A First Visit to Island Falls by the Children of Marg (Cameron) Ollett, 2017

From a text message, received 2017-11-01:

Hi Dave,

I made a motor home trip up to the the Falls in August of this year with my daughter Cathy (my youngest). Grant (my eldest) joined us at Slim's Cabins where we camped for three nights. We drove onto the Island and spent a few hours there. There was a bear wandering around, which the work crew were going to trap, so we didn't go too far astray. Had a fabulous tour of the plant which is undergoing extensive repair and reconstruction. There was a skeleton Sask Power Crew and they stay in the old staff house/commissary which has been totally renovated to living and recreation quarters.

There was also a significant sized crew from PCL working so there is a mini construction camp set up in the area of the old playground.

It was a real thrill to be there!! Jim Wood's daughter took us up river to Cameron Point and Scotties Beach - both of which have changed considerably over the years. The Churchill is very high so Purple Sands Beach was completely covered. I was surprised to see there was still the odd "barrel" pointing the way up river.

It was quite smokey with lots of ash while we were there and just a day or so after we came out the road up to the Falls was closed and Pelican Narrows had to be evacuated.

It was quite a trip down memory lane. My children had never been up, so it was especially nice that at least Grant and Cathy got up there.


My daughter Cathy and my oldest son Grant.


The bay at Slim's cabins where we camped.
Scottie's Beach
Work on the plant.
The tailrace below the plant.