Ivan Pelletier earns the D.F.C.

This is our only picture of Ivan, here with Ruby Stevenson (sister of Myrtle Leslie), during a boat trip [date unknown].

Ivan's mother worked in the staff kitchen at Island Falls during the 1930's. Ivan joined the RCAF as a gunnery officer during World War II.

Below is the terse official report of his exploits, including a list of 30 successful missions, which earned him a Distinguished Flying Cross (D.F.C.).

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PELLETIER, F/O Joseph Ivan (J36415)

Distinguished Flying Cross - No.166 Squadron

Award effective 1 December 1944 as per London Gazette dated12 December 1944 and AFRO 337/45 dated 23 February 1945. Born 1917 in New Brunswick; home in Flin Flon, Manitoba or Island Falls, Saskatchewan; enlisted in Winnipeg, 23 June 1942. Trained at No. 3 BGS (graduated 15 October 1943).Commissioned 1943. Medal presented in Vancouver 22 October 1949. No citation other than "..in recognition of gallantry and devotion to duty in the execution of air operations against the enemy." Public Records Office Air 2/8882 has recommendation dated 5 September 1944 when he had flown 30 sorties (168 hours), 6 June to 29 August 1944.

6 June 44 Acheres 7 July 44 Caen
7 June 44 Versailles 20 Jul 44 Wizernes
10 Jun 44 Acheres 24 Jul 44 Stuttgart
14 Jun 44 Le Havre 25 Jul 44 Stuttgart
16 Jun 44 Sterkrade Holten 30 Jul 44 Cahagnes
22 Jun 44 Mimoyecques 2 Aug 44 Le Havre
23 Jun 44 Saintes 4 Aug 44 Pauillac
24 Jun 44 Flers 7 Aug 44 Fontenay le Marmion
27 Jun 44 Chateau Bernapre 11 Aug 44 Duvai
29 Jun 44 Domleger 12 Aug 44 Brunswick
30 Jun 44 Oisemont 14 Aug 44 GARDENING
1 July 44 Domleger 16 Aug 44 GARDENING
4 July 44 Orleans 25 Aug 44 Russelsheim
5 July 44 Gelsenkirchen 26 Aug 44 GARDENING
5 July 44 Dijon 29 Aug 44 Stettin

This Canadian officer, as an Air Gunner, has now completed 30 sorties on targets ranging from enemy occupied territory to targets in Germany itself, Throughout his sorties he has shown complete disregard of enemy opposition and under a calm and quiet manner he has a fine offensive spirit in action which inspires confidence and has materially assisted in the creation of a high standard of morale in his crew. In spite of trying circumstances on many occasions he has shown magnificent courage and devotion to duty and has been unceasingly vigilant during the long hours of flight over enemy territory. Once, when his aircraft was attacked by an enemy fighter, by prompt action and skilful handling of his guns, the enemy was driven off without any damage having been caused.

He has been acting as Deputy Gunnery Leader and he has inspired all the other gunners with the same keenness for operational flying as he himself possesses. For his fine record of achievement this officer is deemed worthy of the award of the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Data courtesy of Hugh Halliday, RCAF Personnel- Honours & Awards - 1939-1949 database.
[see http://www.airforce.ca/]

Photo courtesy of Ada Russell