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E-mail from Jeff Russell, dated 2006-09-19


Here are some photos taken in mid August from Jim's plane while we were flying past Island Falls. Mother Nature is slowly reclaiming the golf course and the camp site.

I visited the camp on the ground in 2004 while visiting Grant Berge. We found that an elm tree planted in our family yard (1950/51?) was still alive and growing. I wonder if it the most northern elm tree alive in Saskatchewan.

I'm sure these will be of interest to you and the other "kids" as well.

Regards, Jeff

To the right of "The Store" (which is now a staff-house), you can see a few faint white lines - the old sidewalks - in the lawn mowed by caretaker, Stan Berlin.
Looking across the south part of Camp, with the forebay in the background.
The open ground where The Camp houses once stood.
The A-dam channel was man-made in 1930, creating Davis Island.
A-dam with forebay (Sokatisewin Lake) in the background.
Taken from behind Eddie's Beach looking northwest. That's Neil's Island with the large cattail shallows. On the far side is the entrance to Whitemud Rapids. Closer to the camera, on small Davis Island, you can just see Buena Vista cabin on the point. Notice the damage from the forest fire in 2002 (?).