Northern Lights

Volume 4

Number 1 » March 1945

Part of the young gang enjoying the outdoor rink.


OUR last article was written during the freeze-up period. The only transportation at that time was dog team and shanks ponies. As it happened, the freeze-up period last fall was one of the longest in our history, as it lasted about six weeks. However, we eventually had enough ice for the planes and in one week just before Christmas they made sixteen trips in here. This put us right on our feet, and Santa Claus was able to come at the usual time.

The two weddings we promised in the last issue materialized and we can now wish Mr. and Mrs. Harry Whiteley and Mr. and Mrs. L. J. (Slim) Woods many. many years of married bliss. Mrs. Whiteley was Miss Jean McKay before her marriage and Mrs. Woods was the former Miss Maxine Talbot. Both happy couples will make their homes here.

Just after Christmas Cliff Boyd left us to return to the carpenter crew in Flin Flon. Hope you'll be back with us next summer, Cliff. In December we were able to welcome back our good friends, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ryan and daughter. Frank was recently discharged from the R.C.A.F. station at Mossbank, Sask. A few days before Christmas, Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Guymer and children moved from here to Flin Flon where Wilt is employed in the Company warehouse.

We had our good prospector friends Slim Lindsay and Les Saville with us again for the winter. We enjoyed having them curl with us. We were a bit worried at first when someone started the rumor that Slim had been seen heading towards the curling rink with his prospector's pick under his arm.

A group of figure skaters out for a work-out. L. to R. Irene Bowman, Frances Gerwin, Sid Brown and Alice Westbury.

Sunday afternoon curlers (back row l. to r.) Slim Lindsay, Ken Bracken, Bill Grayson
and Ches Henry. Front row, l. to r.: Wilf Guymer, R. W. Davis, and Pelle Hagberg.

One of our real old-timers, Mike Wachowich, died in the company hospital in Flin Flon last November. Our deepest sympathy goes out to the members of his family.

Early in the new year Mrs. Wm. Grayson returned from Winnipeg with their lovely adopted ten weeks old Diana Leone.

We're particularly pleased to know that one of our former residents, Pilot Officer Ivan Pelletier, has been awarded the D.F.C. Fine work, Ivan, and our sincere congratulations.

In the realm of sport; our first curling square draw was won by Neil Rutherford's rink composed of Sgt. Joe Kuzienski, John Hattie, Pelle Hagberg and himself. Our departmental draw was won by Garnet Jeffrey's rink which included Cliff Boyd, Fred Bowman and Doug Russell.

The Christmas tree and concert and the New Year's Eve banquet and dance were held as usual this year and as usual were enjoyed by all.

Number 2 » May 1945

Johnny Spencer and Dr. Bob Jacques might well
be proud of this fine string of Flanagan Lake trout.

Billy Dean Barkwell took time out from his
first birthday party to pose for this one.


IN mid-March, Albert Condon took sick and had to be taken to the Flin Flon hospital. His duties on our guard staff were taken over by Mr. Ben Withrow. Shortly after the New Year, we lost another old-timer in the person of Jim Ingram who was transferred to Flin Flon for medical reasons. Miss Frances Gerwing, our nurse, left in March for her home at Lake Lenore, Sask. On January 25th, our good friend and fellow workman, Victor Myrvold, died in Winnipeg after a serious operation. Our deepest sympathy goes out to all the members of his family.

Two of our strong curlers ventured farther afield this season. Garnet Jeffrey skipped a rink in the Winnipeg spiel, Gordon Parker the Prince Albert spiel. They are already looking forward to going back next year. Garnet Jeffrey's rink, composed of Les Saville, Fred Bowman, Doug Russell and Garnet, walked off with three of our four trophies, undoubtedly a creditable record. We managed to send two rinks, skipped by R. W. Davis and R. C. Henry, to the Flin Flon bonspiel. As usual, the boys reported a first class time.

We thought we were doing exceptionally well last issue when we reported two wed- dings. Well, here we are right back again with two more—great country, this. On February 27, Mike Klymyk and Gwen Detwiler were married in St. James Church, Flin Flon, and on March 9th, the wedding of Sgt. Randall Clark, U.S. Army, and Emily Bjornson took place in Island Falls. Rev. R. B. Horsefield conducted both wed- ding services.

Sid Brown, former Bomber Hockey Club star, had his injured arm operated on. in Winnipeg early in March and is expected home before break-up. We understand the operation was only partially successful and that it may be several years before Sid will be able to straighten this arm right out.

Number 3 » July 1945

Island Falls school children and teacher, Mrs. Howard McIntosh, 1932.
Back row, l. to r.: Helen Davis, Dick Davis, Walter Waselenko, Ben Ver Wilghen, Mrs. Howard McIntosh.
Front row, l. to r.: Gertie Ver Wilghen, Graham Giffin, Johnny Wachowich, Earl Giffin.


BREAK-UP was the latest on record here this year, with the planes still landing with skis on the forebay ice on May 15. The "break-up" bowling and badminton tournaments were held as usual in the recreation hall, Otto Christensen and Lou Bailey cleaning up in the mixed five pin bowling, while Walter Leslie and his young partner Allen Hattie walked off with the badminton prizes.

Island Falls school children and teacher, Mrs. Harry Whitely, 1945.

Lovely little Barbara May, two year old
daughter of Ernie and Alice Westbury.

Former residents will be pleased to see from the snapshot on this page that Kate, the mare, is still enjoying life here. She came up during the early construction days of 1928, and is the only resident who has never made a trip out in all that time. The old-timer at the halter shank controls is none other than Fred LaRoche, ex-cook and now a chicken ranching expert.

We have a few new employees of late. Miss Margaret Alderson took over the nurse's duties on May 1st, and Miss Iris Watts of Flin Flon has joined our kitchen staff. We were pleased to have Miss Marjorie Judd of the Flin Flon office up relieving in our office during the spring and early summer. Mrs. Randy Clark left these parts early in April to be with her husband, who is now stationed in the States.

The gardeners seem to be lining up another big year. If one out of every ten vegetable seeds now in our possession were to produce a mature vegetable, we could safely take orders now to supply all western Canada with its next winter's vegetables.

Number 4 » September 1945

Our cheerful machinist, Alf Bailey,
and his good wife.

Jack Bark-well may well be proud of these two Flanagan Lake trout.

Sid Brown and Ernie Westbury enjoyed part of
their vacation fishing in Flanagan Lake.


THE weather ran true to form on Dominion Day, cool, rain and windy; so all activities except the races, were held in the Recreation Hall. Chef Davis was at his accustomed place in the refreshment stand turning out hamburgers second to none, Parker and Westbury operated a fine bingo game, Ken Bracken had a "ring over coin" skin game and Alf Broster ran a nail driving racket. The ice cream and soft drink bar, under the able management of John Hattie, had a good turnover. The ladies of our local Red Cross group exhibited a large quilt on which they had embroidered the name of every man, woman and child in camp; a charity lucky ticket draw on this beautiful work raised the sum of $45.00; Harry Bailey held the winning ticket. A well attended dance brought the day's activities to a successful close.

Shortly after July 1st the U. S. Army Air Force closed its weather station here with the result that our population dropped about five percent over night, as it were; the boys were all transferred back to the States.

Michael Klymyk, our transportation man, plans to leave us and he and his two brothers are going into the hardware business near Edmonton. Edgar Pegg of Oxbow, Sask., a U. of S. student, and Roy Bunn of Gillam, Man., a U. of M. man, worked as relief operators with us all summer, then returned to their respective universities. While Alf Olson of Whitesand was on vacation, Mr. and Mrs. Allan McMillan looked after our interests at this far northern point.

Watchman Ben Withrow returned to Flin Flon, Ed McArthur moved over to work in the store and Albert Condon took over a caretaking job in camp. Jerry Cure is our first C. R. P. pensioner. He stopped work the end of June, plans to have a few months' vacation, then possibly try his hand at a little commercial fishing. Miss Velmai Gray came up early in July and took a job with the Social Club as playground governess.

We built four new bungalows this summer similar to those built last year. The good natured gang of carpenters from Flin Flon who did the job included some who were here last year. We had Messrs. Finch, Boyd, Pasik, McLuckie, Snell, Goodwin, Morran, Reese, Olson, Ostby, Ostby, Jr., McNichol, Hewitt and Thompson.

On July 16th Mr. and Mrs. Charles Heather were blessed with the arrival of a beautiful baby boy. Charlie is now the proud father of three sons.

At time of writing Major Eric King was back in western Canada on leave. Pilot Officer Ivan Pelletier was expected back any day on leave. Flying Officer Cece Cameron was last reported heading direct from England to the Far East. When last heard of Bill Shaw was holding down his duties with the Canadian Navy. at Esquimalt, B.C. Stewart Russell and Ben Ver Wilghen were with the occupation forces in western Europe. LAC Johnny Wachowich was stationed in Nova Scotia. Ensign Dick Davis and his young family were home for a short visit early in July then Dick left for the Pacific theatre. Helen Evans left here the first week in July to meet her husband Hal in Salt Lake City; Hal was overseas for two years.

Two of our old-timers, Alex Smith and Gus Henning, have been in the Association Hospital for a month or so; we wish them each a speedy recovery.


Margaret Alderson, our nurse (left) and her friend
Miss Marge Lindsley of Prince Albert.

Number  5 » November 1945

This attractive wedding group is composed of (l. to r.) : Best man Ben Ver Wilghen, bridesmaid Iris Watts, Corporal Richard Martell, the groom, and the bride who was formerly Miss Eva Olson.

Mr. and Mrs. Allen McMillan, new
citizens of Island Falls.


DURING the past month or two we have been able to welcome home several of our service men, namely Cec. Cameron, Ivan Pelletier, Joe Hetherington, Ben VerWilghen, Alex Patterson and Harry Broley. Cece. and Ann Cameron and their three children moved back here the latter part of September. Cece. has been appointed assistant superintendent. Congratulations, Cece. Joe Hetherington is back at his old job in the plant. The Camp lost one of its foremost families when the Huffakers left to make their new home in Salt Lake City. Marvin Huffaker was our genial assistant superintendent for the last fifteen years. We all wish him and his family the best of good fortune in their new location. When Mike Klymyk left in August, Allen McMillan was transferred from the Mill to take over the transportation and stock room job here. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Reid and Dougie are recent additions to Camp. Lyle is our new commissary manager and Fred Scott is our new commissary clerk. Ernie Tyler felt the need for more excitement so moved back to Flin Flon. Ed Pegg left the end of September to resume his studies at the University of Saskatchewan, having worked here all summer as a relief operator. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Broley are new members of our Camp. Harry is working in our stock room and Mrs. Broley is our new school teacher. Velmai Gray and Pauline Mix spent the summer working here; then were transferred back to the staff house in Flin Flon.

Four more bungalows were built this summer, along the same lines as the five built last year. They will be occupied by the Russells, Harry Baileys, Brosters and Southworths.

Mrs. Eva Johnson of Flin Flon was in charge of our dining hall for several months during the illness of our good friend Gus Henning. It's good to see Gus back at his old stand again.

We enjoyed a very pleasant visit from editor George Mainwaring and Mrs. Luther Hendrickson while they were here on Northern Lights business during the month of September. I would also like to mention again at this time how much the Camp people enjoyed the visit of HBM & S Pipe Band and Mrs. Dave Lowe and her dancing class.

We are happy to congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ryan upon the arrival of Terence Michael, born August 27th.

The Hattie children snapped at their camp on the Churchill River. In the front are Florence and Allen, with Sylvia and Jack standing behind them.

Number 6 » Christmas 1945


OUR two prospector friends, Slim Lindsay and Les Seville, arrived back for the winter just before freeze-up. Miss Iris Watts has left our employ to take a hairdressing course in Winnipeg. Her job in the staff dining hall has been taken over by Miss Cassy Krokosh. Our former commissary manager, Alex Smith is operating a trading store at the Sandy Bay Indian settlement. He opened up November 1st. Johnny Wachowich has received his discharge from the R.C.A.F. and plans to work until the first of the year, then resume his studies at the University of Manitoba. Bill Shaw expects his discharge from the Canadian Navy any time and plans to return to his former job on our operating staff. Ben Ver Wilghen has his discharge from the Canadian army and is back at St. Paul's College in Winnipeg. Our small friend Lorne Parker, age four, was caught out over freeze-up. He slipped down to Flin Flon to have a toothache attended to and missed the last plane. He had a very happy though enforced visit with his grandmother.

On November sixth, William Morin was drowned in Sandy Bay while exercising his dog team along the shore opposite the Indian village. Bill had worked practically continuously for the C. R. P. since the earliest days of freighting and construction. Our deepest sympathy goes out to his family.

Our novelty Bonspiel got under way November 13th, the earliest opening date on record. We had fourteen rinks entered. In our regular curling it looks like the men will have seven rinks and the ladies three or four. Indoor sports chairman, Harry Bailey, reports that indoor sports are going at a fast clip since cold weather set in. There are eighteen couples in the Badminton tournament. At the half-way mark on November 13th Walter Leslie and Margaret Alderson were on top with only one loss.