Leona Grayson Honored


Taken from The Reminder, Serving Flin Flon, Creighton & District Daily, Monday, June 14, 1993

Fisherwoman honoured

Andrea Campbell
Staff Writer

"We're paying tribute not only to a woman's accomplishment, but to the woman herself," Del Baird told a crowd gathered yesterday at Bakers Narrows Lodge to honour one of Flin Flon's foremost fisherpersons.

For three [sic] years, Leone Grayson held the World's Record for the largest lake trout caught using Fishing tackle. The 63 pound fish, angled out of Pickerel Bay in 1930 still holds the Manitoba title.

To honour the 'Grayson Fish', a monument dedicated to the woman who caught it was unveiled yesterday at the government dock at Bakers Narrows.

Initiated by the Flin Flon Fish Enhancement Society and Financed with help of the Dadson family, the Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary Club and the Lions Club, the monument was built by Don Nisbet.

Leone Grayson's daughters, Daireen Wilson and Diana Grayson, unveiled a monument to their mother yesterday at the Bakers Narrows government dock. Grayson holds the Manitoba title for the largest Lake Trout ever caught.

A. Campbell

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The small plaque near the bottom of the cairn has the words: Erected by the Flin Flon Enhancement Society
with the assistance of
Dadson Family
Don Nisbet
Department of Natural Resources
Flin Flon Rotary Club
Flin Flon Chamber of Commerce
Flin Flon Lions
June 13/93

Read Leone's story of the incident in the July 1946 Northern Lights magazine.