The Island Falls Community Hall

The Community Hall was the social centre of Island Falls. As well as a venue for many forms of recreation, it was a refuge from the sometimes brutal cold of winter. It contained a 26' x 26' dance floor and dance band stage, a 112' x 48' gymnasium floor, a single bowling alley, a billiards room, a barber shop, two curling ice sheets, a two-room school, and a cinema, as well as assorted utility rooms.

The Hall under construction in 1935/36.

The north end of the hall showing the main entrance porch, with the dance hall windows above. The hall was covered in soft asbestos tiles held down by metal nailing strips.

The south end of the Hall, before the school and theatre annex was built.

This early photos shows the gymnasium floor was painted with lines marking a single basketball and tennis court. The lines of the four transverse badminton courts are not there yet.

These drawings show the original plan from 1939. The second curling sheet and school rooms ladded to the west and south sides of the building, respectively, had not yet been built.

The following colour photos were taken by Gerry and David Rutherford on a visit to The Falls in the summer of 1986, not long before the Hall was dismantled.

The band stage and storage room in the dance hall, second floor, north end.

The sprinkler pressure system was located in the boy's bathroom, main floor, north end.

The Junior school room, with windows facing south.

The Senior schoolroom. Notice the strairway leading up to the cinema above the school rooms.

The black leather backstop at the end of the bowling alley.

This shows the windows of the 35 mm and 16 mm projection rooms at the back of the cinema.

The cinema projector room held a pair of 35 mm projectors, in order that one could be reloaded while the other showed the movie. The room was lined with about an inch of cement and white plaster for fire protection.

The "Cubby Holes" that Alf Broster built in the balcony on the second floor above the bowling alley, especially for kids to crawl through.

The drinking fountain in the billiards room. Remember that long drink of refreshing, ice-cold Churchill River water between badminton games on a winter evening?

This school desk distinctly shows the carved initials, GER (Gerry Rutherford) and FH (Fulton Heather?).

The two-storey addition containing the school rooms and cinema can be seen on the far (south) end.

We would appreciate receiving from Island Falls folks any photos, stories or memories about The Hall, to add to this website.