Northern Lights

Volume 11

Number 1 March 1952

Frank Kirkland and Tom Merasty
at work on new houses.
Supt. R.W. Davis stands beside a block of
 river ice over four feet thick.

Ken Bracken and Angus Bear tuning up Bombardier snowmobile.

Alex Strindlund and Leonard Ray,
pipefitting at 35º below zero.


WE have just one new citizen to introduce at this time, namely, Norma Clair, new daughter of Fred and Irene Bowman. Norma was born in Flin Flon on January 24th. This brings the Bowman family up to five members — Dad, Morn, Bob, Linda and baby Norma. A couple of our bachelors have moved on to other jobs recently. Ed Snowball was transferred to the Electrical Department in Flin Flon. Ed graduated from the University of Manitoba in Electrical Engineering in the spring of 1951 and came directly to Island Falls. He was on our operating staff until his transfer in December. Frank Bosworth left us in February to take up work in the oil fields of Texas and Alberta. Frank was a University of Manitoba Electrical Engineering graduate of 1950 and had been on our operating staff since graduation. We all wish these fellows success in their new jobs and hope they will be able to come back and visit us some time. We're going to miss them around the curling rink.

Otto Christensen and Sid Brown fishing near Power House
through ice fifty-two inches thick.
Island Falls school children staged an enjoyable concert a few days before Christmas. The very favourable comment on this affair was well deserved by the children and much credit must go to our teachers, Gloria Kuleba and Rita Hanrieder, and to Mrs. Viv Christensen who assisted at the piano.

Tom Willey and Art Payette serving
native customer in commissary.
Some of our lady curlers.
Myrtle Leslie figuring out a toughie.
Both rinks seem happy here.
Our New Year's Eve banquet was enjoyed by young and old and all stages in between. The repast of turkey and all the trimmings was bountiful and of excellent quality. An outstanding feature of the meal was a huge cake made in the form of a miniature replica of the power house and surroundings. This artistic culinary masterpiece was the work of our chef, Ed Lomax and his staff. Jack Barkwell was chairman of the general committee responsible for the success of this most enjoyable evening. Neil Rutherford was the very able Master of Ceremonies. We were pleased to have as our guests of honour from Flin Flon, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Peterson and sons and Mr. and Mrs. Herb Kitchen and son.

We had quite an innovation in our winter freighting this season. The company hauled all our winter freight this year with a big powerful ten-wheel truck instead of the Linn tractors which have been used on this haul for the past twenty-five years. This was the best year for winter freighting in the north for many years. There was very little snow during the early part of the winter and many lakes were covered with four feet of excellent ice. An ideal winter for the big job of moving the town of Sherridon and mining plant north to Lynn Lake and for moving north all the material to build the railway from Sherridon to Lynn Lake, a distance of approximately 150 miles.

The curling section of our community had a fine season. We had nine men's rinks and seven ladies' rinks. With two games scheduled per rink each week this kept our two sheets of ice going quite steady. We were pleased with the showing of our British Consols entry. They tied with the Willow Park rink in the District play-off and lost out in the extra game. Three of our curlers, Jack Barkwell, Stan Ferg and Jack McInnis along with Ross Lennox of Flin Flon, took in the Swan River Bonspiel. They won the B and B trophy (four fine club bags) and the grand aggregate prize of four auto robes. Well done, boys!

Number 2 June 1952


WE have several staff changes to report this time. Miss Alice Krauter of Dauphin took over one of the steno jobs in the office in March. Prior to coming here Alice had worked in the office of the sanatorium at Clearwater Lake, near The Pas. In April Miss Sonja Wennerlund of Flin Flon came up here to work on the dining hall staff. It seems Allan Baker of Vancouver heard about our wonderful climate so he decided to come up north and see for himself. He arrived here in March to work in the general office and strange to say, we haven't had any bad weather since Allan arrived he's a good man to keep around. Towards the end of March Jean Kuleba left us and we understand her marriage to Frank Bosworth will take place in July. Frank left here last spring after working here for a couple of years. We seem to lose a lot of girls this way must be this fine northern air.

Boat crew; Helmer Larson and Skipper Slim Woods
at north end of Mari Lake.

Early in April, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jacobson moved down from their far northern home away up towards the north end of Reindeer Lake, to Whitesand. Harold will take over the dam attendant's job at Whitesand. Mr. and Mrs. Alf Olson left Whitesand at this time to make their home at Southend and other points on Reindeer Lake. Alf was dam attendant at Whitesand for many years and is now on pension. Quite a few of the native workmen have left here to work on construction jobs on the new Lynn Lake railway, also at Lynn Lake and at the Laurie River power house job.

The perfect spring made this one of the earliest and quickest break-ups on record. The school children had their softball league going at practically mid-season form by April 15th and golfing was quite general by April 20th—and without black flies and mosquitoes.

Bud Davis, Ed Lomax and Brian Lomax. First picnic of the season, April 16th
at Diver's Inlet.
On the boat trip to Island falls. Norah, Ann,
and Dick Southworth.

Joe Hetherington and his boys had a busy time in April getting the new green house into production. This should prove a great boon to local gardening efforts.

The golf course came through the winter in excellent shape. The Community Club bought three new mowers, so along with the early start the golfers should be in for a long season.

A plane load of our badminton enthusiasts flew over to Snow Lake for the annual northern Manitoba play-downs. Our players didn't cop too many trophies but they were certainly enthusiastic about the excellent time they had and the wonderful hospitality of the Snow Lake people.

Staff dining hall. Dining hall staff, Island Falls.

Our boating season officially got under way on May 3rd when boats of all shapes and sizes left the forebay boat house for the summer camps up the Churchill river.

The Sandy Bay Indian settlement, across the river from here, have a large Community Club program on the go. They cleared a new baseball field and plan to set up a children's play ground complete with swings, teeter-totters, sand boxes and so forth. This ambitious program is under the direction of their Club president, Alfred Montgrand. We wish them every success.

Number 3 September 1952


Glenn Grigg landing a fighting walleye. Stan Ferg with a fine trout.

THE weather man didn't co-operate with us on Dominion Day this year. Due to rain, the sporting events were held inside our community hall. The weather didn't dampen the ardor of our people and the day seemed to be thoroughly enjoyed by young and old. The activities were topped off by a fine dance in the evening.

Early in June two of our citizens decided to take the matrimonial plunge. Miss Marion Pegg and Andy Goodwin were married in Flin Flon and honeymooned at the Pacific coast.

Miss Norma Westby joined our dining hall staff in June. Norma's home town is Rose Valley, Saskatchewan. Miss Donalda Clark of Saskatoon took over the job of recreational director here on the first of June for the summer months. College students, Jim Smith and Lowell Christensen joined our operating staff in June for the summer months.

Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Reid and son Doug left Island Falls in June. Lyle had been storekeeper here for a number of years. June seems to be the moving month with us. Towards the end of June, prospectors Les Saville and Slim Lindsay pulled out again for a summer of prospecting in the Yukon. They'll be back this fall just ahead of the ptarmigan. Both our teachers, Miss Gloria Kuleba and Miss Rita Hanrieder, resigned in June. Gloria plans to teach at Rivers, Manitoba, Air Force base this fall.

Jack Barkwell caught this one in Flanagan Lake. Fishing party getting ready at
Flanagan Lake.

We have six new houses under construction this summer. They are being built by the Einarson Construction Company of Flin Flon.

At the time of writing, the golf tournament to determine our quartet for the annual Northern play-off, is nearing completion. Leading the field are: Jack Barkwell, Ches Henry, Art Wenman and Sid Brown. However, we have several strong players away on holidays who may be back in time to cause some changes in our line-up. Things are certainly looking up on our course this year. We have three new Toro mowers and several of the boys have treated themselves to caddie carts.

Five of our young fellows report a very pleasant time had by all at Camp Whitney and Cub Camp in July.

Frank Kirkland launched another fine "Kirkland Cruiser" in June. This is the second boat Frank has built here in the last couple of years. Not to be outdone, Allan Baker built a speedy Eskimo type kayak. Operated with a double bladed paddle this is quite a fast craft, economical to operate too.

Ernie Westbury, Art Wenman and Jack Barkwell bought automobiles recently. Ernie got a '48 Dodge, Art a 1950 Pontiac and Bark settled for a Willys Jeep. Bark figures he can go anywhere, anytime now sitting down.

Number 4 Christmas 1952

The pride and joy of the McLeish family,
 Margaret Sheila..


MR. and Mrs. Bob Tanner and daughter Roberta arrived from Winnipeg in July. Bob is working in the general office. Allen Baker of our office staff, left in August for Eastern Canada. Mrs. Helen (Gypy) Henning, one of our long time citizens left us in September to try her luck in B.C. Early in September the Mile 13 patrol station was closed and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Kennedy moved from their Mile 13 home to a new home in Flin Flon. Mr. and Mrs. Alf Broster and children moved from Langley Prairie, British Columbia, back to Island Falls in September. They left here two years ago. Prior to that Alf had worked here 16 years. Welcome home folks.

School got away to a fine start in September with two new teachers. Miss Helen Lebo is in charge of the senior room and Miss Yvonne Verhelst is handling the junior room. Both teachers taught at Preeceville, Saskatchewan, last year.

The Einarson construction crew pulled out of here at the end of September. They built 6 fine new houses for us. These new homes will be occupied by the following families — Jack McInnis, Al McMillan, Scotty Boyes, Art Wenman, Helmer Larson and Stan Ferg.

Just before freeze-up our new skating rink was completed. It is 120 feet by 50 feet and located alongside the curling sheets. This is the first closed-in skating rink the children have had. The men put in a lot of time on this project after work hours last fall, so we hope the young fry will make good use of it.

Bert Pelletier and Bill McLeish with wives and friends behind them.
(Anna Pelletier, Marg Hammond, unknown, Mrs. McLeish)

The Douglas Russell home was blessed with the arrival of a fine new bouncing baby boy, Richard Cameron Russell, on August 31st. Gordon Earl Ferg beat the young Dick Russell to town by one day. He was born in Flin Flon on August 30th.

Miss Pierce of our Sandy Bay hospital was called away at the height of the polio outbreak last summer to engage in physical therapy work throughout Saskatchewan. Mrs. Scott, just four weeks out from England, took charge on Nurse Pierce's departure.

There is a great abundance of field mice and moose throughout the North. During the fall hunting season practically all the hunters were able to get a moose. The abundance of field mice is a very welcome sign for our trappers. It seems when the mice are plentiful, so are the animals that feed on mice, such as weasels, foxes and mink. Beaver are also very plentiful all through the North.

A few of the river craft made by the Island Falls boys during the long winter months.
(Front: Rutherford's Peterborough Handy Boy 15' cedar boat with 25 hp Evinrude)

Scotty Boyes built a fine log cabin last summer up the river about six miles. On a quick count this brings the total of these summer homes to 16. They are all from five to seven miles from the plant.

The curlers are keeping our two sheets busy. We have eight men's and five ladies' rinks. This is about our average membership. It doesn't vary much from year to year.

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

ED. NOTE: Reporter Bill Southworth is now convalescing after five weeks in Flin Flon Hospital, but has been in close touch with happenings at the Falls. Here's hoping he will be in fine shape for Christmas.