Northern Lights

Volume 2

Number 1 » Christmas 1942

Jeanne Floch, Irene Van de Sompel and Gertrude Johnson, our stenographer, teacher and nurse respectively, out for some good northern fresh air and sunshine.
The Island Falls "Bomber Line," namely, Fred Bowman, Ernie Westbury and Sid Brown. As can be deduced from this picture, both Fred and Sid are recent proud papas.

Joanie Gebhard, English guest for the duration of her uncle and Aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Spencer, says she thinks winter in the north is a bit of alright.

Gordon Clay with his Sunday School class.

NEW arrivals here since the last issue include Dorrie Thacker, who is employed in our commissary. He was formerly Hudson's Bay Company factor at South End (Reindeer Lake) and is a brother of the well known figure skating champion, Mary Rose Baer. Frank Ryan and Slim Woods have returned to their jobs here from Whitesand, and Miss Charlotte Olson, also of Whitesand, is now employed here. Lawrence Dermody and Gordon Clay have left for the East and Stewart Russell is with the armed forces in Regina. Glen Giffin has left to take over the active management of his farm near Melfort, Sask. Glen was one of our old-timers, having started here with Fraser-Brace back in 1929.

Our Hallowe'en Masquerade dance was a big success; the proceeds from sale of hot dogs, etc., amounting to $43.00, was turned over to the Red Cross.

Our forward line, Fred Bowman, Sid Brown and Ernie Westbury, left here for Flin Flon on skates the morning of November 9th and were in town for supper the following day. We're looking for big things this season from the "power-house" line.

Johnny Spencer won the Men's Singles 10-pin Tournament after a tough struggle with Pelle Hagberg. The Island Falls open golf championship was won this year by Fred Bowman. Runners-up were Sid Brown, Max McConnell and Harry Bailey in that order. The last golf of the current season was played November 1st when Ken Bracken and Max McConnell played Ches. Henry and Harry Bailey 18 holes for War Savings Certificates. The same day several parties left by canoe for a skating party on Sandy Bay. Who called this the "frozen" North! The curling rinks for the season have been drawn up and this sport promises to be as successful as usual this season with 4 ladies' rinks and 8 men's rinks.

On November 10th, Mr. and Mrs. Ches. Henry were blessed with a son, Robert Douglas.

When a man bites a dog, that's news. Well, when Captain Gilbertson gets out of a car chauffeured by a beautiful young lady and walks home, that's news, too, to all who know the Captain. Nevertheless, several people witnessed this phenomenon here recently.

Number 2 » March 1943

Enjoying the winter sunshine are Mr. and Mrs. John Hattie and children, Florence, Sylvia, Allen, and Jackie.


ON the evening of January 17th, the Island Falls Social Club held a party in honor of Mr. Kirby Wathen and his bride who returned from their honeymoon by plane that day. Kirby is a popular member of our guard staff. Major R. W. Allen, a former member of our guard staff, returned to his home at Wanless, Man., early in December, his duties here being taken over by Mr. Dan McCollum of Flin Flon.

This fine family group, snapped while on a Sunday afternoon hike, consists of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Christensen and children, Bruce, Lois, and Lowell.

Mrs. Bob McLaughlin of Flin Flon has proven a very pleasant addition to our camp life since her arrival early in January to help clean up the heavy year end work in the office. We are pleased to have Ernie and Alice Westbury back with us after their sojourn in Flin Flon for the past two months. Mrs. Hal Evans, nee Helen Davis, was a very welcome visitor in our midst during the month of December. Husband Hal is in the American Army. Early in December, Mrs. Dorrie Thacker and infant daughter arrived to make their home here.

We are happy to announce that on December 5th the Harry Bailey family was blessed by the arrival of a daughter, Karen Lynne, and on December 31st (too bad, Mr. Ilsley) at 8:38 P.M., Jean Ann arrived to bring a very happy New Year to the W. R. Southworth family.


Lawrence, Wayne, and Jerry are three priceless possessions of Harry and Lou Bailey.

The many friends and relatives of Corporal Norman Eccles received official word on January 6th that Norman had been killed in action in the Battle of Hong Kong. Norman was an operator here for a number of years. Our deepest sympathies go out to his wife, Ellen, and little son, Jackie, his family in Winnipeg, and the Allen family in Flin Flon.

Two of our boys, former operators, Cece Cameron and Eric King, have both recently received promotions in Canada's armed forces—Cece, who is with the R.C.A.F., to the rank of Flight Lieutenant, and Eric, who is with the Ordnance Corps, to the rank of Captain. Well done boys.

Island Falls staff members who played for the 1942-43 Flin Flon Bombers hockey team.

BERT PELLETIER—Trainer of the Bombers for the past six years.

ERNIE WESTBURY—Forward, after a year out of hockey is making a strong comeback.
FREDDY BOWMAN—Forward, has been a fixture with the Bombers for six years. SID BROWN—Forward, is like the Mississippi, "Just keeps rollin' along."

Number 3 » May 1943

Champions of the Island Falls department in the 1943 Departmental Bonspiel: Jack Barkwell, Bill Shaw, Harry Whitely, and Dan McCollum.

Pupils and teachers of the Island Falls Sunday School.

Brown-eyed Bobby Bowman is a sturdy young fella, which bodes well for him being a future left-winger like his famous pop, Freddy.

SHORTLY after winter freighting started Slim Woods was transferred to the Linns. Since the last issue the following ladies have been added to our personnel: Mrs. Edna Radloff, Mrs. Anne Bailey and Miss Madeline Zell. We regret to have to announce that Mrs. Martha Pelletier is off on sick leave at present. Early in March we had the pleasure of a week-end visit from Lance Corporal Stewart Russell, Canadian Army Provost Corps. Another former employee, Joe Hetherington, is now stationed at the Pacific coast with the Veterans Guard of Canada. Word has recently come through that Graham Giffin, R.C.A.F. England, is now Sergeant Giffin. Congratulations, Graham.

On March 13th, the Social Club held a farewell party and presentation for Bill and Vivian Shaw. They were both amongst the old timers of this camp.

Our season's curling honors were carried off by the following rinks: Club Champions, Gordon Parker, Ches. Henry, Johnny Spencer and Kirby Wathen; Departmental and Love Trophy winners, Jack Barkwell, Bill Shaw, Harry Whiteley and Dan McCollum; Club Trophy winners, James Ingram, Garnet Jeffrey, Frank Ryan, and Angus McDonald. The ladies' club championship was won by Mrs. Jack Barkwell, Mrs. A. J. Henning, Miss Gertrude Johnson, and Mrs. Sid Brown.

The Grayson family enjoy and invigorating jaunt. This handsome young fellow is Joe Hetherington, 37th Company (Active) Veterans Guard of Canada.

Number 4 » July 1943

This snap shows Doug Russell and F.S. Small when they were on a little timber cruising trip up the Churchill.

Fresh meat for the camp, with Frank Hart at the controls. Can anyone beat this?


MAY 22nd was almost as much fun as Christmas, because on that day one of our longest spring break-up periods came to an end and we received three airplane loads of mail, parcels, etc. Then it very conveniently rained and snowed all weekend so we could enjoy catching up on our reading. Fortunately we came through this anxious period without any serious sickness or accident cases, due in no small measure to our popular and extremely efficient nurse, Miss Gertrude Johnson.

Since last going to press, few changes in personnel have occurred. Late in May Mr. Ernie Mortimer "The King of the North" arrived to take up guard duty. Mr. Roland Morin and family left just before breakup for Montreal. Alex Smith, our Commissary manager, left late in April for Prince Albert to take medical treatment for six months. Mr. R. W. Davis, our genial superintendent and family, left just before break-up for Salt Lake City, Utah, where Mrs. Davis was called due to her father's illness.

At the time of writing, Victory Gardens are all the go here. The old black mare never knows when she can call a minute her own. The sod busters are certainly at it. We don't like to let an opportunity to do a little boosting for our Northern Climate go by, but this is really based on facts. Our curlers enjoyed good curling during the first week of April and many of them played golf every day of the last week of April. Who said we have long drawn out springs! Incidentally our golf course is a very popular spot. We have now 30 gentlemen golfers and 20 lady golfers.

Hughie Spencer and Graham Giffin, both of the R.C.A.F., have been officially reported missing after operational flights over enemy territory. Our deepest sympathy goes out to the members of these two families.

It is seldom we let an issue go by without being able to report a few new arrivals. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Russell head the list with twin daughters, Janet Margaret and Judith Catherine. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ryan are the proud possessors of a daughter, Patricia Anne, while Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Westbury call their brand new baby girl Barbara May. To offset a few of these feminine arrivals, Mr. and Mrs. Neil Rutherford had a son, Gerald Evan, on March 27th.

Number  5 » September 1943

R. W. Davis' hamburger stand on Dominion Day.

Where Island Falls folk keep cool during heat waves.


MR. E. H. McARTHUR and Mr. E. A. Dunfield are new members of our guard staff and Mr. Dan McCollum and Mrs. Edna Radloff have been transferred to Flin Flon. Miss Lillian Raglan of the Flin Flon teaching staff arrived here early in July to act as playground supervisor during the school holidays. Miss Irene Van de Sompel, our school teacher, left at the end of June to engage in war work in the East. Early in June Ernie Mortimer was transferred to the Thompson property. Bill Lloyd and Miss Maxine Talbot relieved Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Henning while the latter were on vacation.

This year we decided to buy War Bonds for Jackie Eccles with the proceeds from our Dominion Day activities. The weather was perfect. The races for young and old were held in the morning; after lunch the bingo, dart throwing, miniature golf and archery stands held sway. The highlight of the day was the softball game between the Mill-Mine team of Flin Flon and the Island Falls All Stars. The honors went to the former after a most enjoyable game, both from the players and spectators point of view. The refreshment booth was the busiest place on the grounds from early morning until late in the evening. Despite the warm weather, the dance in the evening seemed very popular. We cleared $200 for Jackie's War Bonds.

Our new golf champion is Frank Ryan by virtue of his winning the open golf tournament on July 24th from Ches Henry, two up and one to go. During July and August the swimming pool was a popular spot with the golf course running it a close second. We were pleased to have quite a number of summer visitors and hope that they enjoyed themselves while here.

Alf Broster, Etienne McDonald, Otto Christensen, Harry Whiteley and Alex Strindlund all made visits to Whitesand during the summer to work on the fine new house for the Alf Olson family.

Here's a snap of the bingo players just getting wound up on July 1st.

Number 6 » November 1943

Newlyweds Sgt. and Mrs. Joe Kuzienski.

Stewart Russell poses with his nephew, Dale, while home on leave recently.


ABOUT the middle of August Ernest Tyler, formerly of the Mandy Mine gang, came up to take over duties in our commissary. Cece Finch and C. Boyd also arived here about August 15th to make some alterations to our recreation hall. Frank Brazier is another Flin Flon employee who spent most of this summer with us; incidentally we understand Frank feels he has now completely mastered the Cree language. Miss Jean McKay of Canora, Sask., is our new school teacher. Early in August Wilfred Guymer was transferred here from Flin Flon. Wilf took over the transportation and store room job from Frank Ryan who went to the R.C.A.F. and at time of writing is stationed at Lachine, Quebec. Dorrie Thacker and family also left us about this time for Winnipeg. Other departures include Bill Lloyd from our staff kitchen back to Mandy Mine and Kirby Wathen of our guard staff to the guard staff in Flin Flon. It's good to see Gus Henning back on the job at the staff kitchen after undergoing an operation in the company hospital. Our good friend Albert Condon is still in the company hospital and has been for the past five months. We hope he will soon be back on the job.

After a complete fade-out last issue, the vital statistics department has staged quite a come back. On August 11th, Gertrude Johnson and Sgt. Joe Kuzienski, of the U.S. Army, were married here by the Rev. R. B. Horsefield. Mr. and Mrs. Victor N. Myrvold became the proud parents of a baby daughter, Joanne Louise, on August 1st, and on August 9th, the stork paid a visit to Mr. and Mrs. R. Gordon Parker and left a lovely little daughter, Beverley Gaye. On September 13th, Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Spencer were blessed by the arrival of a fine brand new baby whom they have named William Hugh.

Over the weekend of August 28th we had the pleasure of the annual visit of 16 members of the Welfare Board and on the first weekend in September we enjoyed a visit from eleven members of the Flin Flon Board of Trade.

Number 7 » Christmas 1943

Les Saville survey's Nature's grandeur. This was taken somewhere in Northern British Columbia or Yukon.

Art Lindsay with a meal on a stick.

Mrs. Ernie Westbury with 7 months old Barbara Lynne.


WE are all happy to see Mrs. Norman Eccles back at her job in our office after being off work for a year on account of illness. Miss Jeanne Floch was recently transferred from our office to Flin Flon. It's fine to see our good friend Alex Smith back at the controls in the commissary after being away in Prince Albert, Sask., for medical treatment for six months. Early in the fall Leslie Saville and Art Lindsay were transferred here from Flin Flon. In October Pilot Officer Ivan Pelletier visited his mother and friends here prior to his departure overseas. Ordinary Seaman Len Roberts popped in on the Company plane and visited with his sister, Mrs. Gordon Parker, for about one hour while on leave in October.

Wilf Guymer was caught out over freeze up but the 75-mile jaunt from Flin Flon to Island Falls didn't seem to bother him at all. He clipped it off in 2½ days and alleges he was just nicely warmed up when he arrived here.

At time of writing interest in curling is running high. This fall we set our curling sheet up on a permanent foundation set below frost level in an effort to get away from a bad heaving condition we have had to contend with in past years. By using a level fine sand base, we were able to start curling five days after the first water was applied. Our first game was played November 15th, the earliest on record here. We have nine men's rinks and four ladies' rinks, including a rink made up of U. S. Army lads. We had 15 rinks in our novelty 'spiel.

During the freeze-up period the Recreation Hall was the scene of much activity, including all manner of bowling tournaments as well as tennis, badminton and table tennis tournaments. First class skating was to be had this fall on our swimming pool and Sandy Bay, due to the absence of early snow falls.

We had recent word that Captain Eric King was on active duty in Sicily.

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.




Looks like R.C.A.F. life agrees with Frank Ryan. Mrs. W.R. Southworth with her two children.