"UFO" Sighting at Island Falls
Dear Rees:
It is hard to know what to think?
Perhaps you can give us a better
idea of what you think this was.
                     W. 8/25/52

Winnipeg Free Press
August 23, 1952

Vapor-Tailed Flying Object Puzzles North

FLON, Man., (Special) - A mysterious flying object, with a long vapor tail, Thursday was sighted over Island Falls, Sask.

First reports of the phenomenon came from R. W. Davis, superintendent of the Churchill River Power company, and were followed by accounts from settlement residents.

Island Falls is 60 air miles northwest of Flin Flon.

Mr. Davis described the phenomenon as flying at an estimated 15,000 feet, at a great speed. It flew over the falls toward White Sands, a dam on the Churchill River, 60 miles distant, and came back over the falls about three quarters of an hour later.

The vapor trail was still visible when the object returned completing its loop. It was seen to make a steep climb and disappear, into the clear blue sky. No sounds of any machine were heard, said Mr. Davis.

Lac la Ronge, 120 miles southwest of Island Falls, said it saw the same sight. Whether it could be identified as an associate of the “flying saucers” is open to conjecture, said Mr. Davis, as the object leaving the vapor trail was not visible.

This is the first time anything of this kind has been reported in this area.

                 August 30th, 1952
                 Winnipeg, Manitoba.
                 Island Falls, Saskatchewan

Mr. E. Weber
Mr. R. W. Davis

Dear Sir:

With reference to your note of the 25th August, we were later advised by The Pas that a P-38 Lightening flying at least 300 M.p.h. and at altitude 35,000 was making a photographic flight over this area on the morning in question. It was an exceptionally clear morning, the conditions must have been extremely favorable for the formation of vapor trails. At any rate it was very unusual to us up here.

                                      Yours truly,
R. W. Davis


Sask. Archives Board, S-A465, C.R.P.Co. Fonds, VIII, 210, R.W.Davis, Personal.