First Hetherington letter

H. 98201. Pte Hetherington Jos. W.
37th Coy. V.G. of C., (A),
Fort Osborne,
Nov. 10th, 1942

Dear Mr. Davis,

As our term of training is now over, our company expects to move away from here at any time, on short notice. So I thought I would take this opportunity to let you know that I am getting along fine with my new buddies.

There was a call for volunteers to go to England, a few days ago, so I put my name on the list, and expect to hear more about this in the near future.

About three weeks ago I ran into Alice Rice who had just returned to Winnipeg, after completing her course of basic training down in Quebec. We were both on duty at the time, and travelling in opposite directions, so our conversation had to be short and snappy. I was very disappointed that I have not been able to meet her again, all I can think of is that she must have gone home on leave, and then sent elsewhere for duty. I must say that she looked quite smart and trim in her C.W.A.C. uniform.

Last week I met both Gordon Cole and Blondie Einarrson, who are both stationed at Fort Osborne. At various times I have met on the streets in Winnipeg Ivan Pelletier from Brandon, Jack Hawkins from Fort Garry, Don G. (I can’t remember Don’s surname) but he sure looks swell in his sailors uniform.

And then one night as I was standing at the H.B. Coy corner waiting for the street car, Bob Roach came up to me and asked me if I knew him. As it is more than six years since I had seen him, I was certainly did not recognize in the tall fine looking young man standing before me, the little lad in the boy scouts, passing a 1st Aid test.

I paid a visit to the General Hospital two weeks ago, where I saw Ellen Eccles. It gave me very great pleasure to see how very cheerful she was, and she is quite positive that she is going to get better, I sincerely hope and trust that her optimism is fully rewarded, and that she will be up & around in a few more months. Please convey my best wishes to all my friends at the Falls, so until you hear from me again (in Blighty I hope)?

I remain,

Yours sincerely,

Joe H.

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