Island Falls residents Jack and Margaret McInnes  

Jack was born in Makaroff, near Roblin, Manitoba in 1924. He was living in Flin Flon when he was offered a hockey scholarship at Notre Dame College in Wilcox, Saskatchewan. He attended grades 10 through 1st year university at Wilcox where he met Glenn Grigg. He was playing for the Flin Flon Bombers in the late 40's and working in the HBM&S Mill laboratory when personnel manager Larry Johnson recommended him to Superintendent RW Davis. So in 1947 Jack went to the Home of Retired Hockey Players, otherwise known as Island Falls and took a position as a 3rd operator. Margaret Fisher was born near Dauphin in Gilbert Plains, MB where her father owned a drugstore. Later, after the store burned down the family moved to open another one at The Pas. While playing at The Pas in a tournament of the "Intertown Golfing Association", Jack met Margaret's brother who was golfing for The Pas team. He thus came to know Margaret and they were married in March, 1951. They subsequently raised four daughters and a son: Jackie, Cindy, Suzanne, Mona and Sandy.

As was often the case, Jack was trapped at Island Falls during freeze-up when Margaret was in the Pas waiting for their first child to be born. Jack was determined to walk out to Flin Flon to be present at the big event. RWD agreed to let him go only after it was decided that Angus Bear Sr. would accompany him on the trail. However, at the last moment, they learned that Jim Ripley, who was based at Barrier Lake, was available with his Piper Cub. After chopping the ice off the propellor, Jack caught a late-season ride to Flin Flon in Jim's small airplane and eventually got to The Pas in time.

When Fred Baader, a diver from the Montreal area, was hired to clean the sluice gate and head gate guides in case they needed to be operated, Jack's job changed from operating to learning to be a diver's tender. He worked strictly with Fred as long as he was there. On Fred's second visit, they worked together on the installation of #7 generator. Jack says he found it very different and very enjoyable.

Jack and Margaret had five children: Jackie, born 1952, Cindy, born 1954, Suzanne, born 1956, Mona, born 1957, and Sandy, born 1962. Mainly due to their children's educational needs, Jack and Margaret moved away from Island Falls in 1961 when he landed a position with Manitoba Hydro at Kelsey, MB. They now reside in Warren, Manitoba.

29 March, 2003