Island Falls residents Harry and Irene Olson

It was during the depression years and Harry had graduated with honours as an electrical engineer from Calgary Technical School. He landed a job before leaving school in a power house out in Seebe, near Banff. He was at Seebe for two years, then went to Calgary, but could not get powerhouse work. He subsequently got a job through a friend at SAIT working in a little electrical store, through which he did electrical work on the Palliser Hotel, among other places. He was making only enough for room and board.

Harry looked at "help wanted" ads in the paper and saw one looking for operators with power house experience at a new plant in northern Saskatchewan. He went there in 1930 and was hired immediately by Rees Davis.

Harry and Irene Hyslien had been dating at that time. Harry wrote many letters to Irene full of praise for the setup at Island Falls. In 1931, he came down to Calgary and they became engaged. Harry came down again in 1932 and they were married. Being a city girl, Irene agreed to go to Island Falls for a trial period of two years. She ended up staying there for 37 years. She started a diary on her wedding day, July 4, 1932 and kept it faithfully for all her years at Island Falls.

14 January, 2003