Dominion Day at Island Falls - from R.W. Davis's Morning Reports

July 2, 1936


An ideal Sports Day was held here yesterday, some 150 athletes taking part and old man sunshine also doing his share to make it a wonderful day. Over 20 young men from Flin Flon took part in the activities and copped a good share of the events.

The flag raising took place at 10.00 a.m. followed by a horse pulling contest, 18 of the construction gang pulling a two ton team of horses over the line. The field sports took place after this and the ballgame at 2.00 p.m. followed by the water sports at Barker's Bay. One of the highlights of this event was the canoe races, in which the Indian boys from across the river showed their backs to the other contestants. It was a pretty sight to watch them paddle. The Flin Flon relay swimming team also won a close match in this event. After supper the remainder of the field events, squaw wrestling, etc. were run off. This was followed by a big dance and luncheon in the Community Hall which was attended by over 300 people. Music was supplied by our orchestra assisted by Dr. Henneberg of Flin Flon.

Free icecream, pop and gingerale was dispersed from morning to night to all those who wanted same, and that meant the kiddies got a good many cones and drinks.

The day's events were run off under the colors of the Island Falls Social Club under the supervision of Bill Southworth assisted by the following:

Field Sports - Vic Rogers & Bob Stirling.
Water Sports - Bud Jobin & Bob Ash.
Softball Game - Jeff Palmer and R.W. Davis.
Base Running, etc. - L. Cardoni.
Squaw Wrestling - G. Rear.
Refreshments - A.J. Jan & G.H. McIntosh.
Judges - Paddy Houlihan, R.W. Davis & Jeff Palmer.
O. Christensen - Timekeeper.

Event Winner
  Boys 5 years & Under
Louis Giacomin
  Girls 9 years & Under Audrey Simons
  Girls 15 years & Under Peggy Cardoni
  Boys 15 years & Under Earl Giffin
  Ladies 50 yd. Dash Mrs. W.P. Shaw
  Wheelbarrow Race Miss Anna Fraser & Tommy Williams
  Ladies Egg & Spoon Race Miss Margaret Faust
  Men's 100 yard dash M. Tremblay of Flin Flon
  Ladies 3 legged race Mrs. Wm. P. Shaw & Miss M. Faust
  Men's 3 legged race M. Tremblay & C. Cook of Flin Flon
  Men's half mile race C. Cook of Flin Flon 1 Min, 45-2/5 Sec.
Water Sports:  
  50 yd. Swim Lino Giacomin
  Children 25 yards 15 Yrs. & Under Johnny Wachowich
  1/2 Mile paddling canoe race Moise Bear, Jr. Moise Merasty, Angus Bear, Jean Marie Bear, Joe Morin, Alex Toma.
  Canoe Tilting Contest Curley Gilman and Douglas Russell
  Greasy Pole Contest Bobby Stirling
  Log Burling Contest Paddy Houlihan
  200 yd. relay Race C. Cook, R. Enright, Bud Simpson and A.B. Todd, all of Flin Flon
  Softball throwing competition Bill Anderson, 249'6"
  Squaw Wrestling Glen Rear
  Base Running Competition Otto Christensen 9-1/5 Sec.
  Caber Throw Jack Perin 30'9"
  Running Broad Jump Bill Anderson 17'4-1/2"
  12 lb. Shot put Bill Holloway 41'6-1/2"
  12 lb. Hammer Throw P.A. Collins 113'7"
  56 lb. Hammer Throw John A. McDonald 23'10"
  Hop Step & Jump Arnie Gilpin 34'7"
  Running High Jump Bill Anderson & Arnie Gilpin tied at 5'1"
  Standing Broad jump Lino Giacomin 8'5-1/2"