Island Falls House Floor Plans and Photos

 Assistant Superintendent Huffaker's house, built approximately 1937.

Only two of these houses were built, on the east side of East Street.


From Wayne Huffaker:

This rough layout is of the house my parents and I moved into in 1937. I have some doubts about the arrangement of several areas of the house.

The dining room/living room area (and relationship) is vague and the way I have drawn it looks like a poor utilization of space. I didn't attempt dimensions.

The front of the house was built on level ground, which then sloped down abruptly around the back porch and provided a walk-out rear basement door. I do remember a rather long central hallway upstairs, but suspect it ended around the dining room.

The basement area seemed somewhat smaller than the upper level. It contained laundry, shop and darkroom, plus all the electric heaters that provided heat through floor registers to the upper level.

There was no electric refrigerator. We used an ice box.

Hagberg's: one of the large employee houses on West Street, built approximately 1947.

Bruce Christensen, Rodger and Ed Hagberg, and Lois Christensen with this style of house in the background. Seven of these houses were built along the east side of West Street.

Rutherford's: one of the smaller employee houses built in 1951.

Rutherford's house and flower garden, looking north. Six houses like this were built along the west side of West Street.

A Selection of House Photos:

This was the first Huffaker house, early 1930's
Ron and Grace Herman's wee home.
Elaine McIntosh and Vivian Shaw.
Chlo Davis in their first house.
Bud Davis and Rocky on East street, 1947.
Rutherford's second home on East street, No. 6 on the Map.
East street in winter, ca. 1945. These houses were demolished to make way for new houses in the late 1940's, like the one on the right.
West street houses, looking north, taken about 1955.
The Davis and Huffaker houses shortly after they were built in 1936.
The Davis house was just north of the old staff house.
This is where the Rutherfords lived, behind the old staff house, ca. 1945. (see right)
The vines are larger.
This is another of the little cabins that newly married couples lived in, 1930's
Unlimited free electrical heat and poor insulation (sawdust) resulted in large icicle buildup every winter.
caption here
Pelle Hagberg.
This is Grayson's house on East street, 1950's
Bob and Elaine Tanner's house on East street, 1954.
This is one of the Fraser-Brace dormitories on the west side of the ball field which was converted into a suite of apartments. The Brosters lived in this one in the 1940's.
Davis House.
This was the last original slab-sided house which was behind East street. Photo taken 1977. This house was to be saved as a museum piece, but is now gone.
Panorama shot of East street taken about 1955.