Letter Regarding Two Ton Half-Track Truck
												January 23, 1941

J.P. Caulfield  								Flin Flon

R.W. Davis										Island Falls

Dear Mr. Caulfield,

Further to my letter of recent date, regarding our two ton International Truck, purchased on order #5391. The operation of this truck has been very unsatisfactory, The two main complaints being the skis and the Cunningham Universal half track equipment, as well as the heater.


After the first trip, we definitely decided that the skis as installed, were not right and we immediately replaced them with our homemade skis that we had had made up for the five ton International Truck. These are working satisfactorily now, In my requisition #1763, I definitely specified that these should be Innes skis, which are illustrated in their catalogue or bulletin and it was my understanding that that was what the truck would be equipped with, however, upon its arrival we found that it was equipped with a couple of runners which proved absolutely inadequate for our type of road. I am very positive that the Innes skis as specified would have been O.K.. as it is a small ski, similar to the type of our homemade affair. As far as we are concerned here, the skis furnished by the International people are here for their disposal and we should have a credit for whatever the value of these skis is.

After we had changed the skis, it took six gallons less gasoline to drive the 120 miles round trip, under the exact conditions of load and road, as with the skis furnished by the International people.

Trouble with the Innes Cunningham Half Track

This truck has operated a distance of 880 miles since we took it off the car at Flin Flon and I am still firmly of the belief that this track has been installed backwards, that is, the drive sprocket should be on the front end of this truck, The assembly of this track indicates very plainly, poor workmanship. The alignment is very poor and all bearings of the pony trucks and springs are too tight for proper lubrication and the lubrication facilities are poor. These conditions make it necessary for us to completely re-align and adjust these difficulties. The spindles at the ends of the springs have given us the most trouble. The seat of this trouble is that the nuts holdings the springs and washers on this spindle were drawn so tight against the pony rockers, that the spindle could not turn in the pony rocker, or the spring bushing on the spindle itself, and as a result, the springs on the pony trucks broke at both ends and we could not turn this spindle with a 24 inch wrench.

We have requisitioned a complete set of springs for these ponies on the half track equipment, These should be furnished by the International people, or whoever is responsible, on a no charge basis, as it is my understanding that the International people serviced this truck in Winnipeg, or before it left their factory and that all these various difficulties that we are running into should have been caught at that time.


The heater as furnished by the International people on this truck is absolutely useless for our work. Referring to the correspondence prior to them installing this South Wind Heater, we questioned very much whether it was adequate for our work, but they assured us that it would be.

We have had to stop a number of times while crossing the lakes to heat the cab in order to keep going.

The price paid for this heater as installed was more than the price quoted, due to the fact that they supplied extra equipment to make sure that it would work.

We are in a position where we have to furnish a heater for this truck and I feel that the International people should send through a credit in the amount of the original heater price and give us instructions as to its disposal.

I am very confident that after we have ironed out the difficulties due to the poor workmanship in installation, that this equipment will work to our satisfaction.

I certainly could explain myself much more clearly and more to my satisfaction if the rules of letter writing were not so strict.

Yours very truly,

R.W. Davis

RWD-is [Irene Setterington]
cc JWB

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