Photos from Gord Ferg
Out on the forebay.
(Above) Four scenes from "Boat Day" celebrating Rees Davis retirement, 1958.
Audrey Ferg with Olive and Ron Barkwell.

Photos of the HBAT Dehavilland Otter: landing at Whitesand (above) and at the Forebay Dock (below).

Hallowe'en 1958.
(Above and below) Two photos taken at The Pool.
Mr. White (Ruth Bunn's father)
Outdoor party in Ferg's yard at Island Falls.
Scotty's Beach.
Gord Ferg, Gary Westbury and Frank Hvidsten.
Hap, Donna, and kids.
Swimming pool scenes.
(Above and below) Scenes on the Churchill River.
Island Falls Stanley Cup Champions, 1961