A Visit to Island Falls by Descendants of R.W. Davis, 2007

Diane Jensen and John Evans, the children of Helen Davis Evans, had not been up to Island Falls since they were children visiting their grandparents Rees and Chlo Davis in the 1950's. This summer they flew from Salt Lake City to Winnipeg, then drove to Flin Flon, where they met Tim Davis, eldest son of Bud Davis, who escorted them up to The Falls. Also on the trip were Diane's husband Dennis, John's son Tyler, Tim's mother Barb, his youngest brother Jon and sister Cindy, along with Cindy's husband Garth, her son Eric and Eric's wife, Christa. Here are a few of the photos that Tim took on the trip.

From Utah, Dennis and Diane Jensen with John and Tyler Evans on the Hanson Lake Road west of Flin Flon.
Jon Davis outside the family cabin on Buena Vista Island.
Diane and Dennis Jensen, John and Tyler Evans at Purple Sand beach.
John Evans taking home some purple sand.

L to R (rear): Eric & Garth Jorgensen, Barb Davis, Christa Jorgensen
L to R (front): Cindy Jorgensen, Jon Davis, Tim Davis

Dennis and Diane Jensen at the site of Rees & Chlo Davis's house at Island Falls, SK.
Eric Jorgensen, Dennis and Diane Jensen at the Power Plant.
L to R Tyler Evans, John Evans, plant operator (Tim Underwood??) talking to Dennis & Diane Jensen.
L To R: Tim Underwood, Barb and Jon Davis, Blair Woods and Dennis Jensen.
Diver's Inlet --- Eric, Cindy and Garth Jorgensen.
On the "path" to Diver's Inlet --- Diane and Dennis Jensen, Eric Jorgensen
Breakfast time at the cabin on Buena Vista Island Christa Jorgensen, Dennis Jensen, John Evans, Diane Jensen.