Island Falls residents Oluf and Charlotte Olson

Oluf "Alf" Olson was born in Bergen, Norway in 1884. He emigrated to New York in the early 1990s and lived in Minnesota with his two brothers. Then he moved to Brochet, Manitoba in the early 1900s. He was a free trader in Brochet when he met and married Charlotte Cook.

Charlotte Cook was born in 1906 and was the daughter of Joseph Cook and Marie Linklater. Her family had moved to Brochet from Pelican Narrows between the years 1902 and 1905.

Oluf and Charlotte first lived in Brochet but then moved to Whitesand in 1939 when Oluf began working for the Churchill River Power Company. They had eight children. Oluf retired from the company in 1949 and his family moved to Coop Point (on Reindeer Lake). However, he continued to work as a relief dam attendant in the 1950s. When Oluf's health deteriorated, he and Charlotte moved to Flin Flon in the late 1960s. Oluf died at the age of 94 in 1978. Charlotte has continued to live in Flin Flon and is now at the Extended Care Unit of the Flon Flon Hospital. She will be 98 years old in November [2004].

Their oldest daughter, Eva, moved to Island Falls to work in the 1940s. There she met and married Dick Martell who was a US Army Officer. They moved to Appleton, Wisconsin and have lived there since. They had 10 children, most of them currently living in Wisconsin. (Dick and Eva have been separated for about fifteen years now).

Three of the daughters, Gladys, Joanne and Rose spent a few years going to school and working in Island Falls in the 1940s and 1950s. Gladys married Tony Fedorchuk and moved to Portage La Prairie, Manitoba. Tony Fedorchuk is now deceased, but Gladys continues to live in Portage La Prairie.

Joanne married Charles Salt and they lived in Island Falls from 1963-1967. Joanne is now divorced from Charles and now living in Houston, B.C.

Rose married A. Morin and they moved to Prince Albert. Rose is currently living in Calgary.

The three sons of Oluf and Charlotte lived most of their lives in northern Saskatchewan. Both Norville and Obert are deceased, but Otto continues to live in Flin Flon.

Oluf and Charlotte's youngest daughter, Doris, married Pete Clark. Pete is now deceased, but Doris continues to live in Flin Flon.

10 September, 2004