Pat Donaghy saw the Flying Boxcar.

Pat Donaghy of Norland, Ontario was living in Channing* in 1937 and happened to see The Junkers JU-52 Flying Boxcar take-off....

"This had to be about 1935 or thereabouts as I was just a little gaffer. One Sunday my Dad and I walked down to Channing to see this event. There, was the biggest single-engine aircraft of its time, a Junkers J-52, CF-ARM. They called it "The Flying Boxcar". It was the only one of that model in Canada and probably the only one in the world on floats.

"There was some big pieces of equipment needed at The Falls, a generator or something like that. Anyway the piece of freight had arrived on a flat-car and was parked on the long, curved RR bridge at Channing with a derrick crane in attendance. They towed the Junkers to the bridge and through a huge rooftop hatch they lowered the freight-piece into the aircraft. I think the hatch was created just for this particular load as any other pictures I have seen do not show the hatch.

"We stood and watched all this and then the aircraft headed south down Schist Lake on its take-off run till it was out of sight. It seemed like quite a long time before it was seen heading north. Since it was an isolated incident in the long career of that particular aircraft I've not been able to find mention of it in any publications."

Here are the facts, as recorded in Supt. R.W. Davis's Morning Reports dated 1937:

June 18th: "The Junkers made three trips in today bringing in 8 sections of liner, rivet heater, bolts, etc."
June 21st: "The Junkers brought in last load today. Cecil Cameron was a passenger to Flin Flon. The Junkers plane made twelve round trips from Channing to Island Falls bringing in a total of 54,447 lbs and took out 6,589 lbs. as back haul. Its first trip was made in here on the 15th, and its last today."

*Channing was the sea-plane base for Hudson Bay Air Transport on Schist Lake near Flin Flon.