Aerial Photos of Island Falls
Taken in the mid 1930's just after the Hall was built, but before any of the newer houses.
This was taken in the 1940's after Units 4 and 5 were built.
Both the Power Plant and A-Dam are visible in this photo. The channel below A-Dam was man made, creating the Island.
This is Big Eddy Falls as it was before the Plant was built in 1929. This is looking down river to the northeast.
Looking southwest from over Sawdust Bay in the 1960's.
This shows the Camp in its final configuration in the 1960's. On the left, note the golf course/fire guard surrounding the Camp buildings, with the airstrip in the background.
View of the Plant, looking south. This was taken before 1936, as the gallery extension for Unit 4 is missing.
 A later photo shows the Plant with a full-length gallery housing 6 generators.
Looking southwest.
In those days you could fly for an hour and never see a sign of civilization, just water and trees.

See also these photos of Big Eddy Falls where the power plant was built.