Northern Lights

Volume 12

Number 1 March 1953

There was no Island Falls report in this issue

Number 2 June 1953

Twenty-third New Year's Banquet.


EARLY in January, Mr. and Mrs. Mel Marklinger and daughter moved to Island Falls from Flin Flon. Mel has a job in our store. Shortly after the New Year, John Hattie was transferred to the electrical department in Flin Flon. John was a real old-timer, having come here in 1929 and worked on the final stages of plant construction and then started as one of the original operators. In recent years John has been active in Boy Scout and Cub work. He was responsible for organizing and building up our Scouts and Cubs into a strong and enthusiastic group. John's work in our boys' groups was oustanding and we cannot speak too highly of it. We are pleased that he is carrying on this work in Flin Flon and has been appointed Assistant District Commissioner.

Donalda Clark, recreational director. Lauraine Pelletier crowns Jill Broster Queen of Hearts at Valentine party in which $76 was raised for Junior Red Cross.

About Easter time Mr. and Mrs. Ed Lomax and sons, Brian and Kerry were transferred to Flin Flon. Ed had been chef here for a couple of years. He will manage the Company Cafeteria.

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hessing and daughter Marlene, moved up from North Star Mine at this time. Bill took over our chef's job from Ed Lomax.

On Christmas Eve the Roy Thompson's home was blessed with the arrival of Robert Roy. Robert was born at the Sandy Bay Hospital. Couldn't think of a finer Christmas gift . . . except twins!

Mr. and Mrs. Les Saville left on March 19th to spend several months holidaying in the British Isles and on the continent. Our two teachers, Helen Lebo and Yvonne Verhelst plan to sail for Europe July 12. They intend to spend the summer touring Europe and will study art there for a year or so.

We think our New Year's banquet celebrating our twenty-third anniversary was one of the best we ever had. Honored guests this year were Mr. and Mrs. Roy Mast, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bloomfield and Mr. Frank Burke and daughter Loreen.

A highly entertaining fireworks display was staged by the Community Club up on the air strip during the evening of New Year's Day.

Garnet Jeffrey and two friends, Ann Southworth and Judy Russell.

Mrs. Phyllis Jonasson with daughter Joan.

Ed Lomax, chef and manager.

There is so much to cover in the realm of sporting events we will have to report briefly on each. Jack Barkwell, Stan Ferg, Jack Mcinnis and Slim Lindsay won the District British Consols playoff and represented the Northern area at the playdowns in Winnipeg. Taking part in the Manitoba bonspiel they won second prize in the Grain Exchange event. Fine work, boys! However, when speaking of curling, it's really the Island Falls ladies who shine. Audrey Ferg, Marg Henry, Doris Bracken and Anna Pelletier put our club on the curling map by winning the major event, the H. B. M. & S. trophy, also the grand aggregate, at the Flin Flon bonspiel. We are indeed proud of you gals. Walter Leslie, Ernie Westbury, Ross Lennox and Ron Simpson won the Co-op Trophy at Swan River and Alice Krauter, Myrtle Leslie, Lu Bailey and Irene Mayer-Hylas won a second prize at the Dauphin Ladies' bonspiel. All in all the past season has been the most successful our club has enjoyed.

New Staff House.

On towards spring Mrs. Irene Bowman's girls figure skating class held its first carnival. It was a sell-out performance. It is almost incredible what one season of lessons can do. Just about this time too we had another special treat when the Flin Flon Pee-Wee hockey team came up and took on our stalwarts. Flin Flon took both games but our boys say it will be a different story next time.

Over the weekend of March 14th and 15th the annual Northern Badminton play-offs were held here. Clubs represented were Snow Lake, Flin Flon and Island Falls. Our Jack McInnis won the men's singles and Maxine Woods, the ladies' singles. Evelyn Calverly and Meta Matthews of Flin Flon won the ladies' doubles; Snow Lake's Hank Cherry and David Louckes won the men's doubles and Dick Down and Meta Matthews won the mixed doubles for Flin Flon.

Number 3 September 1953

Scotty Boyes' cabin is coming slowly but surely.



"Three men in a boat."


WE ARE happy to see the vital statistics department has good news for us this time. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bowman are the proud parents of Frederick Randall, born on July 10th, and the Roy Bunn home was blessed with the arrival of Deborah Lynn on May 28th—these are the statistics we like reporting, so let's have more of them folks.

Early in June Miss Marie Locker took over one of the stenographer jobs in our general office. Marie's home is in Flin Flon. Miss Patsy Mcintosh of Flin Flon was with us for the months of May and June, working in the dining hall. She left to attend summer school in Winnipeg. Norma Westby of the dining hall staff also left in June. She planned to visit the Yukon with a view to settling down up there.

Days of real sport. Pirates'
lookout at Christensen's
camp, 30' up.
Dr. and Mrs. Stoiks of Austin, Minn.,
visitors this summer, and one
of their catch.

Bill Southworth and son Dick
ready for a shoot.


Mr. and Mrs. Wm. McLeish and daughter Margaret Sheila holidayed in eastern Canada and the States during the month of June then returned to make their new home in Flin Flon. Bill has been the accountant in our general office for the past five years. He has been transferred to the Main Office in Flin Flon. Bob Tanner is our new accountant. June certainly seems to be the moving month around here. Now I see where Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Adams and two children also moved from Flin Flon to Island Falls early in June. Ralph is on our electrical crew and Mrs. Adams is acting as Camp nurse during the absence of our regular nurse, Miss Fraser.

We enjoyed having the two Kepper sisters with us for the summer. Eleanor was our recreational director and did a super job with the children. Eileen worked on the kitchen staff. We have an R.C.M.P. officer stationed here permanently now. Our present officer is Bob Fraser formerly of Eston, Saskatchewan. Peter Aplin joined our operating staff early in the summer. Peter served in the British Royal Navy for twenty years and held the rank of Lieutenant Commander when he resigned to try his luck in Canada. Scotty Boyes was transferred from the Mechanical Department to the Operating Department in June.

Mrs. Ada Ver Wilghen is very proud of her potted plants. Operator Jack Barkwell in
deep concentration.

Main dining room.

The big 22-pound trout shown here with Dr. and Mrs. Stoiks was caught by Dr. Stoiks at Flanagan Lake this summer while up here visiting the Al McMillans. It was nice to have the Einarson Construction Co. crew back with us this summer. They built six more fine houses for us.

The annual intertown golf tournament was held at Island Falls on July 26th. Golfers flew in from Flin Flon The Pas Sherridon and Lynn Lake, about forty in all. The weather was perfect and a big day of golf was enjoyed by all. The Flin Flon foursome won the Hotel Keepers' Trophy, emblematic of the golfing championship of the North. Our Jack McInnes tied with Flin Flon's Fred Burr for low score for the day.

Number 4 Christmas 1953


WE are pleased to be able to report a wedding this time; usually our vital statistics are confined to a few births. Glen Grigg and Marie Willis were married in Flin Flon on September 2nd, then flew to New York for their honeymoon. They returned at the end of September to make their home here. We have two new teachers this year. Miss Mary Phillips of Melfort, Sask. is in charge of the senior room and Miss Shirley Pushie of Birch Hills, Sask. is handling the junior grades. About mid-summer Mr. and Mrs. Kjell Hvidsten and son moved to Island Falls from Winnipeg. Kjell is assistant accountant in the general office. Mr. and Mrs. Hvidsten left Norway for Canada two years ago and while in Winnipeg Kjell worked for the Manitoba Telephone System. In October Mr. and Mrs. Jack McMurdo and their two children moved to Island Falls from across the river at Sandy Bay. Jack formerly worked for the Saskatchewan Government there as resident Field Officer. We try to never let an issue of the Northern Lights go by without having at least one new baby to introduce. This time it is the new daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Pelletier, Janice Lydia, born September 27th in Flin Flon. Bert was the trainer with the old Flin Flon Senior Bomber Hockey Club away back in the thirties and is well known in sporting circles throughout the West.

Bert Pelletier and children, Lauraine and Bert Jr. Frogs and snails -- or, Island Falls laddies.
Harry Bailey, Wayne Bailey, Rodger Hagberg, and Dick Southworth. Hunters and fishermen. And here's the 1953 Champ, Sid Brown.

Sugar and spice - or, sweet Island Falls lassies.

The Westbury family are a happy lot.


Sid and Margaret Foden and the Neil Rutherford family were able to occupy new homes towards the end of October.

Irene Maurer-Haylas and Doris Cucksey journeyed to Chicago for holidays this fall and while there were fortunate enough to be interviewed by Don McNeil on his Breakfast Club program. A number of us heard the fine description Doris gave to Don of life on the Churchill River well done ladies.