Northern Lights

Volume 5

Number 1 » March 1946
Gordon and Gertrude Parker are leaving us. Lorne and Gay Parker go with them.


Slim Woods stopped for a minute.

Sharoncute little missdaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sid Brown.

OUR annual Christmas concert, put on by the school children, under the able supervision of Mrs. Broley, was voted a very decided success by all who were fortunate enough to be there. The Christmas Tree, with Santa in attendance on Christmas Eve, was a happy occasion for young and old alike; it seemed to make the older ones feel quite young again. We held our usual banquet and dance New Year's Eve and we have no hesitation in saying a good time was had by all.

We have a water diversion job on down the river about twelve miles, and in this connection we have a couple of new men in our midst, namely, Lyle J. Spurrill and Norman Croome, both of the Flin Flon Engineering staff. Miss Irene Virgin and Miss Velma Sand are recent additions to our dining hall staff. Harry Whiteley has left us for several months; he's in Flin Flon rushing along the masonry work on the Willowvale housing project.

Early in February the Gordon Parker family left the North for London, Ontario, where Gordon will operate the Blue Grill on Dundas Street, in partnership with his brother-in- law, Phil Martin, formerly of Flin Flon. Gordon started working here in the winter of 1938, checking winter freight, then went on the operating staff.

In the curling world one can see several cases of bonspiel fever, some of them. quite advanced, such as Barkwell and Jeffrey. Messrs. Barkwell, Jeffrey, Bowman and Brown plan to take in the Flin Flon spiel and in all probability we'll be able to send in another rink. Gordon Parker's rink of Parker, skip; Pelle Hagberg, third; Sid Brown, second, and Bob Pegg, lead, won our first square draw. Our departmental square is nearing completion, but anything can happen there yet. The Henry rink, composed of Marg. Henry, skip; Lue Bailey, third, Gwen Hagberg, second, and Beryl Rutherford, lead, won the first half of the ladies' schedule.

The annual winter fish haul from Reindeer Lake is just getting under way at this date (January 24th). There are eight tractors northbound between here and Reindeer Lake, none have started south with fish yet. They report twenty inches of loose snow on the lake and a good deal of slush. Looks like a tough haul.

The pipers visit Island Falls.

Number 2 May 1946
Gun Club members at Flanagan Lake.

NURSE Alderson left us early in March for points south. After a short visit at her home in Swan River, Manitoba, she planned to journey to Cleveland, Ohio, to become the bride of Ed Brucker, formerly of the United States Army Air Corps stationed here. The many friends of this popular young couple here and in Flin Flon wish them the best of everything. We recently received the announcement of the arrival of a new member in the Randy Clarke home. Randy was stationed here with the U.S.A.A. Corps for a year or so and was married in Island Falls to Emily Bjornsson of Island Falls and Flin Flon. Mrs. Woodward took over the duties of Camp Nurse just before break up. Johnny Wachowich left the middle of March to resume his engineering studies at the University of Manitoba. Ivan Pelletier has been advised to report to the Banff Springs Hotel in May to start his veteran's re-establishment course in hotel management. Ivan has been attached to our operating staff since last fall. Good luck boys.

Maureen McConnell, daughter of Max McConnell, now residing at Hamiota, Man.

Wayne McIntyre finds hunting good at M. 13.

In the field of sport, curling seems to be the big news. We had three square draws and a play-off for the championship. The squares were won by rinks skipped by Gordon Parker, Walter Leslie and Bill Southworth. The Leslie four won the play-off for the club championship honors. Mrs. R. C. Henry's rink made quite a clean sweep of the ladies' curling this season to cop the high honors for the ladies' section. We list herewith the personnel of the four prize winning rinks. R. G. Parker, skip, C. P. Hagberg, Sid Brown, Bob Pegg; W. Leslie, skip, E. Westbury, F. M. Ryan, Les Saville; W. R. Southworth, skip, J. L. Spencer, H. Whiteley, Al McMillan; Mrs. R. C. Henry, skip, Mrs. H. L. Bailey, Mrs. C. P. Hagberg, Mrs. N. M. Rutherford. A rink composed of Jack Barkwell, Garnet Jeffrey, Fred Bowman and Sid Brown picked off third prize in the Keddie event at the big Flin Flon bonspiel. Well done boys.

At time of writing (March 24th) we have had two full weeks of warm spring weather and the snow and ice are going fast. There is still half a million pounds of fish to get off Reindeer Lake, which has turned into a mad race against the elements during the past week with the odds in favour of the elements.

Many of our citizens are leaving for the muskrat marshes to engage in the annual spring trapping of these valuable little Hudson Seal coats. Prospects look ideal for a big catch and the price is high ($3.00 at the trading post). Each trapper may also trap three beavers which will likely average him about $50 per pelt. Looks like a good spring crop for the local trappers.

Air freighter on the forebay at Island Falls.

Number 3 July 1946

There is no Island Falls article in this issue. Instead, here is another article from the same issue.

THE Sixtieth Edition of the World Almanac, a volume of some eight hundred plus pages of facts and figures, reports a record on page 283 as follows: "World Record Fresh Water Game Fish caught by Rod and Reel, Trout (Lake), Wt. 63 lbs.., Length 47½ inches, Lake Athapapuskow, October 22, 1930, by Miss L. L. Hayes." The booklet, "Manitoba Fishes," says, "This monster lake trout — is mounted and was exhibited at Sportman's shows in Boston, New York, Indianapolis and Chicago. It may be seen in the office of the Director of Game and Fisheries, Parliament Buildings, Winnipeg."

Now read the story as told by the girl who has held this world's record for over fifteen years.

"I was visiting with my cousins, George and Bill Winterton, at their camp on Winterton's Narrows, Lake Athapapuskow. George and I went out in a nineteen foot freighter canoe to catch any kind of fish we could for food for the dog team. I was using a medium size hook and spoon with a heavy line. We had gone about a mile south and were not far from shore. The water was icy cold and the hook was deep when the big fellow struck. Eventually I got him up along side of the canoe. George had a gaff hook and we both worked hard to get him in. He was a big trout and we gave him to George Anderson, the conductor of the train from The Pas to Flin Flon. We learned later that a railway official and Mr. Tom Lamb took it to the Manitoba Game and Fish Department in Winnipeg, we had no idea at the time that he was the biggest trout in the world caught on a line!"

The next year Miss Leona Hayes became Mrs. W. G. Grayson. Husband "Bill" holds records in his own right. The picture is of Mrs. Grayson holding "Bunny," the lead dog of Charlie Morgan's dog team which Mr. Grayson drove to victory in the 200 mile dog derby of 1922-23.

The Graysons, who live at the Island Falls power plant, have two charming daughters, Daireen, nine years old and Diane, just one and one-half years old. Bill runs the boat shop and, according to the experts, has quite an edge on the factory in the production of custom built boats for the north country.

Number 4 September 1946

Johnny and Peter Spencer

WE'RE still trying to figure out how we got such a fine day for our Dominion Day celebrations, but get it we did, with -the result that our day was 100 percent successful. Supt. Davis was to be seen all day long in his accustomed spot in the refreshment booth, cook- ing hamburgers to your individual taste. Walter Leslie acted as chief treasury officer and did a land office business in the brand new phoney money we had made for 'this occasion. A fine set of children's races was ably handled by Doug Russell and Garnet Jeffrey. In the midway section 'a number of skin games operated at capacity most of the day. The day's activities were topped off by a well attended dance in the evening.

Mrs. Otto Christensen's music class of girls flew down to the Eighth Musical Festival in Flin Flon. This is the first time a class has competed from Island Falls and we're proud of the marks the girls received. The class consisted of: Gala Wachowich, Lois Christensen, Dorothy Davis, Daireen Grayson, Sylvia Hattie and Joan Jonasson.

Early in June Miss Enid Wilkin of Winnipeg took over the duties of Camp nurse and just about that time Fred LaRoche retired and left these parts in favor of the Niagara Peninsula where he hopes to quietly spend the rest of his days amongst the fruit and flowers

In the May issue we reported John Hattie had flown to Nova Scotia, now we can report that the Johnny Spencer family and Joe Hetherington left early in July to vacation in and around Vancouver.

On July 3rd the Harry Whitely home was blessed with the arrival of a son, Richard Norman and on July 14th the Fred Bowmans became the proud parents of Linda Alice.

We are sorry to have to record that a former operator of long standing, Glen Giffin, died in Melfort, Sask. on May 11th. Glen was one of our original operators, in fact, he worked on the construction of the power house then went on the operating staff. He left here several years ago to farm near Melfort. Our deepest sympathy goes out to all the members of the family.

All cares aside on Dominion Day.
Five years and underready for the big race.

Number  5 November 1946

"Bull Session" in the Staff House.

Men's curling champs, 1945-46

Ladies' curling champs, 1945-46

 GARDENING came to more or less an abrupt halt September 1st due to frost, which spoiled all the tomatoes, beans, peas and many other vegetables and flowers. On the whole the past summer was better than the last few years but we can't seem to get away from early frosts, which cause much damage at this time of year. The Company gardens and flower beds looked fine this year with our new gardener Oscar Webb doing a good job.

New citizens in the past few months are Richard Norman Whiteley and Linda Alice Bowman, who were born during July. Other new residents are Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Webb, Miss Ruth White, Miss Estella Maxwell and Miss Vera Enticknap, our new school teachers, and Bob Anderson, a University student who was here for the summer months. Miss Molly Parker, our very capable governess for the past three months, left us recently for her home in Rapid City. Fred LaRoche left us to reside in the U.S.A., and Mr. and Mrs. H. Broley and daughter Beverly left to take up residence at Biggar, Sask., where Harry is taking up teaching duties in the High School. Due to the large enrollment of pupils this year it has been necessary to expand our school into two classrooms.

The golf course had a good run this summer and tournaments came thick and fast under the guiding hand of Indoor Chairman Sid Brown. The Club Championship tournament was played off with the following making the grade for the play-off position: Johnnie Spencer, Sid Brown, Ches. Henry, R. W. Davis, Fred Bowman and Frank Ryan. Fishing, as always, had held a major spot- light position.

Many of our visitors marvel at the pickerel we pull out of the Churchill River and also the trout and pickerel from Flanagan Lake. The cabins, etc., at Flanagan Lake have been renovated this year and many a pleasant day has been spent there by club members and friends. Nearly everyone has had their holidays for the year.

Free ad for Rod and Gun Club.

Winners of "Love" trophy.

Flin Flon Legion Trip to Island Falls 1946

Grayson, Cullen, Crittenden, Lyle, Mainwaring, Thompson, Setterington, Shaw,
Cameron, Barnard, Davis, Ver Wilghen, Hetherington, Boyes, ?....

Number 6 » Christmas 1946

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bunn were married
October 10.

Diane GraysonBill's young hopeful.

Margie Cameron, Carol Leslie
and Joan Bracken.

Ernie Westbury on duty.

Young Bobbie Henry with mother and Anne Ryan, and if you'll look closely, a baby loon.

IT'S freeze-up time again in the North as this is being written. Most of the lakes have a thin skim of ice over them but not enough to support a dog team. or even a man on foot, so our only transportation is by foot and dog team along the transmission line. We had our last plane in on floats on November 4th and if the winter weather sets in in earnest now we can hope for a plane on skis within three or four weeks.

It is with regret we mark the passing away of Enid Wilkin, who passed away at Flin Flon November 4th.

Miss Irene Virgin left us for Winnipeg early in October and on October 10th Miss Ruth White became the bride of Roy Bunn of our operating staff. Daniel Morasty moved up here in September and has been on our payroll since his arrival; Dan was only recently discharged from the Canadian Army. Bob Anderson returned to Winnipeg in September to resume his engineering studies at the University of Manitoba. Early in September Edgar "Curly" Grandison came up from Flin Flon to take over our stock room and transportation job. Further population changes occurred when Neil Marsden arrived to bless the Rutherford home on September 21st, followed closely by a real potential hockey player, Gordon James Brown, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sid Brown, on September 26th.

As soon as transportation is resumed after freeze-up Garnet and Margaret Jeffrey are moving to Hamiota, Manitoba. Garnet is going into the garage business with Max McConnell and Fred Asseltine, two other old-time northerners. Garnet started here in September, 1935, and when construction was completed got on the operating staff. He will be missed around the plant as well as in all our sports. He was a particularly keen curler and a good one too. Of all the indoor sports in which he engaged, I think it's safe to say none was dearer to his heart than a good game of draw poker. Margaret was a very active member of all our ladies' organizations but the Red Cross had claimed most of her attention in recent years. She was secretary-treasurer of our Red Cross branch for the last two years. This couple will be greatly missed in our little camp but we feel our loss will be Hamiota's gain.

The freeze-up sporting tournaments in the Community Hall are going at top form. There are twelve mixed couples in the badminton square draw. Otto Christensen and Vera Spencer are leading the field with seven straight wins and no losses with four games to go. They are being hard pressed by Lowell Christensen and Al McMillan with seven wins and one loss. The mixed bowling tournament got away to a strong start on October 29th with seventeen couples lined up. It's a little early to know how many curling rinks we will have this winter, but as usual most of the boys are curling a perfect game around the plant.

The big Hallowe'en masquerade dance was held on Saturday, November 2nd, and was a source of much fun for young and old. The juniors parade at 8 p.m. and the adults at 9.30 p.m. What a night!

You'll no doubt be hearing more about Slim Woods' potato farm within the next few years. Before freeze-up Slim moved his Fordson tractor and plow to a sandy island a mile above the plant and soon had an acre cleared and broken ready for cropping next spring. Slim plans to increase his acreage sufficient to take care of the potato requirements of this entire area.

Our Canada Savings Bond subscriptions totalled $21,000.00, the largest sum we have subscribed to any bond drive.

We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Sheilah and Tommy Cameron.

Island Falls is such a pretty place. Johnny Spencer renewed old acquaintances at the CoastMr. and Mrs. Crouch.