Island Falls residents Jack and Bernice McMurdo

Jack McMurdo was born in December, 1925 and grew up on a farm near Maple Creek, Saskatchewan. At first he attended a rural school, then went to high school in Maple Creek. After finishing high school, he joined the R.C.A.F. Bernice was also born and went to school in Maple Creek. After finishing high school, she went to Toronto to take nursing.

"It started at Maple Creek, Sask., where Bernice and I met in 1946. I was just out of the Air Force and Bernice had just graduated as an RN from Toronto. In the fall of 1947, I went to Prince Albert to start a two year Forestry course and we got married at that time.

"In 1949, Lyn was born and I was working in forestry. We moved to Island Falls in 1953 and I started working Churchill River Power as a lineman. In that same year Marcy was born. We needed a boy so Ross was born in 1956 and about that time I started working as an operator and Bernice became the camp nurse, a job she really loved.

"In 1967, the plant was automated and we all moved to Flin Flon. Bernice worked at the General Hospital until we both retired in 1983 and moved to Kelowna along with a lot of other Flin Floners.

"Lyn and Marcy both became nurses and are married with families. Lyn lives in Calgary and Marcy in San Francisco. Ross went into flying and is now a pilot with Air Canada living in Winnipeg. After retirement Bernice had a few bouts of bad health but at the same time was able to enjoy a fairly good quality of life a lot of the time. Bernice passed away in March of 2000. I am still living in Kelowna."

Submitted by Jack McMurdo, 2004.

6 January, 2005