A brief biography of M.H. Marshall

Our thanks to DrewWilson of the E.I.C. for sending this information. Marshallwas the Resident InspectingEngineer for the Churchill River Power project at IslandFalls.

Marshall’s full name was MortimerHill Marshall, known as “Hill” Marshall. We don't know his placeof birth.

He was elected an associate memberof the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers, the forerunner of theEngineering Institute of Canada, in June 1911 while living at 308- 5th Avenue West, Calgary.

In December 1916, he was electedto full membership and retained this when the Institute was "born" in1918. Marshall apparently held the M.E.I.C. designation for the remainderof his membership never having received the Life Member designation.

In 1919, Marshall was workingfor the Irrigation Office of the Department of the Interior in Calgary.By 1923 he had become the chief of government survey parties forthis Department, still based in Calgary.

In 1932, he was in private practicein Calgary; and listed in 1938 as being an engineer with the PFRA,based in Regina. The address given for him in the E.I.C. membershiplist of 1946 was: 1734 - 7th Street West, Calgary.

The membership lists for 1950and 1953 have him retired and living in Port Moody, B.C. He diedin Coquitlam, BC on July 28th, 1968 at the age of 94.