Island Falls Photos from Grant Berge: 2008-12-21

The Control Room in a simpler, more efficient time. Gordy King on phone, Grant Berge standing, Brian Bilec in the "Operators Position" at the far desk. The closest desk was Stan Ferg's "Office" for many years.
Part of the CRP logo can be seen on the floor in red tile.

The winter road to Sandy Bay at Christmas time, circa 1976?

HBAT Otter CF-MIQ coming in to land at Island Falls against a west wind. The old log boom (now long gone) did a great job preventing wave action on the concrete works.

Taken from the plane dock on Dec 21/08 at 2 PM. It has been at or near -40° for the last week.

The hoar frost is magnificent on the Island. Some of the locals are predicting a good ice year, light snow and cold weather so far. We're definitely into snow mobile weather. [December 21, 2008]

Taken on the shortest day of the year [winter solstice, December 21, 2008] at 4:17 PM from the main dam, looking directly up river. Jet contrail above, A-Dam channel to the left of the sun, the Main Channel to the right. The temperature was -29° C.