Gladys Birston celebrates her 100th Birthday

Bill Westover of International Falls, MN, cousin of Arleen Birston Peacock of Winnipeg, sent us these photos. The top one shows Gladys on her 100th birthday taken at Rainycrest home in Fort Francis. We've included the one of her 99th as well, because it shows her daughter, Arleen.

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Here is Gladys's mini-biography from our Families pages.

Since the above article was published [June 5, 2004], we have learned from Arleen that her mother passed away on August 8, 2004.

2008-03-01 - Keith Olson has provided us with photos taken at Gladys's retirement party in the Plant office on April 30th, 1964. [click to enlarge]

L to R (seated): Jerry Stringer, Margaret Foden, ?, Ken Bracken, Les Saville, Jim Wondrasek, Alf Broster, Pelle Hagberg. (standing): Gladys, Fred Bowman, Bill Jonasson, Ernie Westbury, ?
L to R (seated): Magloire Nateweyes, Tom Merasty, Alfred Montgrand, Jerry Stringer. (others): Ted Berge, Marg Jefferey (with tray), Bill Southworth (in doorway), ? (back turned), Bill Bear?, Kjell Hvidsten (leaning with white cup).
Gladys, Doug Russell, Frank Brazier, Walter Leslie.