Island Falls, Saskatchewan: 1929 - 1967

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Jennifer Page



I was born in Flin Flon in 1955, the youngest of the 6 children on Victor and Joyce Cox. We attended the church where Archdeacon R. B. Horsefield was the Anglican priest. My father got his calling there and was eventually ordained as an Anglican Priest. We never lost touch with Archdeacon Horsefield, in fact I grew up calling him “Uncle Ray”. I spend many happy summer vacations with he and his wife in their B.C. homes. He is long gone. My father died last month and going through his possessions I found letters from Uncle Ray. Just out of curiosity I googled “R.B. Horsefield, and your site came up. It is quite delightful. I was happy to read the Journey to Island Falls by Archdeacon Horsefield. He died before we knew about the internet, but I fancy he would have found it interesting. Jennifer Page, Edmonton (formerly Jennifer Cox)
bruce markham

I am going to be a history teacher soon and my uncle recommended this sight. Best sight we have both ever seen.

Nat Hrynuik, P. Eng.

Regina, SK

I was very involved in the re-building of the dams from 1988 to 1998.
I came to have a real love for the place and it will always be a large part of my career as a civil engineer.
I have visited the Saskatchewan Archives in Saskatoon to get a lot of information about the original construction including photos and the journals of the resident engineer. Construction then was very different from how it is now. It would be impossible now to construct something like this development in anything like the time it was done then.
Someone who should also be remembered here is the man who was the construction manager at island Falls during much of the work we did in the 80's and 90's. Keith Dickens absolutely loved living and working there. He died there, at the place he loved.

Trevor Brown

Hello, My name is Trevor Brown, grandson of Sid and Dot Brown, son of Gordon. Awesome sight and actually had the privlage to visit the area a couple of times in my younger years. I bet it was a great place to be and only wish I could experiance the era the way it was. I went to Creighton School a couple of years behind Wade Bryson and he is doing a HECK of a job up there. Keep it up Wade. Down and Out till next time.

Vivian Shipper

I was born in Flin Flon, moving to Creighton at age 8. I 'think' I remember that Island Falls was only accessible by road in the winter, & that in summer a person had to fly in. Is that correct? I may be confused, but I 'think' that my friend's father took us up there one day on a Bombardier in the winter time. I wish I could remember the details. I have not been back to Flin Flon in 30+ years, but am going there in mid-Sept. Sure am looking forward to seeing the old homesteads. Vivian Shipper (nee Neville), youngest daughter of Norman 'Pete' Neville & Frances Neville

John Hewitt

Perth, ON

My name is John Hewitt, son of Irene Hewitt, who as Irene Van de Sompel was a teacher in Island Falls in 1942 and 1943. I let her know of some of the items on your excellent website. She recognized many names, and had her own stories immediately coming to mind of her time in Island Falls. Great work on the information on your site, Dave. I am now trying to obtain a copy of the history book listed on your site. My father, Art (George) Hewitt knew Bob Rutherford well. Perhaps this is your father? My Mom and Dad live in Camrose, Alberta, and I live outside Perth, Ontario. My brothers, sister and I all grew up in Flin Flon, and many of the names on your site are familiar to me. The Hatties lived next door to us at 111 Bellevue, Flin Flon. Again, great work. And all the best.

Geoff King Jr.

Winnipeg, MB

I've just been reading many of the articles about Island Falls, and I've been finding it very exciting! My Uncle, Philip King was there in 1936, and I've just read his article. He was a 19 year old summer student. These guys were the pioneers of the north! What a heritage they leave for us! Thanks for the web page. Now, my 21 year old son is working up there at Kississing Lake and I just sent him an email about his pioneer Great Uncle!! Its a small world!! Thanks for a wonderful website!!

Shelley Hvidsten

Whitehorse, YT

Although I don't remember too much about living in Island Falls the pictures are proof. We are having a bit of a family reunion in Flin Flon next month to celebrate my dad's (Kjell) 80th birthday. Will revisit this site with him. (

Bob Bowman

Greetings from Bob Bowman, I'm visiting with my daughter, my son in law and first grandson (Ethan,) Tom and his new wife Jenn are also here. We have spent some time time vesting the Island Falls website and have had some great memories renewed. Happy Holidays to all the visitors to the site . Thanks to the currator of this historical document. If you wish to connect via e-mail to Bob, e-mail

Betty McKay

Calgary, AB

I lived in Island Falls in the 46 - 48 years.
The ex police chief of Calgary, Ernie Reimer and I met for lunch, and we had a grand conversation about Island Falls. He used to spend summers at Island Falls

  • The store on the hill. The store keeper was in a wheel chair and I remember his first name was Alex. My birth mother Pauline Nichols (Seymore) helped him run the store. We lived in the back part separate from where Alex stayed in the front part of the store. When trying to get past Alex (Alexander) who was in a wheelchair sitting by the long heater I ended up burning my left arm. I had to go over to Sandy Bay to have it dressed. He gave me a dress with balloons all over it. I had the use of a beautiful wooden wagon that was in the store. The store front had double doors with a horse shoes counter top around the stocked shelves. The floor was wooden. There was also a side door that Alex could get out with his wheelchair.
  • A horse was once brought into the store in late fall. I remember that all winter long the ice from under the horse shoe was frozen to the floor for the winter.
  • The float planes bringing in supplies and new people.
  • My memories are of the hospital starting to be built. My aunt, Betty Prudent, was a cook for the hospital.
  • The grey storage shed down by the lake where the caribou meat was stored.
  • Traveling by canoe to the islands to collect duck eggs for part of our food.
  • Visiting our Indian neighbours who showed me how to make a swinging hammock for over the bed. The love of wearing moccasins.
  • Sandy, who showed me the mean side of a sling-shot, and the bottom of a rain barrel. We were best of friends.
  • My first communion in the church. I still have a photo taken at that time.
  • My one day of school. One day as I was too young to be in school, but what finished me off was the teacher ate my packed lunch.
  • In order to get to Island Falls we had to go from Lac La Ronge by horse sleigh in the dead of winter. It was so cold that clapping hands and running along side the sleigh was necessary to keep warm. Then to get back to many portages.

    Just a few memories.
    If you could update me as to what happened to the priest (at that time) Father Tim***.  Rumor was that he went over the dam. I could not see that happening but I often wonder if it was true. Thanks for the memories.

Laura Bowman nee( Heather)




What a lovely site! I was so happy to read all the comments. I was born there, along with my 3 brothers. My dad and mom worked there, Charles Heather and Phyllis Heather.Dad was a guard there.Mom was a school teacher. My brothers are Fulton, David and Jim. I was born in 1949 and we moved from Island Falls in 1950 to Guelph Ontario, A lot of the names are familiar to me, as they or you were friends of mom and dad. Dad passed away in 1979 and mom in 1985. My brother Dave and I went back to visit Island Falls about 5 years ago. Precious memories.

Brenna McDonald




I came upon this site by accident and its amazing how much history there is on the community of Sandy Bay. I am originally from Sandy Bay so I am learning as I go through all the pics. I even got to see pics of my great great grandparents it was amazing how young they looked. Keep up the good work on this site and keep adding more pictures.

Alyson Prince (Akert)




Great Site; my father worked in Island Falls in the early 70's or so.(Norman Akert)

Tony Ulriksen




Hi everyone! I was doing a search on Reindeer Lake (I grew up in Southend) and I stumbled on this site. What a treat! My uncle Fred Ulriksen took over the Whitesand Dam in the mid to late Sixties and I remember many stories about so-and-so from Island Falls or Sandy Bay... it's nice to see a photo or two to connect the tales. Also, I really enjoy reading information about the life in the north and history. I know many people from the Peter Ballentyne Cree Nation and it's nice to see some history. Congratulations on a wonderful website!

Sonia Deep (nee Demeyriez)

Cold Lake



Great site. My father Richard (Dick) Demeyriez worked for Churchill River Power around 1930 (operator in the Power Plant). He left for Switzerland in 1932 and returned same year with my mother Gabrielle. He also ran mail with dogs from Island Falls. Anyone know him?
[Note: See our article mentioning Demeyriez]

Diane Chlo Evans Jensen




My grandfather is Rees W. Davis. I love what you are doing with this web site. Thank you!

flora smigel

sandy bay
hi! Dave I was just showing the website to some viewers here , so I thought I would sent you greetings from Sandy Bay and all really enjoyed the site. Flora

keith Olson

East Selkirk



Barb and I continue to enjoy your great website. Just came back from visiting my mother in Calgary, she will be 95 in April and has agreed to quit driving her car. Last summer we walked the old paths at the Falls. The memories sure do come back. The log house in which I was born and in which you, later, lived is still mostly standing. We hope to go back up again next summer, we've missed only one since 1969. Maybe we will see you again this time. We heard that the three cabins on the beach were broken into after we left at the end of August. Too bad this sort of thing has to happen. A sign of the times, I guess.

terrie ribaric


love to see more pictures

Geoffrey King


My brother,Eric King, was a power house operator at I F in about 1932 to 1939

C. A. Prewett

Three Forks



Just got started on the site, and it is enjoyable reading, especially because this type of work will be gone some day, and we will never know what people went through to achieve a goal. Good reading.

Flora Smigel

Comox , B.C V9M 4E3




Trevor Dyck





Hi Dave - I just took a browse of your website and found it very intriguing, especially your Christmas story. It sounds like a dreamlike place to have grown up!

Kathleen M Rowlette

Kansas City



Very Nice web site Thank you for the visit

Channa Senyk




Enjoyed the website immensely, like going back in time as a child visiting the Ferg family and sharing their memories of their life at Island Falls. Had the chance to visit it in 1970's.

Wally Sasyniuk




A former Flin Floner- 1970-1978, a member of the airborne geophysical crew with HBED. My body left Flin Flon, but I heart still remains there, I have returned often. With thanks to you wonderful people, my beloved "Flin Flonners" Wally Sasyniuk

Brittany Mauirce




well i know alot of people there but i really wanna see them like byron morin and alxe morin they are good friends of mine and i think it would be nice to have some pic of kids around sandy bay haveing fun and playing games and stuff like that ok well get back soon thankx alot

Kari Lentowicz

Flin Flon



Nice website!! Been familiar with the area for years but am really interested in the history of the place. My Mushoom and great grand fater were both workers at island falls. For interest sake, those who have relatives who used to work there can get photocopies of their work record at the main office at HBM&S in Flin Flon. My great grandfather was a mail delivery person for them and he ran his route by dog sled. Very neat!!

Kona Bryson

La Ronge



I love this sight!

Cailie Cluff

Flin Flon,mb



Hello! Fell apon your little site completly by accident and low and behold there were pictures of my family. I am eldest daughter of Gary Cluff. Nice to put some visuals to the old stories. Wonderful site!!

Kristine Ogrodnick (Loucks)

The Pas



Hi! I was born while my parents Dave and Alice Loucks lived in Island Falls. I stumbled across your website completely by accident and my dad is itching to look through it. Anyone who would like to contact my dad (unfortunately we lost mom to cancer May 2003) can do so at my e-mail address. Was fun to show my kids where it all started for me. Our family moved to Snow Lake from Island Falls and then on to Pine Falls, MB in 1971 where my dad still has his home.





i love your pics and where is byron morin i really wanna see what he looks like k well send me a pic of him plz and thank you

Vince Murphy-Dodds

Anglin Lake



Hi. This is wonderful site. Just took a look at a few items and am enchanted with the story of this community. I was born (1940) and raised in Flin Flon. My Uncle Vincent Murphy was was of the Linn tractor drivers and went on to be a "Dinky" (electric locomotive) engineer for HBM&S during the open pit development. He as also a Grand Master of the Flin Flon Knights of Columbus. He passed away in the early 1930's. I had the opportunity to visit Sandy Bay recently and took an informal tour of the power site as well as a wandering over the sidewalks and foundations of the townsite. To be sure, there is a strong spirit that still exists at this place. I recall CFAR used to broadcast a half hour of piano music in the early '50's with Sid Foden of Island Falls as the pianist. I think Sid taped the music at home and sent the recordings down to CFAR. Thanks for all your work in getting this site together. All the best. Vince.

Nancy Spencer Johnson




Growing up in Island falls was a unique experience. Thank you to everyone who created the website. It brings back lots of memories.

Kristin Aimoe





George MacLean




Dave!! I was pleased to find your web site on Island Falls and to read of its history and people. But as you know, Luther College in Regina was a High School for several of you. I do remember you, Ann and Dick Southworth, Ed Hagberg (but who could forget him,) and Dale Russel. Even at that time, almost 50 years ago, I was taught a lot about Island Falls! See you at our next Allumi reunion? George MacLean Ottawa

king of obsolete

lynn lake



thanks dave for hosting my CAT TRAIN NEWSLETTERS for a year, now i have my own web site and there is a link to your islandfalls site. so for all those yu like the CAT TRAIN stories come and join us. also i visited islandfalls in april with the woods family and what a place to see. really enjoyed myself. thanks joey barnes and xena

Jack Rutherford


Myself and 3 other employees of General Electric worked on the rewind of a generator in 1967. Finding this site has brought back a lot of memories. The mountie at the time was Bill Stevens. The controller of flights was Don Dempsey. I still have a pair of Mukluks that was made by a resident of Sandy Bay. The articles on this site are vey informative and interesting.

Bonnie Lee Warren (Charlette)




I did a search for the fun of it and to my surprise I found a picture of my biological mother, Virginia Marie Charlette. It was like looking in a mirror...she was so young and happy.




Maurice Comeau


Hi Dave-What a great website, it sure brought back a lot of wonderful memories. My son Gordon who lives in California found your website and put me on to it. I first went to Island Falls in 1935 to 1938 and then back again for 1 year in 1947. My dad Wilf was a steel rigger and worked there during the construction years. The pictures sure bring back great memories and I am amazed at how many people I can remember without looking at the captions.By the way I am the one standing by Lowell Christensen in the sixth picture of school groups. I am sure Peter Spencer will be glad to have this cleared up I am planning to visit Island Falls this summer. Also hopeing the church is still standing in Sandy Bay. We used to go to mass there by freighter canoe. I have some great pictures of those occassions. I would also like to hear from anyone who still remembers me. Give me your phone number as typing this story has taken me about an hour and my one finger is getting very sore.

rick whiteley


good to talk to you last weekend dave! It got me thinking about the north country again and the fun growing up in it.Does any one have a e-mail adress for Jim or Ray Woods? I have fond memories of times spent with Jim and for some reason Maxine's macaroni and cheese sticks in my mind as well. I was also remembering my dad and Rees Davis sitting for hours playing cribbage.As I remember half the fun for the two of them was the creative accounting both used in scoring and catching the other one doing it.! Must have something to do with getting old because I seem to remember the stupidist things and forget the important!

Gordon Comeau




Dave, Excellent Website! I was surfing the net, looking for information on my family history. What a surprise to land here. My father (Maurice Comeau) lived in Island Falls in his younger years. I now know a lot more about Island Falls and its history. By the way, in the second picture under “Groups of Boys”, my Dad (Maurice Comeau) is the question mark standing on the staircase (with what looks to be a pistol). I hope to visit Island Falls some day.

Don & Viola Dixon




Many thanks to all our friends in Sandy Bay who made a visit into something special and were always there to chat into the wee hours as we sipped mint tea and played Yatzee.

Len Kassian




This is to inform those who may be interested that long time employee of the Hydro Plant and wrote articles for Northern Lights Paper, Bill Southworth of Gimli, Manitoba passed away at the age of 96. His wife of some 67 years still resides at the Betel Home in Gimli. For further information you may require, contact his daughter Ann Frederickson in Gimli at or his son Dick Southworth in Edmonton.

Randy Christensen





Excellent history photos of my family!!! Thank you very much!!!!

Ira Perry




Great website. I worked for CRP from 1971 - 1980.

Bruce Roberts




RCMP stationed at Island Falls/Sandy Bay 1963 to 1964.

Joe Kuziensky


Enjoyed discovering your web-site. Brings back many memories of my days at Island Falls.

Roy Einarson




Nice to see your web site. My Uncle John Hattie worked on the electrical end while my father, Einar Einarson, worked on some part of the construction. My father met and married my mother, Katherine Hattie, at Island Falls Roy

Jean Nateweyes

Prince Albert



I would like to thank everybody that helped put up this website and to keep up the good work. I myself had a chance to tour the Island Falls Dam, I found it to be rewarding experience and educational. My Grandfathers had worked for the company, and I feel that my roots are inbeded their and I always wondered what life was like for my grandfathers who lived and worked by there. I know their names are written in the archives and I am happy that they are not forgotten. Thankyou Very Much Jean Nateweyes

Bob Meyer

Box 56




I really enjoy reading of this area. Look foreward to hearing more..

Brad Anderson


Really enjoyed the website, reading articles and stories. The newsletter by Joey Barnes was especially interesting

alison ballentyne

La Ronge



I have the names of some of the skaters in the photo. There are two in the back row on the left hand side whose faces are almost obliterated so I can't name those and I don't know the names of the teachers, but the other girls are, from left to right: Virginia Charlette, Veronica Morin, Emily Sinclair, Marie Louise Charlette, Nora Ballantyne (with the goofy look on her face and standing slightly tilted), Irene McDonald, Flora Nateweyes(with the white fur ear muffs), Margie Bear, Lillian Bear(dark and petite in the front row), Yvonne Bear, Kathy Goertzen(bangs and glasses), Veronique Caribou(very serious looking), Angelique Linklater, Dorothy Bear. Hope my little comments help you connect the names and faces. I am enjoying your web site.

Brian Foster


So this where The King of Obsolete hids out

John Martin




Love the page. Keep up the good work!

corney ballentyne

Sandy Bay




Chris Barber

Saratoga Springs



Excellent stories and research! I would love to be able to go on a tour. As a antique crawler buff this the ultimate crawler experience. Thank you for such indepth details.

Wally Wasylenko




I was wandering through the web looking for ancestry connection when your page suddenly popped up! What a surprise and indeed what a pleasure to look through. My home town is Flin Flon. My grandfather, Pete Wasylenko (Whom I had never met)worked as a lineman between Flin Flon & Island Falls. I believe he died of a heart attack over his boat motor sometime around 1934/5. Now that I'm retired and have more time, I've startes doing some family history reconstruction. If you have any info that would be appropriate for Pete Wasylenko, I would be truly appreciated. I have had him described to me as very short and very stocky. I am able to state further information as related should you need to contact me directly. Cheers & Keep well, Wally

Margaret McLeish




Was looking up some family history and found your wonderful website. What a trip down memory lane.Do you have any information on where to get back copies of the Northern Lights-1948-1953? What other info are you looking for? Have some old, family pictures. Margaret

Rennie Elliott




Great website! Nice to see the results of using what the men built down the street, the Linn tractor, 1917-1952, at a average of 2 machines per week or approx. 2500 units, although around 1928-1930 when the Churchrill River Power Co. and Hudson Bay Mining & Smelting Co. Linns were shipped up to Winnipeg, they were often working double or three shifts to keep up with orders. The Linn was primarily a road construction and maintenance vehicle, by 1930 over 400 Linns were keeping the winter roads open.

Billy Butts

Zephyrhills Fl33540

Having lived near Morris N Y and in the town of Harpersfield I remember as a small child late 40s early 50s the clatter of the linn breaking thru the hudge driftsof snow. Billy Butts Butts Corner N Y Route 23

Chas. Zimmerman



U.S. A.

When I was about7or8 yrs. old we lived 3 tenths of a mile off the town road and the town had an older Lynn(no glass cab)and we could hear that plowing down the road a good 30 min. away. Our 3 tenths of a mile was snowed in and we had no way of getting out. My father sent me out to plead with the workman as he had before.Of course they would not plow for me either.Long story--but I have never forgotten the powerful Lynn. C.Zimmerman

Dr. Lorne A. Parker




This very interesting--as I lived in Island Falls from 1941-46..






Merry Christmas to all!and to you Dave. got your e-mail few moons ago.take care! flo


green lake



hi everybody!!!!!

Ken Ferg





Good job on the web site.A relative to Stan Ferg. Who worked at the Falls from 1948 - 89 . Love the country, and the people responsible for the development of the north. Keep up the good work.

katelyn gamble




hello!i am geraldine gamble's daughter related to rose morin. i have never been to island falls ever since i've been going up there but i heard it was really really pretty but i got to go.

Nicole Stewart

Sandy Bay



Nice to see how the plant was build during the late 20's. I heard a lot of stories of the plant from the elders here in Sandy Bay. There is still a couple of older generations still around to share these stories with the young generations. Assistant Operator @ Island Falls and hopefully one day I will be Hydro Operator.

David S. May

Springfield, Mo.

I like the stories.

Bill Southall




Great website! My mother is Judy Russell. We visited Island Falls a couple of times as young children and were fortunate to be able to look through the house where my mother's family grew up. We attended the Island Falls reunion. I am now 37 years old sincerely appreciate your efforts to preserve the life and times of the people of Island Falls.

Margaret McNarry




Great web site - Love Joey's stories - keep 'em coming, Joey! I remember you when you were just a little lad with a pocket full of rocks in Alexander in the middle of the bald prairies. Give my best to Hank and MaryLou. After wandering through the site I can see I will have to visit Island Falls one of these days. It looks live a lovely place. Back in 1969 I almost took a job at Lynn Lake working at the radio station there - sometimes still wish I had! Keep up the good work. Margaret McNarry (John's sister, in case you haven't figured it out)

Daireen (Grayson) Wilson





Frank W. Fox




I enjoy the "Cat Snow Train" but dident see "old Red"? I hope it in not in the lake again? I havent had time to work on my T9 or my Cat 212 grader. Since I retired, I dont seem to have time to spend on the toy's. Frank





CUDDLES Thanks for sending the news letter! But the problem is I can't read LOL Keep up the good work

Rita Bear Gray


My father is Angus Bear Sr. and my brother is Charles Bear, they both used to work for Island Falls power dam when I was growing up in Sandy Bay, Sask. It is nice to look at the photos.





will be visiting the dam august 25 03

Tom Willey

Los Gatos



I'm looking to track down Hazel Willey. It appears both our Grandfathers were called Tom Willey and were born in the Newcastle area of the UK around early 1900's. I'd be delighted to receive an mail from her. Tom

Diana Grayson (MacDonald)



I just want to say that I finally had the opportunity to visit your website, David. I feel priviledged that I was able to assist with pictures and other material. Most of the pictures and information were passed on to me from my parents, Bill and Leone Grayson. This has brought back so many wonderful memories of the place I grew up,"Heaven on Earth".

Irene Morin




I found some interesting information in regards to my family history in your website. In Sandy Bay Indian Village history I found a paragraph about my great-grandfather Louis Morin and a picture of my great-grandmother Veronique Morin "Pono". I also found more information on both of them on Vol.15, 1956 number 2, June 1956 and again another picture of my kohkom (great-grandmother). Louis Morin worked for Hudson Bay factor in 1883 in Pukatawagon, Manitoba. His son Henry Morin also worked for Hudson Bay in Sandy Bay (my grandfather), this I know from my late mother Nancy Mary Morin. My mother's mother was Angelique Morin (Colomb). I can't find any thing on both of my grandparents in your website. Thanks again for the website, I'll keep looking... In the same Vol.15 I found Sarah Jane's picture who is also one of my late uncle's daughter. Wow! I just can't believe it. I am letting my family know about your website. THANKS AGAIN... IRENE MORIN's history: add more family later...

Doug & Lynn Henry




A few years ago I was able to take my wife, Lynn, and children (Donna and Jason) to the Island Falls site and to what to us will always be Henry's Isle (via a canoe from Maxine Woods - thanks Maxine!) While it was nice to be able to show my family the power house, A Dam, and other sites it was also a little sad to visit the actual home sites and find only sidewalks and holes in the ground. I suppose everybody likes to know that they can always return to their childhood comunity when they want to - and that is something we could not do - until now! What a wonderful website. Now, not only can we go back to Island Falls when we want to- we can do it without leaving home! David, you have provided a wonderful website and a very neat way to be able to travel through it. I enjoyed reading comments in the guestbook and hope to find more as time goes along. Remember the old swimming "pool" just below the camp. One winter I got into a discussion with Bob Bowman, Rodger Habburg, Brian Olsen, Jim Russel about whether blue ice was thick and safe or thin and dangerous. I took the position that it was thick and safe and proceeded to walk out on the ice to prove my point. The others were dead right - and I was nearly dead to prove it. Thank goodness Mrs. Brooster heard my hollering and came to the resuce! ... at least that's the way I remember it. Lots of fine memories come from the articles and pictures. Thnaks, again. Doug Henry

Alison Macnair

United Kingdom

I would love to know whether Ann Errington, who appears in the records of Island Falls, was the daughter of Harry Errington of south London. (We know Harry emigrated to Canada and had a daughter named Ann or Anne.)Harry's little sister Unity will be 90 next week! She remembers him with much love, but he didn't stay in touch with his family in England. I haven't been able to trace any information about him.

flora smigel ( morin)

df smigel




It is very nice to see many old pictures from Sandy Bay. I really enjoyed looking at them and brings back nice memories as I was born there. The family photo of Alex Morin's,which is so nice to see too. I would like to thank the person who took the picture. This is so great thanks!I am the little girl with no name just a question mark. Flora

del triber




i think the photos and storys are great. it brings back old times. del com pilot from 1948

Irene Morin




I really enjoyed finding this website it gave me alot of information that I wanted to know about the history of Island Falls and my native community Sandy Bay. I was so amazed to find old pictures of my native relations and other generations from Sandy Bay. I live in Saskatoon with my children and I tell stories of what its like to live in a native community and I hear of some stories about Island Falls from my native elders. Those stories are told today to my generations and this website really helps me to place-connect those stories together of what I remember. I only hope there was more of native people in the website to tell their stories of the past. I know my mother's side of family worked with HBC and I didn't find too much on them. If you have any Louis and Henry Morin's family stories please help me and send them to me to learn more about my history.I am really greatful to have found this website. I use to play at Island Falls in my early years and they are good memories to treasure. I know Jim,Dale Russell and Tim Davis,Slim Woods,and I learnt some of their history through the website. Do you know Nancy Morin Jr.(henry&angelique) or my white father JOHN (SMARTDEAN?) from the mine in Flin-Flon. Flin-Flon also my old hometown and Cranberry. SHARE YOUR STORIES so I will find the past that is still unknown to me. PLEASE THANK-YOU. Help! I like to find my father's side of family, history... I am a half-breed looking for my history---both ways? TAPWE KAYAS NITOTEMAK. yes long time ago my relations,friends.... god bless you all and the website... 04/16/03

Dean Barkwell

Slave Lake



What a great website brings back a lot of wonderful memories. Thanks Bob Tanner for telling me about this site. Great work David, I will return to this site many times

Jim Stevens

Flin Flon



Hi, I was surfing the web looking for information on the Linn Tractors and ended up on this site. What a surprise. Great site. It brings back lots of memories. I remember a lot of the Island Falls people having been born and raised in Flin Flon. My mother was employed by the HBM&S warehouse from about 1928 until she retired in the 1960's. I see a few names in this guestbook I have lost contact with over the years. Keep up the good work.

joey barnes

lynn lake



Dave i'm glad you gave me a second chance at the guest book, since your computer misplaced my last entering. This is a great web page and tells a lot of forgoten history. It is good to see the linn tractors pulling so much tonnage.(someday my linn tractors will pull that kind of weight) Right now i want to try and go from Island falls to Flin Flon just to relive the good old days in my linn tractors.Hope you will be along Dave because you can talk with two hands on the computer and be able to get more history for the web page. According to the history 1/2 the fun of living a Island Falls was getting there.

Good work! Very enjoyable for me to revisit old times and people. Thanks. Jill

Jill Rowe <>

Edm., AB Canada -

Fascinating..thanks for the opportunity to see scenes where I grew up.

E. Wayne Huffaker <>

Houston, TX USA -

Almost 40 years ago I met you Dave and your family and all of you influenced our family in a major way, for you the Rutherford's were there for us, immigrants coming from far away Germany and not knowing how to live in this country. Now 40 years later we meet again and your father and mother have died and your history goes on through your parents. I thought I knew you Dave, however now after reading and studying Island Falls I know you so much better. Thank you for being the family you were for us, thank you for researching and doing all this work and letting me get to know the Rutherfords even better.


Canada -
Your site has brought back so many wonderful memories of the stories that my parents told me. Island Falls was truely a paradise with all the beautiful scenery, the cold fresh air and the ability to catch a fish with just a hook. Thank you so much for bringing the memories back-- Joyce Huffaker Hurst

Barbara Joyce Huffaker Hurst <>

Las Vegas, NV USA -

I was a child at one of the reunions. I loved it in Island Falls and it's neat to see where my Mother grew up. Thank you for this.

Stacy Rowe <>

Calgary, ab Canada -

I was thrilled to hear of the site. It was great to see pics of my Grandpa Pelle, Grandma Gwen and Dad(Rodger) and Uncle Ed (Hagberg). I'd always heard so many interesting stories of the people who worked and lived there and this just made it all come to life in living color. You've done a great job! I called my Dad right away and told him of all of the funny picturs I found of him.

Paige Loeppky(Hagberg) <pbloeppky>

Winnipeg, MB Canada -

thanks for a great website. such a history.wasn't it wonderful to be a part of it.

Bobbie Mawdsley(nee Tanner) <>

ladysmith, bc Canada -

Nice to see old memories

Robert Roy Thompson <>

flin flon, mb Canada -

Thanks so much for doing this. But how did all those old people I knew and loved get so young and beautiful?

Hazel Young (Nee Willey) <>

Ottawa, ON Canada -

A wonderful trip down memory lane. I'll be back... again, again and again! Thanks so much for all your efforts.

Charlotte Willey

Halifax, ns Canada -

I was in grade 6 when we moved from Island Falls, as it became automated and was essentially run from Flin Flon. My memories are those of a child but what I remember is that it was a great place to grow up. A well done website.

Gerri Thompson <>

Brandon, MB Canada -

Was great seeing all the pics that I heard so much about from Ada Russell and "Slim" Woods regarding the plant. Seeing the "Ol' Gal" (the plant) in the begining, was great. Will try and take good care of her. Wade Bryson Duty Op.Island Falls

Wade Bryson <>

Canada -

Thanks for the memories! Faces and names had faded for me, but looking at these photos has brought back so many happy thoughts about growing up in Island Falls in the 1950's. I don't really know what the adults thought of the place, but it was a fantastic place to be a kid in (even if we had to clean little "things" out of our bathing suits in the summertime at the pool). Again, thanks for all your work on this site.

Marlene Hessing

Saskatoon, Sk Canada -

I have followed the construction of your web site from the outset. Of course you and I usually see one another twice a year in Saskatoon and at my cottage at Candle Lake. The pictures and writings bring back such fond memories of a very unique place in history. Every time I visit this website I feel sad for what has been lost but happy that my famuliy and I were part of it all.

Ed Hagberg <>

Saskatoon, Sask Canada -

what a great walk down memory lane!!!! frank hvidsten put me onto this site when i was up wheeling and dealing on a new vehicle at the dealership in aidrie,AB. although we moved when the plant was automated,I still recall many childhood antics before Flin Flon became home. I can't imagine growing up in the townsite now, but it sure was great for the first nine years of my life. well done...

Sandra Dash <>

Calgary, AB Canada -

Wow, what a great site! Sandra Dash mentioned this site to me so I though I would check it out. My father Norman Akert worked up at Island falls I believe in the early 70's. It was great to see where he had once worked. Alyson Akert

Alyson (Akert) Prince

Strathmore, AB Canada -

You done good! I will add more later.

wayne bailey <>

Lawrencetown, NS Canada -

Hi All Bob tanner Visited us today and mentioned this web site. My Dad, Garnet and I reviewed the website and it has brought back many memories - I have credited growing up in Island Falls as one of the reasons I have suceeded as well as I have in life. I will be visiting this site many times in the future. I would appreciate being contacted by the many people I grew up with - Plaease let me know where you are and what you have done since 1967 when we dissassembled. Love you All Bob

Bob Cluff <>

Surrey, BC Canada -

What a pleasure this has been, visiting this GREAT website. From '59 to '68 I flew one of HBAT's Otters and made countless trips to The Falls and Whitesand. Good to see the faces of so many of my passengers. "Memories Are Made Of This."

Pat Donaghy <>

Norland, On Canada -

rees w davis is my grandfather and although i have never really met him,except when i was a baby, he has always been with me and helped me become who i am through hearing all the wonderfull stories and wanting to be like him and so i am very greatfull for your website which helps me get to know him a little bit more. i look forward to returning to it and will pass it on to all my family including my dad bud davis jon davis

jonathan rees davis <>

flin flon, mb Canada -

I am very greatful to look and read about my Grandpa's life up at island falls. I am greatful for the man he was, i knew him for a few years when i was a young boy. He was a good role model. He was also a good leader for our family. Thank you. It was very nice to see the pictures of what seemed to be a simpler time.

James R. Davis,R.M.T <>

Airdrie, Ab Canada -

Your website is an informative and very interesting account of the life of Island Falls. I have heard many stories of the Falls from my family, and we still keep a family cabin just upriver from the shortcut. Grandpa Ferg would be proud that you are keeping these old memories alive for future generations

Calvin Wilcox

Creighton, SK Canada -

Accidently stumbled on your web site. Great to see the names I remember. I have a bunch of old photos,will now have reason to go thru them again and will forward to you.

Rick Whiteley <>

Cumberland, B.C Canada -

Thank you for the effort put into making this website. Certainly was enjoyable viewing the pictures that brought back many fond memories. Contact Walter Leslie @ Box 86 Sundre ,AB. Tom 1xo .

Walter Leslie <>

sundre, ab Canada -

Dave It was good to see the revised web site. I am currently in Gimli and just told Ann about the site so her friend has your web address and she will be able to check it out. Dick Southworth

Dick Southworth <>

Edmonton, AB Canada -

Love the website Dave. Thanks so much for all the time and dedication. I would love to hear from folks. Helen

Helen Davis Evans <>

Bountiful, UT USA -

Fascinating reading, and as the Mite site you have made an excellent presentation. I would like to vist Island Falls. Thanks for the web address TED

Ted Reusch <>

Banning, Ca USA -

like the web site only learned about it today would like to know if anyone has alist of all the children and possibly their whearabouts.

Barry Dickens <>

Flin Flon, Mb Canada -

The history of Island Falls has been very educational for me to obtain information of the establishment of Sandy Bay, Saskatchewan. I realize that Sandy Bay would not be where it is, if Island Falls was not created. I found alot of old pictures of my elders and relations of Sandy Bay, and it is great to see the pictures of my people whom I never met. I lived in Sandy Bay for a short while but the history of my family is still within Sandy Bay area.

June McCallum

Saskatoon, SK Canada -

What a great job you have done on this record of the life and times of all who were fortunate enough to have visited or lived in "Camp". There is no quick way to tell people what it really was like, so we can now point them to this site and hpr they can get a feel for what it was all about.To grow up there was a uniqe experience and I think most of us are the better for it. I see you were looking for some info on Cap Gilbertson. All I remember was this big old guy at A dam in a big old duffle coat guarding us all from the bad guys, who were sure to show up, during the WW2. Does any one recall the dummy guns that were made of pipe to fool the Stukas or whatever.Who could ever forget Christmas Eve at the hall. Christmas carols' (thats where we we really learned them) while we waited for word that Saint Nick had just past White sands.Then we walked home through the crunchy snow,tried to sleep knowing that he would be back again on the return leg. Well David old son see the memories you have stirred up. Hope to see more remanicences the next time I log on.

Wayne and Kay Bailey <>

Lawerencetown, N.S. Canada -

Terrific! It's like old home week every day. I often think of growing up in Island Falls and wonder where certain people are today. Each New Year celebration reminds me of the goodies to be found at the community hall the next day. We'd get quite a variety of snacks to be hidden away in our hockey lockers at the rink. As I sit here the memories come flooding back. It was truly a great place to grow up. I wish you all good health and a MERRY CHRISTMAS 2002!!! Gary Cluff

Gary Cluff <>

Creighton, Saskatchewan Canada -

I found out the site after attending a Flin Flon Xmas Party recently My father was Eddie Lomax and my mother was Mildred and I had a brother ,who;s name was Brian. In order to update the lists Eddie Lomax passed away July 25,1977,My mother ,Mildred passed away April29 1989 My brother Brian passed away Febuary14,1992. I still think back to the good times I had as a youngster at the swiming beach and being rescued by the life guard whom I think was Bonnie Henry.I would thank whomever for the Great site and keep the good work

Kerry Lomax <>

Kelowna, B.bc Canada -

Congratulations on all the work that has gone into the website. It is a lot of fun looking at the pictures and the familiar faces. I will contribute some addional materials in due course. Tom Cameron, son of Cec and Anne Cameron

Tom Cameron <>

Edmonton, AB Canada -

greetings to all.-WHAT A GREAT IDEA. Ron and I retired to LANGENBURG, SK.Ron died in 1984. I continue to live there (on the Yellowhead hwy 16). Craig and Michelle,2sons live in FLIN FLON MAN. Scott and Glenda son and daughter live in Regina SK. Keep the additions coming.

Iris Simpson <mcsimp@mb.sympatico,ca>

Flin Flon, mb Canada -

I am the grandson of R. W. Davis. I really enjoyed looking over the web site. It has brought back a lot of memories of my grandpa. I remember spending a lot of time visiting with him and my grandma, Chlo. Even though I only lived in Island Falls for 6 months as a newborn, I feel like it will always be a part of me. I really enjoy going up to Grandpa's cabin on the river. It is so peaceful and brings my grandparents closer to me. A big thank you to all involved in creating this web site. It is awesome.

Timothy Davis <>

Flin Flon, mb Canada -

I will always treasure the many years I spent at the Falls with Doris and Alf Broster, my grandparents. I count that as being one of the luckiest people alive.

Cari Manz (formerly Hammerstad) <>

Calgary , AB Canada -

You brought back wonderful memories. Hopefully, a reunion will take place. Your work on the website is really great. Guyla

Guyla Smilski (Wachowich) <>

Winnipeg, Mb Canada -

I date back to 1938 at Island Falls, where I was born. My sister Lois, lives at Ridgedale, SK and is married to Clifford Caskey. My brother Lowell, lives in Orangeville, ON

Bruce Christensen <>

Melville, SK Canada -

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27 IDX 106 - Odinn

Akranes, ICELAND -

Hi, great site, i found a lot of interesting information inside thanks :-)

Samantha Williams <>

USA, none Canada -

A very worthwhile and successful undertaking David. I encourage you, your helpers and all the contributers to take time to acknowledge yourselves for what has been created, keeping in mind how this project has touched people and will continue to do so. I would like to share some "home" names we were fortunate enough to be with last summer on vacation:Irene Olson - Calgary, Walter Leslie - Sundrie, Garnet Cluff - Red Deer, Doris Bracken - Saskatoon, Joan (Bracken) Kubida - Saskatoon, Ed & Jan Hagberg - Saskatoon, Bill Jeffery - Winnipeg, Shelly & Grant Cheadle & family - Winnipeg (Shelly the oldest of Barb & Keith Olson), Gord & Michelle Ferg & family - Calgary, David Rutherford (caught David on one of his visits in Kelowna), Isabelle Hill - Peachland (the world traveler), Jack McMurdo - Kelowna, Bob & Eleanor Tanner - Burnaby, Bobby (Tanner)Mawdsley - Victoria, Randy & Joan Bowman - Flin Flon, Mom & Dad Westbury - Kelowna. I would like to take the opportunity to add that anyone wishing to speak to Mr. Bill Jeffery to please contact us, Gord & Michelle Ferg, Bob & Eleanor Tanner and we can share his phone number and a conversation with you. We can all add something special to Bill`s Life. Have a "Great Day" Love & Huggggs Gary & Jan Westbury e-mail

Gary & Jan Westbury <>

Rossland, B.C. Canada