Northern Lights

Volume 10

Number 1 March 1951

John Hattie and Wolf Cub Pack.

Mr. and Mrs. Sid Foden and Art Lindsay out hiking.


WE always like to start off our page with a new baby or two and we are seldom disappointed. We have two new citizens to report this time. The home of Mr. and Mrs. Helmer Larson was blessed with the arrival of Donalda Ruth on December 8th and our first baby of the new year was Gary Ernest, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Westbury. Gary arrived January 11th and tipped the scales at 8 pounds 5 ounces—a chip off the old block for sure and pretty good looking material for Flin Flon Bomber defense line in a few years.

We added a good stalwart Scot to our forces in December when Bob Smith started working here. Bob came out from Scotland last summer and has been visiting his uncle, free trader Alex Smith at the Sandy Bay Indian settlement. Miss Elsie Atamanchuk left in December to train for a nurse in Grace Hospital, Winnipeg. Mr. and Mrs. Christ Jorundson moved here from Cranberry Portage early in December. Mrs. Jorundson is working in the dining hall.

Pelle Hagberg and the eager beaver which preferred the Power Plant Main Dam
to his own.
Dale Russell and Wayne Bailey receive awards for gallantry from Milt Laing.

The New Year's Eve banquet was more enjoyable than ever this year. We had the usual number of welcome visitors but in addition we had our new public address system in operation. This new equipment enabled all the speakers to be heard by everyone in the hall. H.B.M.&S. Co. guests this year were Mr. and Mrs. Eric Austin and Mr. and Mrs. Laurie Johnson.

Natalie Wonitowy scorns
below zero weather.

Last fall Mrs. H. L. Bailey and son Wayne journeyed to Ottawa where Governor General Alexander presented Wayne with the Boy Scout Association's highest award, the Silver Cross. Wayne received this decoration for his gallant attempts to rescue a drowning companion (Janet, twin of Judy Russell) in July 1949.

We are pleased to extend congratulations and best wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Scotty Boyes. They were married in Winnipeg just before Christmas. The Community Club held a party in honor of Scotty and his charming bride, Wilda, on January 13th. The happy couple were presented with a gift from the club.

Looks like there will be fairly good caribou hunting in this part of northern Saskatchewan this winter. At new year the caribou were about forty miles from the south end of Reindeer Lake and moving southward slowly.

The Tom Willey family moved into their new home between Christmas and New Year and Mr. and Mrs. Boyes set up house-keeping in the former Willey cabin.

In the realm of sport we have about the usual number of curlers, 8 men's and four ladies' rinks. This keeps our two sheets of ice quite busy. Our club will be represented at the British Consols play-off in Flin Flon by, Jack Barkwell skip, Jack McInnes, 3rd, Stan Ferg, 2nd and Fred Bowman, lead. Mesrs. J. Barkwell, S. Ferg, S. Brown and Murray Ferg attended The Pas bonspiel and report most favourably on every aspect of this annual northern highlight.

Due to the rumor of a fatal disease being prevalent in some muskrat swamps, our local trappers have some apprehensions about the spring catch here. Fortunately, beaver do not seem to be affected by this reported malady. Some local trappers have done very well this season with their wild mink, average price running about $45.00 for good pelts. Foxes are very numerous but not worth trapping. Several red foxes are making their home on the island this winter. They have become quite tame and play about with the children under the corner lamp post in the evenings. The pair of timber wolves we had last fall seem to have moved on, much to our delight, but not before they had eaten up several dogs.

Number 2 June 1951

South end of Mari Lake. First leg of the route to Island Falls.


THEY have a brand new baby girl at the Tom Willey home. She arrived March 26th and her name is Brenda Bernadette. Miss Natalie Wonitowy of our dining hall staff was transferred to the cafeteria staff in Flin Flon early in March and her job here was taken over by Miss Irene Maurer-Hylas, formerly of the cafeteria staff in Flin Flon. Miss Marion Pegg of Oxbow, Sask., joined our dining hall staff shortly after New Year. Mr. and Mrs. Mervin Rush left here February 1st to make their new home in Shawinigan Falls, Quebec. Merv has a job with Canadian Industries Ltd. After many years residence here the Harry Whiteley family moved to Flin Flon in April. Harry is working for the Company in Flin Flon. Best of luck in your new work, boys. This moving is not a one-way traffic by any means. In April we were very glad to welcome Mr. and Mrs. Garnet Jeffrey and son Bill back to our town. Garnet worked here for ten years or so then moved to Hamiota for four or five years, but finally decided there was no place like the north, so back he came.

Stenographer Jean Kuleba does a spot of
filling her off hours.

Cupid was shooting his arrow about quite freely around here the last week in March. He scored a direct hit on three of our boys. On March 29th, Jack McInnes, long time operator here, married Miss Margaret Fisher in The Pas. On the same day our good friend Jack Proctor, from across the river at Sandy Bay, married Miss Elizabeth Roche in Flin Flon. A couple of days later, on March 31st, our prospecting friend, Art (Slim) Lindsay, married Miss Myra Pettapiece in Flin Flon. Their many friends here wish these three happy couples many many years of happy married life.

Mr. and Mrs. Bill McLeish and daughter Margaret left in May to holiday in Scotland and European points for a couple of months.

After a number of years on Camp maintenance work, Sid Foden has been transferred to the plant operating staff, and his place at the community hall was taken over by Andy Goodwin, formerly of Flin Flon.

The following local citizens purchased cars this past winter: Messrs. Leslie, Olson Christensen, Hagberg, Westbury, Simpson, Johansson, Cameron, Bailey, and Bowman. Some were in the automobile class and some were merely jalopies. They all had to be brought in during the winter, as that is the only time of the year we have a road through to Flin Flon, over the frozen lakes and cleared portages. Most of these vehicles were bought by boat owners to run back and forth between home and boat dock.

One of the finest boats ever built here was completed last spring by Roy Bunn. Roy spent all his spare hours during the winter on this 18 foot lake cabin cruiser masterpiece, and it is just that, a masterpiece by a master craftsman. Well done, Roy.

Baggage jalopy goes aboard on Lake 1 on the Island Falls summer route.

Bill Grayson, that veteran boat builder from away back, has just completed a beautiful cabin cruiser job for the Company's use on Mari Lake.

Word from a couple of old-timers in Brazil indicates the Sig Ingimundsons and Bill Shaws are getting along well south of the equator. They are both working for Brazilian Traction Company. Sig is with the hydro-electric construction department in Sao Paulo and Bill is in charge of a frequency changing station at Aparecida, about half way between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. The Shaw's will be on their first three year leave this summer and plan to visit friends here.

Our golfers are looking forward to some good golf this summer on Flin Flon's fine new grass course.

Number 3 September 1951


OUR Dominion Day celebration this year was a 100 percent success from every angle; even the weather was absolutely perfect, one of our finest summer days. Activities got under way at 10.00 A.M. with the flag raising ceremony, then followed a full program of races for young and old and some very interesting track and field events. Bob Smith, Jack McInnes and Frank Colpitts fought a grueling battle down the cinder path in the men's 100 yard dash and finished up in above order with but a few inches between them it was a real thriller to watch. Miss Peggy Wilton, our playground supervisor, walked off with the ladies 50 yard dash prize with Anna Pelletier taking second place and Ada Russell in third spot. The midway was busy all day, especially the bingo game, crown and anchor wheel and shooting gallery. As in all previous years, the refreshment stand under the excellent management of R.W. Davis, was the most popular spot of all. His northern style hamburgers seem to grow in popularity each year and there would seem to be no limit to the number a small boy can eat and feel just wonderful the next day. Some old friends who were back with us for this occasion included Mrs. K. Bailey of Vancouver, the Dick Davis family of Salt Lake City, Utah, and the Peterson family of Flin Flon.

Jack McInnes and his charming bride
honeymooned in the U.S.A.
Otto Christensen and Frank Bosworth
and a coupla hot rods.

Walter Woods left here early in July and his wedding to Miss Dorothy Lalond took place in Woodrow, Saskatchewan on July 14th. Walter was head chef in our dining hall for the last two years and Miss Lalond was our senior grades teacher of the past two years.

There was great excitement about Camp on May 11th, that's the day Timothy Gordon Leslie was born right here in the Walter Leslie home. Nurses Miss Florence Fraser and Margaret Miazgar headed the welcoming committee.

A house building program is getting to be a regular summer event here. This summer the Einarson construction firm built six fine new bungalows for us. The old log cabins we occupied for so many years will soon be relics of the past. There are only four of these log homes left on main street today and some may be gone tomorrow.

Joe Hetherington, old-timer, whose hobby is horticulture. Gayla Wachowich and Dorothy Davis holidayed at the Falls. Haymaking by Walter Leslie under supervision of young Rod Hagberg.

Among those who took extensive trips in their own cars this summer were: the Cece Cameron family who motored to Vancouver via the Calgary stampede, the Ches Henry family who motored as far south as Minneapolis via Kenora and Fort Frances, the Ken Bracken family who also visited Minneapolis and the Neil Rutherford family who motored to London, Ontario and surrounding points.

The old adage, "they all come back to the North" still seems to hold good, the latest instance being Miss Yvonne Ver Wilghen, a former pupil of our little red school house, who has returned to the north country to teach school at Cormorant Lake on the Hudson Bay railway line.

All through the month of July enthusiasm was running at fever pitch among the local golfing fraternity. They were getting in shape for the annual golfing classic of the north, the north of 54 intertown tournament for the Hotel Keepers Association Trophy.

Number 4 Christmas 1951


WE have about the usual number of staff changes, weddings and new babies to report this time, along with a few other items. Taking them in that order, we have as our new chef de cuisine, Ed Lomax. Ed and his wife and two sons came to us early in July from Deepdale, Manitoba. Miss Marie Willis joined our office staff in September. Her home is in Dauphin, Manitoba. Miss Genevieve Hudon and Miss Jean Jamieson spent several weeks here last fall helping out in the office, then both returned to Flin Flon. Bob Smith came direct to Island Falls from Scotland about eighteen months ago. He worked here for a year but last October decided he would like to see more of this good country so moved on to Winnipeg. Mrs. Violet Wells moved back to Flin Flon last August. Her place on our dining hall staff was taken over by Miss Marion Pegg of Oxbow, Saskatchewan. Marion is chef Lomax's right hand man. Art Payette of Winnipeg came to work here in October.

Winter fishing is good here. Control room operator Neil Rutherford

Now we move on to the weddings; we just have one to record this time. On September 15th our Lee Lidgate and Roy Thompson were married in Flin Flon at the Anglican Church by Archdeacon Horsefield. After a honeymoon throughout Ontario and U. S. points, the happy couple returned to reside here. Lee was on our office staff for several years, and Roy has been in our transportation department for a year or so.

Now let us get along to the new arrivals. It seems we only have one to introduce this time and it is Douglas William, son of Mr. and Mrs. Scotty Boyes. Douglas was born in Flin Flon on September 21st and they say he is a real "chip off the old block."

We had a crew of Einarson Construction Company carpenters here all summer, building six new houses for us. These fine new homes will be occupied by the Henry, Bracken, Pelletier, Bunn, Woods, and Strindlund families. We enjoyed having the Einarson crew with us. The Community Club held a very enjoyable smoker in their honour just before they left last fall.

Railbirds Ches. Henry, Stan Ferg, and
Alex Strindlund.
Jack McInnes dressing diver
Fred Baader.

As usual, as soon as the summer activities were terminated, the bowling and badminton leagues got going in top form, then the curling followed in short order. Looks like a banner year for these three popular sports.

The mass importation of jalopies last winter proved so popular there is likely to be another mild epidemic of this sort of thing this winter. We hear Messrs. Bunn, McInnes, and Grayson are all planning to import some rather ancient automobiles.

Each fall some of our boys slip out for a bit of duck shooting. They like the big, fat grain-fed mallards to the south of us. This year Roy Bunn, Jack McInnes, and Stan Ferg did their shooting at The Pas, but Jack Barkwell went farther afield for his birds. Jack went to the Hamiota district to shoot, and visited with some former Island Falls friends, the Max McConnell family. All the hunters report a full bag and a grand outing.

When Irene Maurer-Hylas returned from her vacation last fall she really had something to talk about. She had had a good close-up look at Princess Elizabeth and Prince Phillip when the royal tour passed through Winnipeg.

We had Fred Baader, a Montreal deep-sea diver, with us for a month last summer. He did some work on our main dam sluice gates and cleaned all the trash racks in front of the generator water intakes.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.