Island Falls - Sandy Bay Road Committee Documents Index

These documents are from the personal files of Roy Bunn, and were loaned to us for scanning by Kathy Bunn Matzer of Flin Flon. Roy was the secretary of the Island Falls - Sandy Bay Road Association, a committee formed in the early 1960's to promote the construction of an all-season road connecting Island Falls to the rest of civilization.

As you will see, the efforts of Roy, and Walter Leslie, the committee chairman, spanned the terms of two federal and two provincial ministers. Ironically, the road came too late for residents of Island Falls, as the community was closed a short time after the road was completed.

The list begins with a petition to Walter Dinsdale asking the federal government of the day to approve the building of an all-weather road from the sister communities of Island Falls and Sandy Bay on the Churchill River south via Pelican Narrows to the existing Hanson Lake Road near Jan Lake.

  1. Petition to The Honorable Walter Dinsdale, Minister of Northern Affairs, Ottawa - September, 1960 (approximately)
  2. A Letter to Honourable C. G. Willis, Minister of Highways & Transportation, Regina - October 11, 1961
  3. A Letter from C. G. Willis - October 18, 1961
  4. Headline: "North Delegation To Urge Construction of New Road" - January 24, 1963
  5. Outline of a Meeting held in Prince Albert - January 28, 1963
  6. Headline: "$2 Million Road To Island Falls May Be Started Spring of 1964" - February 1, 1963.
  7. A Letter from W. Ross Thatcher, Saskatchewan Leader of the Opposition - June 25, 1963
  8. Headline: "Road to Resources Program Promising" - August 10, 1963
  9. Headline: "Island Falls Road Work Progressing" - January, 1964
  10. A Letter from R. C. Hovdebo, Civil Engineer, Saskatchewan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) - February 27, 1964
  11. A Letter to The Honourable Arthur Laing, Minister of Natural Resources, Ottawa - April 18, 1964
  12. A Letter to The Honorable Eiling Kramer, Minister of Natural Resources, Regina - April 20, 1964
  13. A Letter from Eiling Kramer - April 30, 1964
  14. A Letter from Eiling Kramer to Arthur Laing - April 20, 1964
  15. A Letter from Arthur Laing - May 12, 1964
  16. Headline: "$1,150,000 Earmarked For Completion of Island Falls Road" - February 23, 1965.