Family Photos: names starting with L, M, O, P

The Leslie family, Myrtle, Tim, Carol, Walter and Pat. Machinist.

1. Carol
2. Carol & Pat
3. Carol
4. Carol

Slim and Myre (Pettapiece) Lindsay. Prospector.

Dick and Eva (Olson) Martell

The McInnes family, Margaret, Cindy Jackie and Jack. Operator.

1. Jackie

The McIntosh family, Sandy, Freddie, Elaine, Patsy, Jim and Howard. Accounting.

The McLeish family,Bill, Margaret and Sue. Accounting.

1. Margaret

The McMurdo family, Marcy, Lynn, Jack, Ross and Bernice. Operator, Nurse.
The Alf Olson family. Charlotte, Joanne, Doris and Rose. (Missing: Alf, Gladys, Eva, Otto) Dam attendant at Whitesand on Reindeer Lake.

The Harry Olson family, Harry, Brian, Irene and Keith. Electrician, Superintendent.

1. Keith

The Gordon Parker family, Gertrude, Gordon and the kids. Operator.
The Pelletier family, Bert, Bert Jr., Anna, Janice and Lorraine. Commissary.
The Pyne family, Des, Carol, Caron, Donna, Jule.