Northern Lights

Volume 8

Number 1 » March 1949

The 19th Annual New Year's Banquet.

Mr. and Mrs. Ross Lennox, happy bridal couple.


IN October, Miss Adeline Kvemshagen left our employ to taken a stenographic course in Regina. Adeline had been employed in the dining hall here for about two years. On November 25th, Miss Audrey Rogers left to accept a position with the Abitibi Pulp and Paper Co. at their Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario. plant. Audrey had been in the office here for a year and a half. Prior to coming to Island Falls she was on the office staff of the Clearwater Lake Sanatorium near The Pas. We wish these two young ladies every success in their new work. Miss Netty Wonitowy and Miss Yvonne Ver Wilghen are new members of our dining hall staff. On October 30th, one of our real old timers, Jerry Cure, pulled out for B.C. to make his home with his son, Leo. Jerry had been in this area going on twenty years and went on a Company pension several years ago. Confidentially, we won't be the least bit surprised to see this old timer return to this Northland he loved so well. Each year as the ptarmigan start to come down from the north to winter here, some one is bound to remark, "It's just about time for Slim Lindsay and Les Saville to be coming down from the north for the winter, too, isn't it?" And sure enough, just about the time the last flocks arrive, in come Slim and Les from their summer prospecting work. They winter with us, then follow the ptarmigan back north again in April. Maybe it's a case of who is following who.

Slim Woods, our genial transportation man, took his holidays during the freeze up, naturally his slack time. He slipped down to Dauphin and bought himself a nice little runabout truck for his personal use. He drove it back to within two miles of Mile 13, then walked home along the power line. Slim says it's fun to have a good walk for a change (this one was about fifty miles).

We're proud to announce we are no longer a one sheet curling club (nor a one-horse town—our only horse died last winter). Last fall we were able to add a second sheet to our rink. We have seven mens' and four ladies' rinks and are currently enjoying the best curling season in our history. There wasn't much time lapse between the last golf and first curling this fall. We have pictures of some of our lady golfers paring the local courses on November 11th. Incidentally, our last plane in on floats was November 10th.

Due to low water in the Churchill River area this fall, the Game Department authorized a fall muskrat trapping season of several weeks. It was feared the rats would not survive the winter, as due to the low water there was a great likelihood they would be frozen to death in their dens. The extra cash income was welcomed by the local trappers.

The usual freeze-up badminton and bowling tournaments are well under way but this year we have an additional league —the school league. Every youngster in the school from grade two up, plays twice a week from 6 to 7 p.m., under the supervision of Miss Dee Mills, and oh, boy, are they ever enthusiastic—looks like a good way to make top ranking net artists of the not too distant .future. Another new activity we have on the go this winter is the school children's basketball classes. Mrs. Bert Pelletier is in charge of this group. This is proving a very popular activity.

The new school and teacherage across at the Sandy Bay Indian village, have been practically completed by the provincial government and are in use. The school contains two class rooms, has a full size cement basement and hot air furnace. The teachers residence is an attractive five-room bungalow with full cement basement and hot air furnace. There is also a new outpost hospital under construction.

Our nurse, Gladys Walker, and Pilot Ross Lennox were married here on December 4th. The pretty candlelight wedding ceremony was conducted by Reverend Ray Horsefield in the ball room of the Community Hall. Later the same evening a lovely reception and dance was held in honor of the newlyweds. Mr. and Mrs. Lennox will make their home in Flin Flon.

We are happy to welcome Stan Ferg as a new member of our operating staff. Stan came to us from Flin Flon, where he is well known. He was employed in the engineering department in Flin Flon.

The New Year's Eve banquet and dance was held as usual again this year. This was the nineteenth successive celebration of this kind we have staged and indications are that it is not losing its appeal in any way. Covers were laid for 180 guests. We had 35 out-of-town guests from such points as Toronto, Winnipeg, Oxbow, Dauphin and Flin Flon. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Carr and Mr. and Mrs. Laurie Johnson were the H.B.M.&S. representatives from Flin Flon. There were the usual toasts and after dinner speeches, capably handled by toastmaster Neil Rutherford.

It is with deep regret we announce the death of Neil McDonald who passed away recently. He was intermittently employed at Island Falls for many years.

Number 2 » May 1949

Power Plant, from forebay

New Plant addition.

Commissary Store.

Generator Room.


WE have several staff changes to record this time. Miss Yvonne Cross took over the Camp nurse duties in January. Yvonne is well known in Flin Flon and came to us direct from graduation from the General Hospital in Winnipeg. Miss Lee Lidgate of Winnipeg arrived here in March to fill a vacancy in the stenographic ranks in the general office. Glen Grigg came up from the zinc roasters, Flin Flon, in February to take over a job on the operating staff. Glen is a flying man and is co-owner of a Piper Cub airplane, the DSH.

March 6th was a big day here in local Cubdom. On that day our pack received its charter and each cub took the Oath of a Cub. The investiture ceremony took place at a well attended gathering in our hall Sunday afternoon. We were very fortunate to have the following scouting officials from Flin Flon with us for this symbolic occasion: Mr. Fred Ford, Mr. Bob Coombs, Mr. Neil McLennan, Vic Hook, and Bob Davidson.

At the F. F. Curlers' Smoker
(Frank Ryan and Sid Brown).
Frank Ryan and Ches. Henry started the season early.

Mesdames Tilley Wenman, Lu Bailey
and Norah Southworth.
Mrs. Les Saville (Velma).

Number 3 » September 1949

Left to rightWalt Leslie, Moise Bear Jr., Ken Bracken and Lyle Reid. Superintendent R.W. (Rees) Davis.
Bill Hammond, mink rancher. Assistant Superintendent Cece Cameron.

Mr. Beaver inspects man-made dam.

THE night shift operators had I an unusual visitor last spring. About 6 a.m. one morning the boys looked up from their desks to see a beaver walking casually down the generator floor. He was evidently making a portage from the head pond to the water below the plant. The enclosed snap shows Mr. Beaver before a most unnatural background of electrical equipment. He showed no fear of humans and permitted the operators to walk up and touch him.

The Northern Manitoba Golf Championship Tournament was held here the first week in August. Teams from The Pas, Sherridon, and Flin Flon flew in. The weather was perfect and everything went according to plan with the strong Flin Flon team winning the Northern Hotel Keepers' Trophy, emblematic of the Golf Championship of Northern Manitoba.

Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Phillips and Lorna Jean.
Senior Ladies Gym Class, l. to r. Leona Grayson, Doris Bracken, Gwen Hagberg, Sadie Strindlund, (standing: Natalie Wonitowy), Irene Olson, Ann Cameron, ? Sue McLeish.
Junior Gym Class.
The new teacherage, Sandy Bay.

Number 4 » Christmas 1949

"A" dam where stop logs are being replaced.


FLASH! Island Falls establishes a new high in weddings, three within 17 days. Sid Foden and Margaret Armstrong, one of our last year's teachers, were married in Saskatoon on August 20th. Merv. Rush and Margaret Fair of Saskatoon were married in Saskatoon on September 1st, and Stan Ferg and Audrey Camsell were married in Flin Flon on September 6th. After honey-mooning in western Canada and the United States, the three happy couples returned to make their homes here. Miss Audrey Rogers, a former steno here, married Bert Johnson of Flin Flon in Glenboro on August 30th. They live in Flon Flon on Green Street.

Neil Rutherford and Piper Cub.

Machine for trimming stop logs before capping.

We have two new teachers, Miss Hazel Green of Gronlid, Saskatchewan, and Miss Dorothy Lalonde of Stoughton, Sask. Miss Dierdre Mills, one of our last year's teachers, toured Europe during the summer and is now teaching in a boys' school in England.

During the early part of the summer Walter Woods and Mrs. Wells of Flin Flon took on the cooking job in our staff dining hall. Mrs. A. J. Henning commenced duties in our commissary the latter, part of August. Mrs. Martha Pelletier, for many years in charge of our laundry, left early in October to make her home with son Ivan at Victoria. Ivan, a former employee here, is in the hotel business.

The home of Slim and Maxine Woods was blessed with the arrival of another fine son, Raymond Henry, on October 4th. Two more of our young fry pulled out this fall to take schooling at distant points, Dorothy Davis to Salt Lake City and Marion Strindlund to St. Mary's Academy, Winnipeg. Our prospector friends, Art Lindsay, Les Saville and Stew Russell, arrived back from the Yukon the latter part of September.

Bill McLeish, "Indian Agent."

"Lee" Lidgate.

One of the big jobs of the past summer was the renewing of all the stop logs at "A" dam and main dam at the plant. Some idea of the size of this job may be gathered when you realize there are approximately eight hundred stop logs to replace old ones had to be removed and new ones put in and each log weighs about nine hundred pounds. Each new log had to be sawn to proper length and end fitting installed.

We are looking forward to another good curling season. We received another set of matched rocks last fall so we now have matched rocks on both sheets. To turn back to summer sports for a moment, Walter Leslie copped the club golf champion- ship with Sid Brown runner-up one point behind. Doris Bracken won the ladies' top honors with Norah Southworth in second place. We added the 6th hole to our course this past summer and hope to have all 9 holes completed next summer.

Sandy Bay post office across at the Indian settlement was officially opened for business on October 1st with Postmaster Alex Smith behind the wicket.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.


Old-timers Otto Christensen and Bill Jonasson. Slim Lindsay, prospector.

Frank Ryan and Stan Ferg on duty.

Our settlement boasts a large group of Guides, Brownies and Cubs.
That's Scoutmaster John Hattie at the rear.