumn 1955


Number 4 » Christmas 1955

Power plant from a new angle.

Hitch-hikers Sharon Brown
and Judy Russell.
John Merasty - old-timer.

Recreation director, Diane Thompson.

Helmer Larson and family.

Bill Southworth

WE HAVE quite a few personnel changes to report since our last issue. Iris Kohnen arrived from Langenburg, Saskatchewan, to take over the duties of camp nurse, replacing Barbara McClughan, whose marriage to Bill Kulcher of Flin Flon was an event of September 2nd. School opened August 28th with Kay Oliver of Oberon, Manitoba, in charge of the senior room and Shirley Curry of Indian Head, Saskachewan, looking after the primary grades. Irene Lengyel was transferred to the Flin Flon office, our own Daireen Grayson, taking care of our stenographic work. Daireen, we are proud to report, was chosen Queen Mermaid at the Flin Flon Trout Festival and tells us she had a marvellous time at the Minneapolis Aquatennial. Quite a number of students were working here for the summer but have returned to their studies in September. Diana Thompson, summer sports director, returned to the University of Saskatchewan. Fred Mcintosh entered second year arts at the University of Manitoba. Keith Olson joined our operating staff. Keith completed his grade 12 last year and thinks he would like to have a year out of school, to get his wind as it were, before diving into the field of higher aeronautical engineening. Mary Ann Nicholson, Champ Russenholt, Keith Smith, Joe Chudy, Lowell Christensen, Bruce Christensen, Eddie Hagberg, David Rutherford, Arlene Birston and Lois Christensen were among those who worked here during the vacation time but have now returned to the "old grind."

In the late summer the Bill Hammonds moved into their new house and Bill had a busy Fall making himself a lovely lawn.

On August 23rd Sissel Iris Hvidsten was born at the Sandy Bay Hospital. Her proud parents are Kjell and Sissel Hvidsten.

John Harold Jacobson was born in Flin Flon on April 29th and has settled down in his northern home at Whitesand with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jacobson.

The boys who own jalopies spent many busy evenings in the Fall working on the new jalopy garage and are now glad to report that the work is practically completed. Speaking of cars, everyone has been able to make good use of his lately because we are now able to drive on our new scenic highway as far south as Mile 49. This road winds through beautiful woodland scenery and has been graded.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.