Letter from Charles B. Morgan

Manitoba Chamber Of Mines – 1930 Ad For Mussens Limited (the Linn dealer in Canada):


Sept. 26, 1929

The president,
Mussens Limited,
Winnipeg, Man.

Dear Sir;

After having completed the largest hauling contract that has ever been let in this section of the country, l would like to say a few words of appreciation of the splendid work done by the Linn Tractors.

Twelve tractors in all were purchased, but owing to an accident only eleven were used for the first part of the season, and on Jan. 22nd two more were put on. An average of 77½ tons or a total of 23,000 tons of freight was hauled, each tractor traveling over 4,380 miles or a total distance of 48,191 miles for the season.

The cost of upkeep of these tractors was very low, and the motors only stopped one hour in the twenty-four.

We not only had a heavy snow to contend with but also a very cold winter, but the Linn tractor combined with the Good snowplow soon overcame these obstacles, and the large part of the tonnage or 21,000 tons was hauled in less than two months. The balance of 2,000 tons was hauled in by two tractors before the end of March.

I do not know of any other tractor that could in any way come near to equaling the Linn 100 H.P. tractor for this kind of work, and l can assure you that for any heavy hauling that I have to do in the future a Linn Tractor will be my choice.

Yours very truly,

(Signed Chas. B. Morgan)