JAKE & ELLIE, a New Novel, Delves Into What It Means to Love Someone Who is Facing a Serious Illness

Airdrie, Alberta – November 18, 2014 – As the hockey world is rocked by new medical evidence showing concussions are a bigger problem than anyone ever thought, a new novel comes along to tell the other side of the story: the devastating personal story of a former NHL player possibly facing the life-changing diagnosis of neurological disease which may have been brought on by the many hits and concussions he suffered during his hockey career.
Jake & Ellie, a first novel by author, Hazel Young, is a story that returns to the type of relationship in which most of us find ourselves involved. It deals with the questions we all ask each other when we fall in love: Will you love me forever? Even when I get old? Even if I get sick? It is this last question that lies at the centre of this story and one which, unfortunately, Young is intimately aware.
Thirty years ago Young herself received a similarly terrifying diagnosis when she was told she had Multiple Sclerosis. She understands firsthand the anxiety, the fear and the pain. She describes it as living in a sort of Limbo; never quite sure of what indignity the disease will decide to dump upon you next.  “With incurable neurological disease there is a resentment,” Young says, “that must be faced and swallowed as you feel your body or your mind betraying you.”
And then worst of all, the huge question: Will the person you most love in the world be able to accept all of this and still love you? It is a question that eats away at the core of who you still are. It is a question that you long to hear answered with a resounding yes, the confirmation that the beloved still sees the real you beneath the damage that the disease is inflicting.
Jake & Ellie follows the two main characters as they deal with these questions. It is both a love story that looks at how they live and love their way through this uncertain landscape that they are forced to face, and a Canadian story about the game that has helped to shape the Canadian identity. 
“Jake & Ellie is a beautiful tale of second-chance love. It is a truly Canadian story that honours hockey in Canada, youth in Northern Canada, and places the rustic country cabin as the ultimate romantic getaway. This story tugs at the reader’s heartstrings and is an enjoyably smooth read.” (Annik Adey-Babinski)

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About the Author, Hazel Young
Hazel Young grew up in Island Falls, Saskatchewan and taught school in the north after attending university in Saskatoon. She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1985. She has lived in four different provinces and now resides in Airdrie, Alberta, with her husband. They have two children and three grandchildren.